School Furniture outdoor education articles at School Outfitters

As a purchaser of furniture for over 100 schools that work with autistic children, I cannot say enough about the lengths School Outfitters has gone to ensure our company and students have a seamless experience transitioning into our furniture. They’ve gone above and beyond to deliver our product on time and in good condition. We couldn’t be more thankful for the dedication they provide to us.
Our regional Head Start and Early Head Start programs seek partners whose mission aligns with our own while providing the high-quality products, services and cutting-edge resources our programs need to be innovative, effective, and cost-efficient. School Outfitters has been a key partner in promoting quality, innovation, and professional development in Region IV.
– Rob Jaber, outdoor education articles Director, Food & Nutrition Services District of Columbia Public Schools
– Roger Asterilla, Director, Warehouse & Logistical Operations District of Columbia Public Schools
School Furniture outdoor education articles at School OutfittersSchool Furniture outdoor education articles at School Outfitters
– Myra Ingram, Executive Director Region IV Head Start Association

I have been dealing with School Outfitters for approximately 5 years and their customer service is beyond reproach, items are delivered on time and most of the time before deadline and if anything is damaged they will have it sent out within 24hrs of the initial call. I supply furniture needs for 118 schools and they have not let me down yet!
– Cynthia Bur, Purchasing Manager Chancelight Behavioral Health, Therapy and Education
DC Public Schools been working closely with School Outfitters for many years. When it comes to providing equipment for our Food & Nutrition Programs, they have consistently delivered the right equipment at the right time while providing superior customer service. what is the quality of article furniture