Worth it to article outdoor furniture reddit spend more on outdoor furniture :homeowners

This is one of those areas where nice stuff is worth the extra money – you just have to decide whether it’s worth it to you. You can certainly enjoy cheap outdoor furniture and get a few years out of it. If you can’t swing an expensive set right now, it probably makes more sense to buy a cheaper one and just get out and enjoy your deck.
yard sales a great way to buy lawn/patio furniture for 1/4 or less of the price
Second Wayfair, got a decent set from them for our new deck 2 years ago and it’s holding up well. We bring everything in for the winter to help extend the life.
1st time homeowner here, and I have a decent size deck that my gf wants to put an outdoor patio dining set on. I have been looking at options, and they come in all different price ranges, and materials. And I wonder if it is worth it to spend more?
First home…go cheap, buy the good stuff when you purchase your “forever” home
Worth it to spend more on outdoor furniture?
It seems like the bare minimum for 4 decent chairs table umbrella is about $600-800. And that rivals the cost I spent on my dining room table. I am sure as homeowners upgrade items, they buy these multi-thousand dollar tables and seats, but is it really worth it to splurge a little bit now, or not? Does the quality get that much better at price points just a little bit higher? Does the quality even justify the price?
I’ve been looking at Loll furniture online for a bit. I don’t have a retailer close to check out in person. How well does it sit? How well would it hold up to the high desert conditions here in Utah? My patio is out of direct sunlight but would still be sitting in 100 degree heat.
We’ve also got 2 different costco sets – one is this one:
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I have a table and chair set that we purchased from K-Mart on clearance 18 years ago and I still use it almost daily. I have also purchased similarly priced tables and chairs that have lasted a little over a year.

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We’ve loved our wrought iron set. Virtually indestructible – has survived 20ish years of Colorado and New Hampshire outdoors without ever being covered and looks and feels great.
Worth it to article outdoor furniture reddit spend more on outdoor furniture :homeownersWorth it to article outdoor furniture reddit spend more on outdoor furniture :homeowners
And we got a whole bunch of the chairs. This also seems indestructable but it does get dirty pretty easily. Damp rag to clean it.
Anything to avoid when buying outdoor patio dining furniture? It seems like Home Depot/Lowes are the cheapest places that have a decent selection.
The plastic wicker stuff seems to hold up well and is comfortable. The prices are certainly hard to justify. But we felt we got decent value for money at wayfair. Even if things are kind of a pain in the rear to assemble. A cushion cover was ripped and they sent a new one quickly, so customer service is good.
Thanks! I’m going to pull the trigger on the Lollygagger chairs and a fire ring today. I think it will be totally worth it to surprise my wife for mother’s day!
Thanks! Saw your patio post. The furniture looks great. How’s the fire pit holding up? Do you use it much?
Patio Dining Sets are a perfect way to combine friends, family, food, and the beauty of nature. Most people tend to decorate home garden or restaurant/hospitality industry with quality leisure furniture at low, reasonable prices, and the importer & wholesalers are also looking for the Mr. Right Supplier from China. We agree you shouldn’t have to pay tall prices for amazing outdoor casual design.
Whatever you get, buy covers. We have chairs, a nice table, and barstools that have been in our backyard for a year and a half, and they look like new. Sun does so much damage.
We have had them for almost 4 years now, and the still look and feel brand new, except for one of the chairs. The material that was used to stitch the synthetic fabric together to form the back and seat of the chairs is starting to fray on one of the chairs.
Note that I am not in sales nor am I compensated for sales performance – merely a Redditor who is proud of who I work for. You can find our stuff at Room and Board, Design Within Reach, and some other speciality retailers.
I would keep your eyes peeled for a blowout sale, or floor model discount, at Home Depot and Lowes. We got an awesome table/umbrella/4 chairs/small end table, all made of metal and glass, for like $99!
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That said, article outdoor furniture reddit the company that I work for makes some really great furniture out of recycled milk jugs and it lasts forever. It’s expensive, yes, but the quality is high and it’s made in the USA.
We get very high winds, so we needed a set that is heavy. Splurged on a $40 canvas cover . Cushions live in our garage . The cover keeps the table clean enough that it just takes a quick wipe if we are eating outside, and doesn’t need much cleaning at all otherwise.
Provided you re-oil it once a year , it seems to last just about forever
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Obviously this would depend on area and who is selling what, but I got a nice wicker set from Craigslist. A couch, 3 chairs, a coffee table and an ottoman for 22 bucks. She was asking $50, I told her I had $22.50 in cash right now and she agreed . She said she bought it two years ago and it made it through this last Western Montana winter just fine!
Which line of outdoor furniture do you have?
ultimately, you get what you pay for. cheap lightweight furniture can blow over and get damaged and untreated materials can easily rust if not protected. there are definitely happy mediums, if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. teak lasts and is strong and powdercoated aluminum is durable and resists rust. cushions and upholstery are another consideration. be sure that the fabric is fade and water resistant.
How do you protect them throughout the year? Cover them up when not in use? We have a set made of the plastic wicker material and it’s just been sitting out there.
Higher quality outdoor furniture can run you several thousand dollars, and it is more robust and heavy, but no guarantee it will last longer.
I’m not a sales guy, just IT, but I have some of my own and I find that it sits very well. We have a couple of different height options depending on what you think you’d want. It would do just fine in the heat, we sell a lot of product in Texas and Australia. If it can do Texas, Utah seems like it’s doable, too!
If you have questions about home projects, maintenance, repairs, or even buying your first home, this is the place to ask.
New homeowners often buy the cheap thing first, use it till it wears out, and then go back for the good stuff.
The other is a fabric-based set that we’re only a few years into and I don’t see online, but so far so good.
Yep, always covered. Duck covers I think they were called.
I have the Morocco sectional and chair and it’s been great.
I would say yes. A family member purchased a set of heavy duty all-teak patio furniture 10 years ago, I think it cost about $6k for 6 chairs and a table, but that shit is still rock solid with near-daily use and still looks like the day he bought it.
It’s awesome. It patinas over time and really looks great. We use it around 15 times per year with no signs of problems. The top is nice to use as a table when not burning.
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As with many things, worth it totally depends on what you prioritize. Over time, you will probably spend more money replacing cheap outdoor furniture every couple years as opposed to buying something higher end now. But if you can’t afford the higher prices now, just go cheap. Most people don’t really prioritize their outdoor seating situation as a budget line item. :p
I have been really, really happy with my expensive outdoor dining set. It’s held up with almost 0 maintenance – just an annual gentle scrubbing with soap and water, no storage, no covers – and taken a lot of abuse from dogs and weather with zero scars to show for it. It’s perfectly comfortable to sit on even without cushions. It cost more than all of my indoor furniture combined. I’ve looked at similar designs in cheaper prices, and I could immediately tell the difference in quality.
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Outdoor furniture has to stand up to wind, rain, snow, sun, bird poop, etc. It takes significantly more abuse than indoor furniture.
We bought a very metal table and 6 chairs with cushions from Home Depot in July last year. is article furniture good