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We got our Article Sven sofa about 18 months ago. Within 3 months it was already piling and in 6 months all cushions lost their shape. The seat is now so flat it’s like you’re sitting on a metal frame. There are no independent reviews online , no Google reviews? Very odd. We feel completely ripped off and encourage others not to make this purchase. Yes it looks nice when it first arrives but they have no longevity. A complete rip off and scam. There’s simply no way these materials are designed to last.
Hi kerri_ – We want to start by apologizing for your experience. This isn’t how we want our customers to feel when purchasing from us.
After sharing my negative experience here and sending another email back to them expressing my disappointment and asking that they reconsider, they got in touch and agreed to send me a replacement. I don’t love that I had to argue with them about it, but I do like that Article takes their customer reviews and satisfaction so seriously. I get that not every situation is handled perfectly, so their willingness to work with me to find a solution I was happy with was pretty awesome.
All my discoloration is where it comes into contact with a sitting person. The lower back of back pillows, the sitting area on the bottom pillow and the top of the bolsters where an arm would rest. These are also areas of a person usually covered with clothes. But they aren’t oil stains from hair .
When we first received it, we loved it! However, the cushions never did sit straight like it does in their stock photo.
linda1l G, you are welcome. Often when I am limited on budget I purchase items from these great resources and I couple them with great antique and vintage finds from resale shops or estate sales, which are quite well made. I wish you the best.
b. Also, the bottom of the couch — The cloth/polyester material is stapled right into the wood . This doesn’t seem indicative of a higher quality furniture .
Message I received after signing in and clicking on write a review for the sofa I purchased
I’m confident you will love your new sofas.
Thank you so much to all the honest reviewers. I work hard for my money and I want to be respected as a consumer. Unfortunately it sounds like a lack of respect for the consumer after the purchase is a problem. Too bad because I really am impressed with the look of the Sven leather sofa. Truthfully, furniture should be bought in person so you can touch, feel and see the quality of what will be the centerpiece of your living room. Off to North Carolina or Ethan Allen I go; like our ancestors before the internet Good luck to Article, but you really must have good Quality Assurance and Quality Control to have long success. Perhaps your intent is to make a quick buck and be out, but not on my dime.
So basically everything we received from Article have had issues. We wish we didn’t have to go through this fiasco. Do not waste your time and hard earned money on Article pieces. They won’t last and the quality control is very very poor.
We’re sorry to hear one of the legs was difficult to attach, and we’ll be sure to flag that with our Quality Assurance team.
We’d be happy to look into swapping out your order for product that is in stock . Alternatively, we can look to split the order to deliver the table and chairs separately as they are available. While we would love your business, we would completely understand if you wanted to cancel some or all of the order to get your dining room decorated sooner. Our service team is here to help, or feel free to drop us a private message here on Houzz.
I was mistaken to use the term sale price. It doesn’t really change what I was originally intending to an infer. For a piece of furniture that you are selling for $1800 and stating that it is of a quality that is comparable to that of a $3500 couch, it seems to be lacking in certain areas of quality. Can you give us some comparable $3500 couches?
We have owned this sofa since January 2018. Some parts are still light, other spots have deep patina, leaving us with a splotchy, unattractive couch. Not to mention how sad and tired this nearly 2k sofa looks and feels: the seats are completely loose even after trying to fluff them up. The cushioning has already worn completely down. I am 135lbs and my husband is 190. I took the plunge to have what I thought would be an “adult” sofa with an adult price tag, only to realize I could have had the same experience at IKEA for at least a thousand less dollars. Don’t do it.
@Eric I have seen that review too and it must be a sponsored post or something because I couldn’t believe that sofa held up as good as she says .
I would keep the order. Their quality is excellent. My new couch is better than my new mattress for my back. Looks like a much more expensive couch. There are delays on everything now. Waited 2 months for a dishwasher that was supposed to be 1 week. To expect the kind of delivery and installation that existed before the pandemic is not realistic. I think you will love everything.
Ordering through us directly at also ensures that your product comes with a warranty, which aids in any part replacement that may incur.
Duncan, thanks for the transparency and for outlining the specific steps you’re taking to address the QC issues. We have been eyeing the Sven sectional in the new fabric option, and I’m curious about how the Birch Ivory fabric has been wearing so far. Any feedback on that?
Thanks for the reply Duncan. I was not updated, but instead checked in with you to see if the order was still on schedule. Since I have guests scheduled next month, I have to look into getting temporary dining furniture. I’m actively looking for alternatives, but 4-6 week delivery times are pretty standard and I have already lost a month. Your rep offered to split the order, but chairs without a table are not really practical.
We’ve since been in touch with you about a solution, and hope that this will have you returning to the feelings you had about your Sven nine months ago.
We’re sorry you didn’t feel secure in the ordering process, but we want you to know these steps are put into place specifically to assure your safety.
@Neha Katdare, our team will be reaching out to you directly to chat about the issue you’re having — your sofa is still under warranty and we want to make sure we’re able to find a solution for you.
@jwilford5, I got this from Amazon in cognac.
Update: they’ve agreed to refund the sofa as long as it’s returned. Not the ideal situation as we can’t order a new sofa until we get the refund, and we can’t get the refund until they receive the old sofa. Which leaves us with no sofa at all for weeks, which is fairly absurd given how large our family is, but this seems to be the best outcome we could negotiate.
cushion and low seat, no one sits on this sofa when they come over. It’s only been used by me – a medium framed 165 lb guy. They really should have invested more into the quality of the seating cushion. I paid about $1700 for this sofa. I could have gotten one for half the price that’s more comfortable.
*** Edit: See reference photos in the above comment.
Given the fact you insist on mentioning how your company has tried to resolve this issue, I have posted an excerpt of the email I sent to one of your customer service reps…This, for the sake of clarity…Sighhh…I hope you decide to up your game at some point, but for now, it is what it is, I suppose…Once again, BUYER BEWARE
Thank you @Article I will reach out. I will say that I did purchase a dining table and chairs and I absolutely love them. We receive tons of compliments and it has been a lovely purchase.
develop a well-loved, slouchy vintage appearance.
How did I not see this before we bought our sofa! The look of our timber was beautiful at first. In less than a month there was significant pilling and the arm cushions are so saggy tand no amount of fluffing works. I informed Article of the pilling immediately And through multiple emails and pictures we were offered an extra year warranty and a complete refund if we wanted. The sofa was discontinued for the same issues we were having. I was in contact with the same person while we searched for a new couch just to keep them updated. Everything was fine until I emailed them about the refund when we finally found a sofa from another company. It was then they told me they could no longer give me the refund, but could send me the same sofa with their “improved” fabric. I asked multiple times how the fabric had been improved but no one could tell me. Now we have this hideous sofa that is pilling and sagging more and more everyday. Did I mention the seat cushions nearly fall off every time someone sits on it? I have never had that happen on any other sofa.
Question: Is there another maker that has a sofa similar to the Sven?
The couch we bought was Soma sectional and its extremly bad quality and uncomfortabel to sit on. We have not only seen piling but the couch has dipped at the back end, making it difficult to sit on. We have several times to customer service during the 30 day window, after 3 months, 6 and last week after 9 months to return the couch but to no avail. The reason being is their customer service tactic of stalling their customers.
Exactly what “warranty” does Article provide? As far as I can tell, the answer is “none whatsoever.”
My Sept 3rd order was scheduled to arrive Sep 06 – Sep 18. It arrived on Fri, Sept 21. I ordered the “Ceni Aquarius Aqua Armchair” and “Madera Oak Dining Table, Extendable”.
The reason why we decided to continue our business with Article was because they offered to inspect the furniture and provide photos to us prior to shipping. I appreciated they were trying to accommodate us but somehow we still received defective stools which were inspected by a warehouse manager and so the head office brought 6 of stools in to their office, and hand picked 3 of them for us after all.
@hannahduenke It’s great isn’t! I have been telling people about these Amazon sofas since I got mine a few years ago. Faster delivery, less expensive and a much better product than Article.
If you are looking to buy furniture from here, I would highly discourage it!!! Find better costumer service and product elsewhere.
Elle M, I got the Amazon river , leather sofa that looks like the Sven . I only paid $800 when there was a sale . It came two days later . I’ve had it for over a year with no issues and the pillows keep there shape. I spent more for another room and got the CB2 drops sofa. I love how the drops sofa is unique yet still feels mid-century.
I bought a Sven sofa in dark blue velvet a drop over a year ago. Although it’s beautiful to look it, it’s terribly uncomfortable to sit on. The seating cushion just doesn’t have enough depth. When I sit on it, I feel my butt hit the hard surface of the frame. And within a year, that cushion developed a great deal of wear so it’s even less comfortable. Between poor ;
I stumbled upon this post today while researching our options. We purchased the timber charme sectional last year and haven’t really had many complaints. The leather isn’t as family friendly as they claimed and at times it’s a little too firm but overall we really loved this sofa. Fast forward to 3 days ago and my toddler brings me a piece of metal and some screws to ask me what it is and I realize it’s one of the brackets the holds the two pieces of the sectional together. After some basic troubleshooting I realize that I can’t fix it. The screws just slide in and out without biting. All the other brackets are rock solid though.
I’m still working with customer service on this and I’ll update the thread accordingly.
1st complaint: I wanted to understand why my couch cushions kept deflating and didn’t maintain it’s shape. All they could tell me was the seats and Back were down filled and I had to constantly fluff them back up. That’s it. So now I’m stuck fluffing couch up once every few days !!?!?!? I hate this.
Hi Avery RAO – we certainly want to make sure that your Sitka is holding up for you and your growing family. If you could send us some photos of the issues to then we can look into this further with you.
1) the leather color on charme furniture is waaaaay too pale, maybe post a before picture on the product page and let people decide if they want to wait for months for the patina to develop, i know i wouldn’t. and not everyone would want to return a heavy couch, so you have a semi satisfied customer who just bought a rather expensive couch.
A split/crack and chip on one of the stools
I definitely get the price/quality connection. I guess I’m slightly surprised that their best seller would wear that poorly, but obviously it still sells! I’m leaning towards using my minimal budget to buy a better quality used sofa for now.
I came back here to let you know what has happened since my last post in May. My husband and I had bought a Sven sofa and chair in charme chocolat leather, 3 Sede stools in leather and 3 Archive bookcases. That costed us total of $ 7067.20. Someone above mentioned that Article is for starters or college students considering lower prices but I don’t find the prices lower at all here in Canada. We are all about quality over quantity and don’t mind paying extra if the quality is great.
Our team will be reaching out to you via email shortly with possible solutions to your current issue.
I was wondering if they ever posted my bad review. I doubt it. They pulled the old “Here’s $50 for a fabric shaver” on me, too. Ugh!
I have also asked our logistics team to follow up with our delivery partner as you definitely shouldn’t have had to ask them to do anything – it should have been taken care of.
Mine looks similar. Purchased 9/16, seat cushions replaced 8/17 by article, and since 10/17 has only gotten occasional use as it is in a bonus room. Compare to a much less expensive sofa below purchased 10/17
We decided to buy this couch based on this swatch and can’t find anywhere on the couch where this swatch could resemble. As we are still in the process of unpacking from the move, we had no time to compare side by side until yesterday.
Hi ajiang02 , that sounds like something we can help out with. Drop us a private message with your order number and/or email address and we’ll make sure it all checks out. Remember to keep hold of the packaging for the first deliveries just in case.
Hi griffster90 – if you’re still experiencing issues with your sofa we’d be happy to re-open the conversation, just shoot us an email to .
Some other stuff: after skimming these reviews I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about their cushions getting squashed/misshapen/the seat cushion sliding towards one end. I absolutely agree that they need some fluffing if someone has been lounging on the couch, though it takes less than 20 seconds.
On the whole, if your price is capped and you can’t get anything pricier to fit in your budget, I’d recommend Article. However, if you can make the squeeze for something a little higher quality, I’d probably do that. Especially if you value your sofa being aesthetically pleasing.
@LeahG the Parker sofa from Havertys is similarly shaped with similar back cushions and seat tufting. The arms are more curved. I purchased it in an off white fabric and find it to be as comfortable as the Sven, which I have in teal velvet . It is a similar price in leather, but the leather’s color is more of a cognac and the leather has more of a sheen. I probably wouldn’t choose it in leather but really like the fabric ones. This is the one I own. I have two. It’s not a very expensive or high end sofa, but after comparing it to a few others that were more expensive, I bought it anyway because it is the right size for the space. It is holding up very well after 6 months, but that admittedly is not very long. The cushions are firm and made of foam. There is no down. They don’t need fluffing. There is a good fabric care/cleaning/replacement guarantee, which influenced my purchase. If you like the price and size of the smaller Sven and don’t mind neutral colors you might like it.
Hey Ash, that’s no problem at all. Drop a quick note to our team , and we’ll be happy to get that resolved. I will also check in on Monday when I am back in the office and see what we can do.
Individually the couches are still $1999 on that site. So unless you’re going to buy 31 units, ship them and resell them … I’m not sure how this is a better deal than places like Article.
Since I couldn’t screen shot or upload the customer care card, I cut and paste it:
@potatoboy73, If this was Amazon they’d send you a new one.
backtonicole9 I have had the Sven for less than a year and the discoloration is significant and it does not look like sun “fading” to me. I say this because the sofa was perpendicular to one window that only gets morning sun and that part of the sofa has no discoloration. Meaning, the side of the sofa that gets hit with sun is fine.
• For more persistent stains, add a small amount of dishwashing
I have now have had my SVEN sectional for almost a year and it looks / feels as though I’ve had it for years. My main issue is the actual structure of the sofa that seems to be deteriorating. The seat cushions have lost all their power to where you can feel the actual wood beneath cutting into your body. I am unable to lay down comfortably without having pains in my side.
I have five leather pieces from Article. Two chairs, a loveseat and an ottoman. I am fairly well satisfied with them. As a dog lover, I will never again get cloth furniture. This loveseat takes a beating from two, large dogs. My worst complaint is that the dog hair sticks to the fabric under the cushions. It is near impossible to get it off. That may be the fault of the dog hair which has tiny barbs on the tips. I wasn’t crazy about the service prior to the pandemic. I refused to let the guys drop a box in my house without opening. I insisted they open it and let me see the loveseat. I was not going to get stuck with it should anything be amiss. They were not happy but I tipped them well.
In terms of the security check email you received after placing your order over the phone, those happen at random, and are done so we can assure your safety and security. The number has nothing to do with your credit card company, but is rather something generated on our end. It’s a unique five digit code provided to you, that we ask you to confirm with us , and only the credit card user would have access to the number. Once you confirm that number with us , your order is processed.
In terms of the cushions, the Sven has down in the cushions, so will need regular fluffing. If you’re doing this and still experiencing some issues, send us some photos of your sofa when you email us and we’ll look into it for you.
Update: Article has offered to send me a new cushion. Which is really wonderful. I’m still really worried that because of the raw nature of the leather that I will be in the same situation a year from now?? But, I’m a lot more impressed with their customer service! I have yet to hear about when I will receive a new cushion, so I will update about that.
I can’t deny that I really like the look of their furniture but they should invest in much stricter quality control especially if their furniture is all the way from the factory in Asia. I thought I was very unlucky to receive two flawed stools in a row but now I’ve come to realize Article doesn’t seem to care or doesn’t think it’s a big deal if there are some minor defects with their products. And now I’ve noticed with the sofa and chair, I’m beyond frustrated and overwhelmed and I just want to get a full refund and not deal with it anymore.
I purchased probably a more popular Ceni volcanic grey sofa just in Feb4, and in less than 30 days , I’ve found the cushion is already sagging and the sofa creaking.
For goodness sake, here’s the Ceni on Wayfair.
Hi gcostaki – Both the Cirrus Sofa and Sven Sofa are manufactured in Vietnam and are made from a 85% cotton, 15% Polyester blends. Further, they are both Martindale tested at 40,000 rubs.
We bought a Timber Leather Sectional on Sept 11, 2017 and I am so embarrassed with the way it looks. It is now past the warrantee but even so, I can’t believe how deflated and worn it looks no matter how much we fluff it and rotate the cushions. I have to try to hide the couch with blankets and pillows when guests come over. It is a huge bummer because after spending $3800, I really thought the couch would hold up better and last for years. I ended up going with Article because I was afraid to buy a West Elm couch and was super excited to see that there was another company that suited my style and seemed to have great quality! I was wrong. Please shop around before purchasing a leather sofa from Article.
3) Almost forgot till William below mentioned it, THE BOXES, you are required to keep boxes , they add up to the size of a small car , most of the couches are sized for apartments or condos, so where would people save the boxes? sneaky…
68 people have posted negative personal experiences with our product or service. Of these, 17 were delivery or service related, and the remaining 51 were product related.
For people wondering about the lack of negative reviews on article’s website, please search for my prior posts . They make it too easy to drop a 4 or 5 stars, but a 3 star or less directs you to a contact us page the way around it is to find a tiny review this product button after logging into your account
@article – I have just heard back. I was told that because of the full grain aniline leather the surface is delicate and absorbs liquids easily. We haven’t spilled liquids, but it looks like our jeans have rubbed off on the material leaving it slightly darker and bluish where we sit. Honestly, I just feel really heartbroken. I saved for a long time to get this couch. Who makes a couch that you can’t sit on? We were told we could purchase a replacement cushion for $750, but since this one hasn’t even lasted us a year before looking terrible there is no way I would want to through more money at this couch right now. I’m going to have to start saving for a different one. 🙁
We first received a Sven sofa and a matching chair in charme chocolat leather and 3 of Sede black leather counter stools 2 weeks ago.
Our customer care manager is going to be in touch with you this afternoon to collect more information and figure out an appropriate solution. Because we have not seen this issue previously we hope that you are able to provide us with some details to help figure out what has caused the issue. This should have been done in the first place, and I am sorry that it was not.
Ordered the Nova collection one year ago. I love it and have to say it looks just as good as the day it arrived. We use it every night and we have a dog. It is really easy to keep clean. Two of my friends have ordered after seeing our furniture.
The exposed fabric on my grey Sven has discolored and flattened after normal use in less than a year. I even found a professional cleaner to clean the sofa and this picture is from after the cleaning.
When the experience rating IS specific to the product, we convert it to a product review and publish it according to the same rules as all other reviews.
Having reviewed your communications and discussing with our team, I agree. We didn’t follow our own process, and certainly should not have suggested that because you are outside of warranty period we couldn’t help you.
The Timber sofa cushions are NOT reversible. The piping only goes around the front on the back/bottom of the cushions which looks very odd if flipped. We had a huge problem with pilling in our first Timber within the first few weeks. After being promised the fabric has been improved and that it won’t pill again, we decided to try the Timber again. I knew our last timber cushions had flattened and were not as comfortable, but it wasn’t until our replacement arrived that I noticed how much they had flattened. They were half the thickness as the new ones! And that was within months of getting the old one! I haven’t noticed any pilling yet but it has only been a couple weeks since receiving our new one.
Even though we weren’t really happy with this sofa in the first place, we didn’t mention anything because we were told it was a final sale as it was an exchange. But after our son’s incident, I reached out and asked for a return if possible and the answer was “No, It’s out of the 30 day return window.” and I was advised to sell it on Craigslist lol Well I wish I knew that we had an option to return it within 30 days? All I knew was it was a final sale. We need this sofa gone ASAP and now we are stuck with it.
I wanted to update my review. I had originally gotten the Sitka couch and reviewed it earlier in the thread. The main problems was constantly peeling of the fabric, low quality fabric and the cushions were floppy and seemed to loose their “umph” .
Like Julie, I too was unable to post a review of the sadly low-quality Sven love seat I purchased. I would like spare other consumers the disappointment I felt after receiving and using this product: Beyond the fact is exceptionally uncomfortable , it became misshapen after just a few months…The “velvet” is more of a cheap velveteen, as well. Awful product…Buyer beware!
Hi daintydillydallies – You have to take it off the sofa frame , and turn it vertically and shake it so the down spreads out . It only needs to be shaken a few times per session to fluff it out and keep it looking fresh.
Sorry to hear that your Sven is not living up to expectations. The Sven is designed to last for years, so this is something we’d like to help out with.
First, the seat cushions have lost their power. We can feel the wood beneath the cushion of the main section which is super uncomfortable to lay on now. We cannot even lay on this section without pain from the wood cutting into our bodies.
I almost never write reviews or keep up with this type of thing but I am really upset I sunk ~$1800 into a sofa and it’s not holding up. I have a Broyhill sofa in my basement that I bought 8 years ago, paid less money for, and it’s still really comfy and in way better condition than my Sven.
I hate this company! …and I hope they go out of business.
They’re scam artists. Check out EQ3 instead.
I don’t think that would represent a reasonable markup. Article was founded to bring radically better value to customers by cutting out middlemen, doing away with inefficient distribution through expensive showrooms and commissioned salespeople, and passing those savings on to our customers. If you are interested, this diagram is the easiest way to illustrate how we are able to deliver better value than traditional retailers.
Here’s the one I’m thinking about… sofa
Hi Tessa Hughes – we’d love for you to reach out to with some photos and your order number so we can look into this.
Now i have to pay 19$ I return cost for something that in my opinion is worth $5-10.
Occasionally products do not live up our expectations. In those cases we want to address the problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Our first attempt at addressing your problem clearly did not meet this standard, but not because of a lack of intent. I hope you can find something in our catalogue that you can enjoy for many years to come.
I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you on this, but if there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know!”
I contacted Article after the one year warranty expired. I was attempting to wait until the year was nearly up so I could show them just show badly the sofa broke down, but then, due to an unforeseen, family emergency, I didn’t have time to contact them before the warranty was up. So I reached out on a limb praying that they would stand by their products because this sectional was not worth the $2248 I paid for it at all. Their customer service rep Kristina first wanted to send me a replacement. At least she did recognize that my Sven was severely flawed. But after reading the many reviews of this design on this page, I did not want a new one because I knew it’d just break down again. So after further research, I requested the Ceni. It arrived today, and it looks beautiful.
For example, the Sven costs $350-$356 if you buy 31 pieces. Sofa_60599091201.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.176.13fe2b9dA7L0KB
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
While it has been a little while since I posted here, we do keep a close eye on the feedback you provide.
I would have given the purchase more thought had I found a thread like this, which is showing a more systemic problem, and all within a year. Unfortunately I only did light research and fell to the nice pictures and bloggers reviews like . There were more items I was interested in, but going to look at alternatives now
Lastly, the feathers in the pillows and cushions stick out on a constant basis to where I have to pluck them out. The feathers actually penetrate your body sitting down. I will soon be left with potato sacks at this rate. I did not pay over $2,000 to be poked every time I sit down and deal with these issues.
Sean Bowen – really sorry about the delay in getting your table to you. I am sure our team explained the delay is due to our shipment being late arriving, but I can certainly understand the frustration. We take our commitments to ETAs seriously, and we try to update customers any time there is a change as we know how disappointing it is to have a delivery not show up as promised.
I also experience pilling which I had removed with a fuzz remover. I have one seat cushion that is irregular because the foam was cut smaller. Article said they’ll replace it but I have to wait 5-6 months for it to arrive from overseas. I’m hoping this sofa will last at least 3 years but I’m certain that during that time I will have to replace the foam with a denser foam. I’ve read online that Article is a step above Ikea but, from my experience so far, I don’t believe it. I have friends that have had Ikea sofas for years and their sofas feel solid and had never pilled. Ikea warranties their products for 10 years, which says something, while Article only warranties their sofa for 1 year.
We are always looking at ways to make our website easier to use, and we did this precisely because review transparency and genuine feedback is important to us and our customers. It is no harder to leave a 1-star review of your Article product than it is to leave a 5-star review.
Thanks, Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
We do not have an official weight limit but with all of our seating we recommend up to approximately 250 pounds per seat. Furthermore, if you are looking for insights on the quality of our products – feel free to check out the product reviews for the Seno Extendable Table and the Sede Chairs. You can find the reviews on the individual product pages which are linked here:
I wish they would have just let me return my sofa and we could go our separate ways.
Thats the problem, it’s still junk, even if replaced.
This was my first online furniture experience and it bums me out that it’s been so bad. -I’ve thought about adding memory foam under the seat cushions; ~$200 extra cost. -Restuffing the replacement back cushions using the original cushions for additional fill; extra time. -Trying to spot dye the velvet cloth that is faded to try and salvage it; is that even a thing?
I had that sofa, and after only 4-5 months it looked like octo-mom’s kids were using it as a trampoline. If you look at the picture of the Sven people are posting on Instagram you can see how bad it looks. These are people posting pictures to “show off” how good it looks. This doesn’t look good for $1700!!!!
There are a lot of ARTICLE alternatives. I am extremely happy I read this thread before my $1,500 purchase. To the majority of middle America, that’s a sizable amount of money for a single piece of furniture and we all hope to get a few years of use from the purchase.
detergent to a half cup of water and shake well. Use the resulting suds
Our customer service agents are also available on a regular basis to answer any questions our customers may have about our sofas – whether that’s in regards to the filling and materials used, the comfort levels, or to order swatches of the fabrics beforehand so they can get a better idea of the color and feel of the material. We are more than happy to share information about our furniture and to help our customers pick the right sofa for their lifestyle and desires, including providing further information before ordering such as the maintenance required for certain pieces.
I wanted to share some of the changes that we have made over the past few months based on the stories you have shared. The following examples are a direct result of customer feedback, including some of the Houzz members who have commented here:
We’re really keen on this sofa but hesitant on quality and durability based on the other posts in this thread. I also recently received the fabric swatches and honestly, am not super impressed .
I e-mailed customer service with pictures of the hole and they promptly responded that the leather was dry. They had sent us conditioner, but did I need more? However, they’d extended my warranty for another year just in case a bigger problem developed. What?!? So…no acknowledgement of the hole or getting a replacement cushion. Then they offered to refund me $150. They are still saying that this is my problem and not a manufacturer defect.
Lastly, the leather of the seat and the body of the chair are different. I understand colours and textures can vary, but not in one piece of furniture like this.
Hello, was wondering if anyone purchased Article’s divan sectional? How has it held up and have you had any cleaning issues with it since it’s dry clean only? Please share..
So, I guess that the Sitka couch just doesn’t last? Is that what the message is?
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Our social media team is a small but mighty group of two who work incredibly hard dealing with questions, comments, and feedback from people across all of our social media channels 7 days a week.
P.S After I learned that HomePolish had disappeared and taken my proof of purchase with it I dug hardcore into trying to find a solution for the rear seat cushions. So far the best is to add a small cushion to the back of the feather insert. It works, Tried it with one of my kids’ throw pillows and it really made it look smooth. I just need to buy some pillows to do this permanently since they will end up with feathers all over them and presumably you’ll never remove them. I’d rather Article stand by their product and tell those who invested in them what to do to really surmount the issue and keep their product looking great – or better yet, replace the rear cushions if they truly have fixed the issue but if they won’t answer me this will have to do. Maybe it will help someone reading this thread. Cheers.
In addition to the discussion in this thread, I have spoken to a number of you on the phone and via email. Sometimes your feedback is challenging, but often your stories help us learn something new or see something from a different perspective.
Based on my experience with Article, would I recommend them? If you get a good deal, and you like style over quality, and are willing to change your couch after a couple years of daily use… Yes, I would recommend this company. It’s the right price point to pay for a couch sight unseen. If, however, you want a high quality couch, move on, this isn’t the company for you. They have plenty of problems that are well detailed above, and while I believe they seem to be improving , it’s really not easy to get unbiased feedback on their products. If you are on a budget and need to buy something that will last, look for quality used furniture. If you have the budget and you want quality, go find quality and buy it. If, like me, you had a limited budget but were OK with a short term solution, you can do a lot worse than the very nice designs and couches from Article. The price was right, the delivery was fast, the service was good and so far I’ve enjoyed my couch. No glorious praise here, just my own experience related for others to read.
2) Let people review the product and the service both at the same time, I don’t think the hidden marketing thing is worth making people feel naive.
We would also love the opportunity to address the issues you are having with your Sven. It sounds as though replacing the back cushions with our newer, firmer cushions may help. One of our team are going to get in touch to find the right solution for you.
I received a bottle in the mail and was immediately frustrated . They sent me a bottle with NO LABEL and NO INSTRUCTIONS. I had to GUESS about how to apply it. I spent a little time on Google and then started applying the product. Two hours later I had finally applied the product to all of the leather surfaces. The leather looked much better, but you have to reapply every couple of months to keep the gray sheen from coming back. I wrote a lengthy review when I received the customer survey from Article explaining all the ways I had tried to resolve the situation and how unsatisfied I was. I never received a response. At this point we were past the 30-day return window, so my husband and I just decided to live with a $1800 sofa we didn’t love. It’s now September and one of the cushions has developed a significant hole .
If you have any questions about how Contactless Delivery or Returns work that are not answered on our website I would be happy to answer them.
… I meant to say Rivet in previous post . Don’t feel like editing . 🙂
gcostaki , thanks for flagging that content on Alibaba.
“This couch wasn’t cheap!”. Sorry, but $1600 for a couch IS way cheap.
I wanted to add my review to this thread too in case anyone is looking.
***Here’s the rub, Article makes amazing looking furniture! Just about any time I am looking to upgrade a piece of furniture, Articles designs always stands out, regardless of price point.
Bought my Sven sofa in July, its now mid September and the sofa seat cushion is completely collapsed where I sit. I weigh under 250 lbs, for the money spent, this is unnacceptable.
Wow, I’m shocked to read all the negative reviews here! I made my first Article purchase 4 months ago and I’m now a huge fan of this company. I redid my main floor with a mix between Article and West Elm. I have the Sven sectional in velvet, we are a fam of 4 and we use this sofa DAILY, it’s crazy comfortable, so much so that I have accidentally fallen asleep, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I’m going to watch a little TV before heading to bed only to wake up at 3:00 am because I fell asleep literally 20 min into a show- yes, it is THAT comfortable . Now, I had worries about the cushions flattening out- most do unless you are buying in the $5,000 plus range – but I’m fully prepared to replace the cushion inserts once they do. So far, 4 months in, my sofa still looks like the day we received it. My last sofa was over $4,000 and it lasted me 15 years. I decided I didn’t want to spend that again, not to mention I don’t want a sofa to last me 15 years again . My sister has an Ikea, trust me, it looks like CRAP, she replaced her cushions not long after buying it and it’s still not comfortable. Ikea also just doesn’t have great styles/colours. I shopped around EVERYWHERE before I bought my Article sofa. One of my concerns was fabric pilling- this seems to be a problem EVERYWHERE, I think it’s due to mixing a natural fab with a man made fab . I’ve been told by other stores “just shave it with a fabric shaver” so I think this is common, which is one of the reasons we went with their velvet instead. I can tell you their velvet is gorgeous- much better quality than others I looked at.
Healthflynn – wow, I’m so sorry. Another article customer here. I have the Sven couch in grey leather and now really worried how it’ll hold up. We have another leather couch from a different retailer that it’s in our family room that gets substantial more use. I attached a picture so others could see how it’s held up. It’s a darker leather, but the couch is 4 years old and been abused by my two boys, now 3 and 6 years old, and often serves as a bed for overnight guests. We have a rule of no toys on the couch, but it often needs reminding. The leather definitely has had scratches from my kids but I’m able to buff it out with conditioner.
Another common complaint seems to be that the Charme leather fades/gets gray over time and with use. I have also found this to be true. I didn’t notice it until I read it here but when I look at the seat cushion it’s clear which side of the couch gets more use- the color is not as rich on that side and the leather has stretched/is not as taut between the tufting, as seen in the photo
It looks as though you purchased your Sven pre-December 2017. If you look back through one of my earlier comments I noted that we increased the cushion density at that time based on customer feedback. I also mentioned that we are happy to replace those cushion inserts free of charge. I am sure the team will work with you to make that happen.
Our first priority was ensuring the health and safety of our team and our customers. We immediately introduced Contactless Delivery as our default delivery option, along with rigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures for our delivery and warehouse facilities and teams. While we know that not being able to offer in-room or assembly services has made delivery a little difficult for some customers, the vast majority of people have been incredibly understanding and supportive. Full details of the precautionary measures we have taken are available here .
Amazon takes anything back and I had it delivered in two days.
I purchased the Ceni initially and it was terrible quality. The sofa cushions began to pill within months and the cushions started to sink. Despite 6 months passing, the hard foam never softened, yet it sunk in the middle of the cushions . The Ceni was very sturdy however, you don’t have to attach any legs as it is already assembled.
Looking for a reasonably priced MCM design couch or sectional in velvet.
So, to be clean. The furniture on is exclusive to ?
@Article. Thank you for the response. I was not asking if you sell your products anywhere else but if the manufacture can sell the product somewhere else. For example, there isn’t a store in Tokyo legally selling a re-branded “Sven” .
As a professional in the industry, buyers need to get knowledgeable about how furniture is made and have real expectations when buying inexpensive items. While these companies -IKEA, Article, West Elm, etc. are very reasonable and stylish, their furniture is not made to withstand and hold up for a long period of time with daily use. Especially when you are talking about seating. Seating gets sat on, constantly. These companies are great for first-time buyers, young people in college, apartments, or kiddos as secondary furniture but they should not be expected to hold up to a family’s daily use. I will buy from these companies for secondary use only. Great prices, great style, lower quality. If you want seating to hold up to lots of use, get a professional designer to explain about 8-way hand tied seating, hard-woods, kiln-dried with dowel joinery. Yes, you spend much more but you will have longer.
Hi traianjen – we’re sorry to hear that your correspondence with our team didn’t meet your expectations. Because the Sven cushions contain down, they do take on a more “lived in” look over time. We ultimately want you to love your sofa, and are happy to continue the conversation if you shoot us back an email.
seeing a lot of negative comments on this site. Need to buy a sofa bed for a rental apartment. Was thinking of the Soma by Article. Also saw Eliot sofa by Joybird online. What are your experiences with Article’s Soma? Anyone try Joybird? Thanks.
I’m sorry to those of you who did not have a good experience, but because this thread almost turned me off to Article completely, I again felt like it was important to share my very positive experience working with Article and the quality of the product I received. Thanks.
The best thing to do is blot the area and then put a layer of cornstarch or flour over top and let it sit for 24 hours to help absorb any excess liquid. This should help the mark fade a bit.
Thanks for straighening me out: Not a lemon, just developed that “well-loved slouchy vintage appearance”…Again, just letting other consumers know about my experience. I believe it is my right to do so. You won’t be hearing back from me: Lesson learned. BUYER BEWARE.
Sven is our most popular sofa . While a number of customers have had issues with cushion sagging and fabric wear – many of them who have added their feedback to this discussion thread – this represents a fraction of one percent of all Sven owners.
I’m sure no one is surprised about mark ups. It is a very reasonable markup , but this gives you a better idea about the product. You can even see Restoration Hardware furniture being bought for $300 a unit and sold for $4000.
A close friend had recommended Article to me based on her own positive experience, so this is very disappointing.
Right now I’m looking for a dining set. Was hoping to spend ~2k for the whole shebang but doesn’t look like thats possible for a decent set. Came into this new home thing a bit naive about the furniture part. 🙁
@Article you have years of evidence right here that your offers to replace furniture only results in the customer having another piece of furniture they do not want. Yes, you don’t want to leave your customers “furniture-less”. What nonsense is that? Give the customer their money back and they can buy furniture somewhere else.
When I wrote the last post back then I hadn’t received the bookcases yet and it was about the issues I had with the sofa, chair and stools.
Which costs less? The 8K sofa that you buy that lasts 40 years with one 4K reupholster? Or a series of 4 year wonders that cost you 2K each and that you buy 10 times?
While I haven’t purchased anything yet, their current pandemic “policy” makes me really question buying from them. They list that returns/exchanges may be impacted – but in reality, they aren’t accepting any returns. When pushed I was told that anything bought during this time could not be returned
You can tell some people in these comments are difficult and will complain about everything! Others have valid issues
Article’s attempt right now at customer service is a complete joke!
“Thanks for your reply and for your feedback. I appreciate you getting back to me.
I used a conditioner specifically for semi aniline leather and that helped darken the faded cusions but the dark/ greying cushions did not improve. I have tried fluffing the cushions as suggested and it sends feathers flying, but the shape soon sinks back down. You can’t flip or turn the seat cushions because they are sewn in to create the tufts. The frame and the leather attached to it has held up, but I can’t help but feel like I wasted 3 grand. I will have to call and see if the cushions can be replaced, but I’ve honestly put it off since I’m so disappointed. The picture below shows an improved cushion after the conditioner and the one that I can’t seem to save.
This company does not stand behind it’s product and offers misleading information. When they offered above to happily discuss my concern and find a solution, they were dishonest. I spoke to a manager and was told they would offer no further help from what I’d already received. I was told they weren’t able to be at my apartment over the last year to “babysit” my sofa so they had no responsibility for the abnormal fading. They take no responsibility for how they present the sofa and fabric care on their website and Instagram. BUYER BEWARE!
These next two picture are user posted pictures. Look at the wrinkles and the general sloppiness of the sofa compared to the website picture.
Our cotton velvet is a lustrous fabric made with 85% cotton and 15% polyester.
Hi Jil Shipman – Returns have been temporarily stopped in some instances because we cannot ensure that a six-foot social distance is maintained during the pick up process. We’re doing everything we can to ensure everyone stays safe during this time. On the top of our returns page, we’ve noted our current shipping and delivery services have been adjusted and returns and exchange pick-up may be impacted as a result. With the situation evolving rapidly, we’re doing our best to make operational changes that keep everyone safe right now.
One thing I did look into is getting the foam replaced in my sofa. As I mentioned the design and the fabric on mine so far are great, no pilling… I can replace with high density foam for about $300… so when these ones break down, I can pull that trigger. Obviously for a Sven or something like that, replacing your own foam isn’t an option. But I suspect we might just get a few good years more out of this sofa by replacing the seat cushion foam with after market.
Thank you for this ongoing thread! I ordered a couch almost a month ago and it was supposed to be delivered this week or next, but after I called due to not receiving an e-mail with a specific delivery date and felt she was being rude about my asking where in the process this was I Googled more reviews and came across this page and decided to cancel. I think it’s ridiculous that I would be willing to pay $2,000 for a couch to not have it in a reasonable time and risk it being defected upon arrival or not last more than 6 months. Thank you also for the links to similar couches for half the price. I loved the advertised color of the tan Sven, but I’ll just have to do a bit more research to find a couch that, if it’s not going to last at least didn’t cost over $1,000. I will say when I called back to cancel the rep was very pleasant, so no worries there.
I plan to report them to the Better Business Bureau . i will also post my reviews on several places so new customers are aware before they buy from Article. Just because you live and operate from Canade doesnt mean you can get away with duping your customers in US.
This is my 3rd sofa I’ve owned. I’m not a young first time furniture shopper- I’ve on my 3rd home decor set. My first was a custom piece- cost me a small fortune, bought it before I had kids and I sold it to the people who bought our first house . My last sofa was from the Art Shoppe, I think I paid around $5,000 on sale for it , I owned that thing for 15 years! It was amazing quality, never pilled, never sagged and we used it daily. I did not want to spend that kind of money on a sofa again because they just don’t fall apart and I felt too guilty getting rid of it because I got sick of the style . 15 yrs ago I spent on one sofa and one rug what I spent this time on my ENTIRE living room and dining room! Not doing that again because we have 2 kids now so I don’t want to have to be that careful again plus I get sick of styles and need a change.
Hi Allan Shapiro – I want to first assure you that the issue you experienced when checking out on our website has been flagged with our developers as a tech issue you experienced, as you should be asked for your credit card number, expiry date, and CVC code. If you choose to go back to the website to order, you’ll see that the expiry date and CVC code are entered in the same box as your credit card number.
Looking for a dining set and the Ecole and Zola dining chairs and Ventu dining table interests me. Anybody with experience with them? They definitely look great on the site. Wayfair has a lot of similar ones for half price but would rather pay more if quality is actually better.
After a lot copying/pasting their previous response to me that my couch is just normal wear, I got frustrated and tried to fix the problem myself. I opened up the cushion to see what I could do about replacing/adjusting the foam myself. However, I wouldn’t be able to replace anything unless I cut through the thread that creates the tufting which would ruin the look. So basically, it means one wouldn’t really be able to replace the cushion in the future. I emailed customer service again, but they wanted me to send pictures again, and I just feel like they’re going to make me go in circles again about how it’s the intended design.
Any chance your cushion is pushed forward from sitting? My sofa recently started to look “sunk” in one spot but it turns out the cushion is sliding forward slightly . When I push it back it corrects back to where it should. I do not expect these cushions to last long term though, my last 3 seater sofa was over $6,000 and lasted 15 years . Overall I’ve been happy with this one, it’s much better quality than IKEA! The velvet has held up well with 2 kids and one chihuahua, same with my dining chairs from Article.
For the record, I used to work in the furniture business many years back , and for the record I do NOT work for Article, I’m just a huge fan and wanted to share my experience and opinion of them.
Your review was published on Saturday, and you can find it on the Sven Pacific Blue Sofa product page .
This whole process has been exhausting considering I spent almost $2k on a sofa that arrived with so many defects. Not to mention I run the same risk of having these new cushions not match.
Hi John Prochilo – we certainly apologize for the change in ETA with your order. Unfortunately holding an item in your cart doesn’t reserve it , so when the ETA was updated on the website, it didn’t reflect in your cart before checkout. Between the time you placed your item in the cart and when you checked out the last stock of the item was sold to another customer. The additional wait time indicated in the email was due to us waiting for the next stock to arrive. We can certainly understand the frustration with that, and why you then chose to cancel your order.
@bryanlip – I see that you love Article’s products and have purchased a few. But I think you are compromised bc you work for Houzz . You really need to state this as you have posted positive comments over and over on this thread.
We thank you for your continued feedback. We’ve reached out directly to all of those who we are able to, but if anyone has an outstanding issue or concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly by email , phone , or live chat on . Getting in touch with our care team directly is always the best way to resolve any issues you might have.
I really have a love/hate relationship with this couch. I really want to love this couch, but it honestly just gives me anxiety thinking about when I’ll have to replace it.
Hi fg15 – Yes, you can add onto this sofa later on as you see fit. As long as we carry all the same colors , you’ll be good!
Unfortunately other than that, my hands are a bit tied due to your warranty having expired.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Just want to chime in my with my own Article experience. We bought the Charme Tan Nina leather chair in November 2017, so a little over two years ago. It looks great, is comfortable, and *appears* to be well-built.
@ Leah Gress My sister ended up ordering this style with wonderful high end leather. What a difference. They can do the tufted seat and cylinder pillows as well.
Hi curkeekr – we definitely want to have you loving your Sven just as much as you did the first day. Shoot us an email to with additional photos of the issue and our team will have a look at it.
They are sending me a new couch now in 3 weeks but because I refused to take store credit and keep this damaged couch the refund I am now getting is $82 for the hassle of having to dispose of the damaged couch. I’ll be lucky if that even covers the cost of having to rent a truck to haul it off.
As you say “Leather on leather would cause a lot of slipping.” … however the base of the couch which the cushions sit on are not leather. So… if the cushions were all leather, I’m not sure that they would actually have that problem.
Hi gcostaki – We use only high quality velvets for our articles, and we do hope you find the Cirrus fits your needs more than the Sven did. If you aren’t happy with the exchange once the sofa arrives, let us know and we’d be happy to re-open the conversation.
We take all reviews, whether formal or via social media seriously, as we continue to strive for exceptional customer service.
You can tell immediately once you sit down that the foam in the cushioning is sinking in. It not only feels unpleasant, but looks it. This is coming from a 115 pound woman w no children, husband or pets. I live alone and travel frequently for work.
californiamama the Sven is from Vietnam by Woodworth Wooden Industries avoiding tariffs by going through Vietnam . If you find someone with the product the details are on the label. There’s an article here:
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.
Hi heather_g77 and jgleduc – although similar in looks, A quick comparison shows differences in the materials, size, and construction. We guess all three of those are what make up a sofa. But if you want to feel it for yourself, we’d be happy to send you a fabric swatch.
Unfortunately, The sofa will not be arriving to my home as I have canceled the order after multiple disappointing interactions with Article and their shipping company. In short – Buyer beware – Article users third party shipping companies and this one in particular had a costumer representative who was nasty and rude. The company and Article ultimately did not accommodate a different shipping day other than Tuesdays . In the end, the order was placed 5/27 and after multiple interactions via phone and email, I was told on 6/13 that it was not possible to deliver on a different day. The sofa was needed for a 6/15 Event at our house. We were left in a lurch and I will never purchase another item through them given this experience. I will be attempting to purchase another sofa through Birch Lane, which has thus far shown better customer service.
I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about your comments here. At Article, our mission is to build remarkably better furniture experiences, and your feedback has been incredibly helpful highlighting things we can do better.
To be honest, I thought I was given a defected sofa from the warehouse as this was the third one sent but now after reading reviews I am very concerned. I called customer service and their response was to “fluff” my pillows. I find it incredibly insulting, especially when I am under a warranty to offer this as a resolution. A sofa should be beautiful, comfortable and last for years. I truly hope that Article lives up to this standard and will address my SVEN situation further. Will keep you posted.
I do want to take this opportunity to directly address some of the other concerns that have been raised.
Why chastise Marian for her views? Do you really think she’s a plant? So far she likes her product. It shouldn’t be that hard to believe. This company isn’t a great big conspiracy, it sells furniture. Yeah it’s feedback mechanisms on its site are misleading, but there are a lot of customers who’ve still put fours and fives down for their products.
I don’t have much of a dog in the hunt. I just keep getting notifications on this thread and I was mildly curious after the last few posts.
Ugh, 2 .5 years, 2 separate email conversations/complaint threads w/article, and 2 sets of replacement back cushions later; I can undeniably say the Sven Sofa and Loveseat in the velvet cloth are the worst furniture purchases I have ever made. The seat cushions lost their resilience in the first 6 months of ownership, the arm cushions and replacement back cushions are flat, saggy and sad and the blue velvet color has faded significantly, more vintage I guess…
We want you to love your Sven. Feel free to drop us an email at with your order number and photos of the cushion and we’d be happy to look into this further for you.
Hi griffster90 – We always want to try and work on solutions that don’t leave our customers furniture-less. If customers are experiencing issues that we deem are not normal wear and tear, then we usually work to find a solution , as we don’t believe the next item will have the same issues. If you’d like to re-open the conversation about your sofa and the replacement, then please feel free to email us back at .
First off, we apologize for the frustrating experiences that occurred when you first placed the order for your Sven Sofa. This is certainly not the delivery experience we strive to create and understand the type of inconvenience this must have caused for you. Furthermore, regarding the feedback surrounding your Sven – we appreciate you giving the context to the issues that you are experiencing. We certainly want you to love and be able to use your Sven. If you could send us a private message with your order number we’d be happy to look into this further.
I purchased the Article leather Sven sofa and called to let them know I was having issues with it and they told me, “sorry, it’s been over a year and there is nothing we can do” it was around 13 months. The cushions flatten and it scratches so easily. I was trying to replace with a fabric sofa from them. I believe I also emailed a few Months after purchasing asking what I could do to remove scratches. I wish at that time they would have let me replace it or at least told me it was an option.
and these 2 photos below are from Article
I bought the Mara marble coffee table a few years ago.. first few months in, I split a little bit of water on it which I IMMEDIATELY soaked up with my cotton shirt and paper towel. It left a huge watermark on it, the gloss it totally gone. Completely surprised that this happened. It’s not like the water was sitting on the table for minutes – it was probably three seconds total. its totally unacceptable and I reached out to article but they said there’s nothing they could do about it. Awful customer service. This table clearly wasn’t treated at all.
I’ve been on a sofa exploration for about 6 months and LOVE the look and style of the Sven. However, after reading the negative reviews, im pretty concerned. I have a distinct color of leather in my mind, a tan with more caramel and red tones, , and while the Charme Tan is not quite a match, I was willing to sacrifice my vision for the style.
To help maintain that high product rating our product and quality assurance and control teams visit each of our manufacturing partners multiple times each year. We start with well-tested designs, using quality materials, and then we listen to feedback from you and make changes where necessary. We are happy to address problems when they arise, such as providing free replacement back cushion inserts for Sven customers who purchased prior to Dec 2017 and were having issues with them sagging . Our goal is to provide remarkably better value than our competitors, and that is only true if our customers are delighted.
@Article Then why not just extend the return window like most other companies are? And how can you ensure a 6-foot distance during delivery but not returns – especially If you specify that items need to be outside of the home in order to be returned? And again, just to be clear, what is the specific 30-day satisfaction guarantee right now if nothing purchased can be returned?
Once you choose a star rating for the product a textbox will appear prompting you to provide a written review.
In December I purchased the Kits Cascadia Blue and brass couch but wasn’t able to unpack the couch until January 3, 2018 when I moved. From the moment it was pulled from the box..I was in LOVE. The coloring- perfect. The velvet material-perfect. The comfort level- perfect…..BUT NOW…I feel the seat is sinking on the side where I sit the most but not often. I have NOT had company. I do NOT “ plop “ on my furniture. I do NOT let the dogs on this couch though they weigh 6 pounds each. I am concerned. I have not sat on this couch two months yet AND I don’t sit on it as much as I would like since I work 50 hours a week and get off at 9:30 at night. This couch wasn’t cheap! I read a lot of reviews and notice no reviews on my choice/couch so I went on faith. I did a lot of research before I bought this thing and I have no desire to purchase another couch in a year Article. I could have gone to the local furniture store but they don’t have the styles I like and this couch surely fits the bill. Soooooo…what do I do?
Min going to add that we are both five feet and around 100lbs. Our kids are 16 lbs each. We don’t have family nearby or entertain. It shouldn’t look or feel like this. IKEA would have been a better choice
Have been watching this post for quite a while now. Pulled trigger a month ago on a cirrus sofa and two angle chairs. Really liked the sofa for its color and comfort. However, today I just found out at the corner the fabric already started to show signs of tear, within 30 days!!! Immediately sent out an email to customer service for exchange. Honestly I don’t really know what to do now: should I exchange it, knowing that within a year it will almost certainly show the tear, or should I just return it and be done with it? I really liked the sofa, wish the quality could be a little better!
And I can’t show a picture of it, but the wooden frame was literally disintegrating. We could hear it breaking apart even when we gently leaned on the armrest.
Article is garbage, avoid like the PLAGUE! I’ve had a leather Sven sofa for two years. We paid $2300 for it. After the first year, the cushions were so lumpy that we complained and Article replaced them, claiming the initial cushions were “defective” and the new ones would last. We’re one year past those and the new cushions are just as terrible and lumpy as the first set.
I know coronavirus has changed things, but the customer service at Article has been as unresponsive as a dead person. Right after placing my order for a living room set, I changed my mind and wanted to upgrade to a more expensive chair. So far there has been no way to cancel my order. Their phone lines give an automated message, their chat is down, and they haven’t replied to an email I sent on Monday, three days ago.
I just received the Sven sofa in cascadia blue after a month of trying decide which color and I do like it but after only having it for a couple days I really wish I would have got the grey because of how bad the blue shows and seems to attract lent and pretty much anything. It’s really bad and the problem is that I did not know this when unboxing it and removed the tag which I’m sure even though it’s brand new and not damaged will not exchange for the grey now. I might contact Article customer service to see what if anything they can do but stay away from the cascadiablue blue unless you want to vaccum it 5 times a day.
I’m a little disheartened about this, since two years doesn’t seem like too long to expect a $1,000 chair to last without sounding like it’s breaking down. Even if they offered some sort of out of warranty replacement or service, I would be willing to pay, but as-is I’m just sort of SOL.
Lastly, we’ve got issues with the Burrard sofa. We never really like it when we first received it. I was told it’s a bit firmer than the Sven sofa but it’s a lot firmer and smaller in size. I was told the whitish tone on leather will go away over time, but it’s still there. And I was concerned how seat cushions were not flat, but was also advised that the inner foam seat core will eventually relax back into place after the sofa has been removed from its packing for a while. Well it’s been almost 4 months and it looks even worse now. The thing that has bothered us the most is that the back cushions aren’t attached to the back and it keeps sliding. It’s so inconvenient to keep reposition them every single time we sit. The photo I attached above is when not in use after repositioning multiple times and you can see the middle cushion still sits so loose. Furthermore, most importantly it has become safety hazard for our 20 month old son. He recently had an incident on a sofa where he climbed up and the back cushion slipped, he lost the balance and he fell face forward on the floor and chipped his front tooth.
Hi Jen E – We’re happy to send you over a fabric swatch. Feel free to send us a private message here with your mailing address and email, or reach out to . In terms of reviews of the Soma, this family has a young child and dog:
TLDR: will not buy any expensive furniture, leather good/cushions bad, would buy that chair again, return was easy for me, don’t trust the reviews.
Four months after buying our Sven sofa we began to feel it was no longer comfortable. The seat cushion lost it’s support so much so that it actually hurts to sit on it. It is now roughly 3/4 of a year past purchase date and my husband avoids it entirely and lies on the wooden floor instead. Our guests don’t even sit on it anymore either. We specifically bought this sofa for its purported comfort. I have a back injury and emailed Article customer service about which sofa would be the most comfortable before we narrowed down to a particular model. Customer service was very helpful, etc, but ultimately they recommended the Sven, which has in no way held up in less than a half a year. We have not reached out to Article since we are past our warranty, but feel cheated for the quality that we were expecting. It looked great when we got it, but it feels and wears like a Target sofa. Unfortunately it’s not helping my back injury at this point and we have no budget to replace it. Deeply disappointed with this product. In addition, when the two of us sit on the sofa at the same time it feels quite fragile. We are average sized adults, but the sofa feels too delicate for everyday wear in a household of two adults. Meanwhile, my specifications to customer service were to recommend something that would get used quite a bit. I don’t recommend this product for regular use at all, except for staging or a spare room since it does look absolutely lovely if you don’t use it too much.
Hi Julie, your new – surprisingly less expensive – sofa looks great! Re your blue Article sofa, well, at least they agreed to replace your seat cushions. Although it does look better now, I’m wondering if that’s due to the replacement parts, or due to the fact you don’t use it very often.
Hi Monique Vu – we certainly want you to be comfortable when lounging on your Sven. We encourage you to send those additional photos into , and we’ve flagged with our team that you’ll be reaching out to continue the conversation.
Hi Julie Hamner – If you email our team, we’d be happy to re-open the discussion about your cushion replacements.
Jamieson, that is exactly what happened to our sofa. They did not offer a full refund, only store credit. I would happily take a full refund but store credit is of zero interest to me as I don’t ever plan to buy another thing from them. Their furniture is garbage.
• Fluff all loose cushions regularly to maintain shape.
I had my finger hovering over the submit order button, but now I’m not so sure. I want to get the Gaba modular sectional- can someone comment on their experience with that sofa? I was also told I can add onto the pieces I ordered to build a bigger sofa, and the colour would be consistent. Now, I’m not so sure. This is a big purchase for me .
How is Apt2B? Recommendations for dining sets appreciated!
I got the Timber section in rain cloud gray in October, and already the cushions are flat, sagging, and uncomfortable. The material also pills very badly. I love the look of the couch, but it is not worth the price. Not even 6 months, and the cushions are worthless. Maybe the leather is better?
• Spills must be soaked up immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or
They have responsive customer service, which is nice, but their follow-through left a bit lacking for us. In example, we had a few issues with our order that needed to be corrected, which were done so quickly, but we were promised $50 credits for our trouble and they never came/were processed.
I originally bought a Sven in July 2018. By Sept it was shot, huge divot in the seating cushion. After posting about it here, they replaced it in October with another Sven. This one is doing the same thing, just not as bad. I guess if they want to keep sending a new one every three months that would suffice. Store credit wouldn’t really interest me, but a full refund would.
If after reading the hundreds of poor reviews here about Article you still purchase from them, that’s on you
Your sofa should definitely not be creaking and the sagging cushion is something our customer care team would be happy to look into for you.
“I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Sven chairs and sofa.
I reached out to customer service and we reached an agreement for me to upgrade to the Timber leather sofa in oxford tan and walnut. This is where I am cutting off Article for good. We received the sofa one month ago, the wood and color is absolutely gorgeous, the leather is of decent quality, and it seems relatively comfy. HOWEVER, exactly ONE MONTH after upgrading $900 for this sofa, it collapsed on us while my partner and I were both on it!!!! The legs literally splayed off, the nut and bolt still attached to the sofa. My partner was apprehensive of the legs initially when he put the sofa together, saying that it didn’t seem very sturdy with just one bolt, but I brushed it off. This sofa is an absolute death trap and I hurt my ankle while the edge fell on it. I feel so blessed that my small 4lb dog who likes to go under the sofa wasn’t under it while it collapsed! I can’t imagine any of the other sofas with the skinny peg legs could be any better. At this point, I’m frustrated because it is not easy finding a sofa that you fall in love with. I’m going to be asking for the ENTIRE refund at this point as I want nothing to do with this company.
So far my interactions with your CS team have been great, but we’re stinging from a bad EQ3 non-refundable sofa purchase and are a bit wary of making another mistake. Thanks again,
We currently have a status page (here: s you to get basic order status and ETA information. We’re aware that not all pertinent information is currently included on the account page, and we’re working on making it a more useful source.
@muttdogsmall – although I don’t own one nor found any reviews on the cigar rawhide sofa, my friend owns a similar one from CB2. It’s beautifully elegant and very comfortable. I find it a bit better looking than the Article one as well. It’s just about $199 more: sofa/s251939
I received a new bottom cushion so now my couch looks like crap because the hides don’t match. It also reaffirms what horrible quality the foam is that it sank so much in a year. I am incredibly disappointed but I understand why Article won’t refund people .- they probably can’t afford to since they’ve sold so much subpar furniture and would have tons of people beating down their door to receive refunds. Lesson learned.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the delivery date doesn’t slip more.
As for the dining bench — the assembly instructions are shockingly bad. There are three legs and each of them are labeled , which is great. The problem is that the instructions don’t tell you which way the legs should face. I had 5 people look at the instructions to confirm that there was no possible way to determine which way the legs should face. One side of the leg has a big hole and the other side has a small hole. I hoped that it wouldn’t matter so I just guessed. But….it matters. Not only does it matter, but the instructions tell you to screw it from the inside out when it actually has to be screwed from the outside in. So, in short, the instructions are both incomplete and incorrect.
I can‘t even sell this couch if I wanted to. I just want my money back and take this thing off my hands.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
I was wondering if anyone had purchased the Cube sectional from Article and could please give some real feedback. Thanks!
Wow. After reading this thread I no longer feel like I’m going crazy dealing with Article. I first ordered the SVEN sofa and their movers refused to bring it up my staircase unless I signed a waiver to be responsible for possible damage. I sent the sofa back without even seeing and ordered the SVEN sectional as another option because it comes apart and was able to fit into my elevator. After waiting weeks for redelivery, I finally received only to notice discoloration in the velvet . Article then sent me a third sofa .
Just ordered the Sven sectional Velvet in Shadow Grey despite seeing some negative reviews. Please Please make sure I am getting a sofa from your new stock that has good additional stuffing on the seat and back cushions. I really don’t want to write anything but a glowing review. Renovating a large apartment – Will wait to see how this goes before ordering more items from Article. My designer recommended it, so its her credibility on the line too. Heartened to see your many positive responses to the complaints here.
Thank you for your feedback on your latest Article order. We are very sorry to see you are experiencing issues with your Ceni couch.
Third, the feathers of the pillows penetrate WAY too easily for expensive furniture. We paid over $2000 for this couch, and everyday we are poked with feathers poking through the pillows. Ouchhhhh.
@gwc1973 I spent a long time browsing Joybird options, until I realized they don’t ship to Canada! If I arranged my own shipping here, the warranty would be void and no returns possible.
– Have reasonable expectations of what you get, be prepared to upgrade the couch after market if you really want a quality couch feel
This is fashion. Not furniture. One use only disposable cheepchinesecrapola Hot Topic type stuff. You don’t have it reupholstered. It would cost more than the sofa cost originally. And it would still be what it is.
Hi Sean Bowen – we’re very sorry for the lack of correspondence about your delayed shipment. When shipments are delayed our system is supposed to let the customer know, and yours was definitely missed. Being left in the dark is no fun, and we’ll be passing your feedback and experience onto our team.
Hi amyv40 , glad to hear our team is looking after you.
That is their fault and issue not mine. All I’m asking for is the item I paid for in new condition.
Hi jessicajkimbrell – the Charme Tan leather is designed to develop a rich patina, so showing scratches and character marks is a part of its charm. We haven’t tested any sealants on it, but hydrating it with an Otter Wax oil can help.
I fell asleep on my Sven sectional a few nights ago. I hope it never happens again.
I hope you enjoy your new Nina chair for many years to come. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help out with.
Thank you ALL, I am so glad I came upon this Houzz thread before ordering a sofabed from Article. Must be stylish, built decently, and available within 4 weeks. I notice a few mentions of Amazon couches, which I will now investigate. Besides that, are there any other online retailers of well-designed furniture, specifically sofabeds, that anyone recommends???
Inconsistencies and mistakes in the staining process.
Thanks for your response, Jen. To clarify, the sloppy cushion I posted in the 2nd photo IS the replacement cushion. So it doesn’t look better. My back cushions look fine because I stuffed a standard sized pillow into each one to fill them out. I have no desire to continue to deal with Article on replacement cushions. Takeaway on velvet Sven: Pretty sofa. Will not remain pretty. Truly suspect quality. Costly lesson learned.
@ gcostaki – our product is exclusive to us – at a minimum within North America . The only place to purchase genuine Article products in the US and Canada is from our website.
The back cushions contain down, and we do recommend regular cushion dressing to help maintain their appearance. However, if this becomes an issue our team is happy to work with you to find a solution.
If you ever need to spot clean your sofa, we do have a care card that we’d be happy to send your way, just shoot us an email to .
We stand behind the quality of our articles, as do the majority of our customers. While there have been both negative and positive comments shared here, we always do whatever we can to find the best resolution for each individual situation. We hope we can show you just how great our articles really are, and If you have any questions we are always here to help.
curkeekr , I wouldn’t keep a sofa that looks like that after a year. It looks horrible.
Hi rocky_downey , we’re sorry to hear your sofa didn’t work out for you. We know this is a stressing situation, and returns and exchange pick-up are temporarily impacted due to social distancing measures, and unfortunately we can not confirm when we will be able to fulfill returns and exchange pick-ups given the uncertainty around COVID-19.
traianjen so if i understand that right, you’re saying that items you’ve bought at a lower cost lasted longer than the more expensive sven, right? so even worse then, lol. in my opinion people are being scammed by article and it’s not ok… i think article products may be good for staging, but if you’re actually wanting to use the sofas, and want them to last a long time, you’ll have to spend a little more up front but make sure to do research on the building materials first. definitely worth it in the end, since you won’t have to replace your sofa within a year …
Tcaopham- yes I have both the timber and Sven and the Oxford timber is much more durable
We have had similar issues with the product and customer service from Article, as mentioned above.I felt that our situation was unique and just unfortunate. However, after reading several reviews here on Houzz and Apartment therapy, i feel that im the only one affected by their poor quality of products!
Hopefully I can update this post with good news.
[ scussions/interior-define-any-longer-term-owners-of-this-sofa-dsvw-vd~5153497 [
At that point, I felt a bit offended that she assumed I won’t be happy or satisfied no matter how many times they try to send me a stool. I only had mentioned the one that really bothered me but since she thought I was really picky I mentioned many of the other flaws that I noticed with the stools.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
I just purchased a new home and because of this experience with online furniture shopping, I bought the furniture I needed for my new place from Ethan Allen. I have to say, the difference in quality is substantial. I am still using my Aricle sofa, but the quality is not great. I expect to use it for a couple of years and replace it. Disappointing for an item that cost $2200.00.
to clean the stain. Do not rub too vigorously. Blot and dry as above.
Did you get a quote from ? They make high quality custom sofas and sectionals, and they are a family business made in Los Angeles for many generations.
Hi @Gary Allen, can you say where you bought the new inserts? And what kind of foam did you go with? I’m looking into doing this for my sectional. Thanks!
so, tried two couches and same quality. for comparison, our old ikea couch that cost us $500 held up better than this. Which is a bummer. I will share an official unpaid review on IG since that seems to be the place where it’s recommedned. I’m sure those influencers who get it for free and share how much they love it are genuin happy because they don’t have 2500 invested in this. But when it’s your money, just beware. This thread is pretty on point.
c. One of the legs, the hole for the bolt wasn’t completely drilled through and it was difficult getting the bolt through, but it didn’t like much and it was only on one of the legs.
So update, I bought a very similar couch from Amazon per some recommendations here and LOVE IT. It’s comfortable, gorgeous color, still looks brand new, I had it within days, and it costs much less than Article. I would definitely recommend this couch over an Article product.
I wrote a review back in August about the Sven, which we exchanged for the Ceni. Five months later, the Ceni is holding up shape, but that’s about all it’s doing positively. It is SO uncomfortable. It’s like resting on rock with a layer of foam padding on top. If I sit for awhile, my back starts to ache. The cushions are too firm, and they slide off the couch constantly. Buying a couch from Article was one of the biggest financial mistakes of my life. Seriously. All I want is my money back. I’d even accept a partial refund at this point, but I know they won’t provide me with that, even though their products are unsatisfactory. Article continues to shovel out shit and expects consumers to take it with a smile. Do not buy anything from here if you value your money.
Add me to the list of people who bought a couch only to have it pill within a few weeks. I bought the Echo Sofa last May and within weeks it started to pill. Customer service told me that the pilling issue was one others were experiencing as well but they were solving it by producing new cushion covers that were resistant to pilling and would send them to me at no cost. That sounded great. But the covers took months to arrive and the pilling just kept getting worse and worse. The sofa was a complete eyesore. The replacement covers came a few weeks ago, and I was so relived that this mess would be behind me. Unfortunately, these cushion covers were exactly as pill prone as the last ones. Again, within WEEKS they had pilled beyond saving. Also, the covers were made more cheaply than the first. Details like the zipper covers were absent on the new iteration. Yesterday Article offered me the option to exchange the couch for a different one, but that is way too little and frustratingly too late. I just moved into a great new apartment and there’s no way I’m dealing with another pilling couch for the duration of the lease. Of course, refunds are not an option. Don’t count on their warranty to help you.
Genuine customer reviews are incredibly valuable as part of the shopping experience, and we want to encourage as many of our customers as possible to share their perspective. Negative feedback helps us continue to improve our product range and experience, and we don’t shy away from it.
Oh goodness, I seriously can’t believe the comments on here! For anyone considering the SVEN you seriously have to order it and try it, you will love it! I’m on month 5 with mine, it is INSANELY comfortable and totally holding up ! I can say, with us 4 combined plus friends or family, that our sofa has someone sitting on it for about 4 hours a day and it looks like the day we received it. I fall asleep on it REGULARLY when I try to catch up on missed shows. The fabric is really great quality of velvet .
When I contacted them today, I told them that I would “sit on it” for a few days while I consider keeping it. They are true to their word on the return aspect… $49 to return–just make sure you keep your box, or their will be a fee added.
However, the leather on one of the back cushions appears to be defective. When cleaned with high quality conditioner this one cushion developed ugly striations that never faded. Eventually I decided to reach out to Article about a replacement, because I was still within the one year warranty window.
@daintydilldallies , yeah, they’ll reopen the conversation. But they won’t give you your money back!
As a FYI, I’ve asked plenty of people on IG about the couch I’m buying ahead of time and feel like I’ve done my due diligence on whether it is a good buy or not – at least as much as I can without actually sitting on it beforehand. You’re welcome to do the same type of research rather than chastising both customers in this thread, as well as the company trying to attempt to resolve some of the issues.
We contacted Article about these issues a few months ago, and we were told to send pictures in. Not sure why, but these pictures don’t really do any justice because you have to FEEL the problems, as I described above. It’s not something pictures really encompass. I wish we could return the sectional, it really feels like a waste of money at this point. Not the quality of $2000. 🙁
Article made it right and ended up providing a full refund on the sofa. I have bought several things from Arricle prior and will give them another shot in the future.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
That being said, I do not believe the item I purchased contains any down, but it certainly does contain duck feathers….complete with quills…for that “lived in” appearance……
Hi Avery RAO – you’re right, your Sitka should be lasting longer than five months. Sometimes pilling can occur in the beginning life of a fabric as it’s experiencing wear and use that it has yet to come across up until now. Loose fibres are making their way out. A few runs with a fabric shaver should solve the current issue, and after time the issue should no longer persist.
Article has some pieces that are great and others that are not…just like most stores. Your Timber sofa does look really nice in the picture though!
We want you to be completely happy with your new furniture. Our team are going to be in touch this morning to discuss how we can address your concerns with both your stools and leather items. We would be happy to arrange replacement or return according to your preference.
Updating my comment. We reached back out as requested and this time they were able to find proof of my order! They offered and we accepted & have now received the replacement rear cushion inserts. They do seem to be of much more sturdy construction. They look great going on and feel more supportive than the original versions. I’ll update again if things go horribly wrong, but at this moment we are very happy. Perhaps I just got a snarky CS agent the day I initially called? All other contacts with Article have been more than satisfactory, from pre-purchase to solving this rear cushion issue on our blue Sven leather sofa circa 2017. We will consider purchasing from them again.
Hi traianjen – I see you’ve been in contact with our team over the weekend about your Sven. Everyone has left the office for the day, so I’ll be touching base with them first thing Monday morning to address your concerns and have them follow-up with you via email with a solution.
Glad to hear you are enjoying your Nord chair, and I am sure you will also love your new blemish free Alcott sofa for many years to come.

Otter Wax your leather as recommended, pronto.
In addition, we invite reviews on independent platforms like here on Houzz , or on Reseller Ratings , on both of which we maintain industry-leading scores.
We bought the brown leather Worthington Oxford sofa that was delivered in November of 2016. It was beautiful, right out of the box, but it had a peculiar gray tinge to it . I called customer support and was told it was a sealant they put on the leather and it would absorb into the leather in a few days. A week later I called back because the leather didn’t look any different, and this time I was told the leather gets dried out from the desiccant packets in the box but they would send me a bottle of leather conditioner to apply to the sofa. I wanted to send the sofa back but the customer service rep convinced me that applying this conditioner would help. She said their warehouse manager used it so they trusted it. If that was the case, why didn’t he/she apply it to our sofa before it got to our house? They would even overnight it to me.
I think wanted share because I really didn’t want to believe it. But I guess we ended up like many others unlucky. I’m not sure if it’s just this type of couch or the brand as a whole, but that’s my honest review.
I’ve been waiting to hear back from your team for the last five days after contacting them. Just sent a follow up.
Hope that helps – and great tip on the adding the cheap pillows to an older sofa to get a bit more life out of it!
Thanks, Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
I have had my Sven tan leather sofa for two years now, and it’s okay. . We use it daily , and, true, it is showing some wear, but with a bunch of throw pillows it still looks stylish. I agree with Gary Allen about the quality–except he’s had his sofa for only three months and mine is two years old and counting. I’ll probably buy another sofa in a couple of years–but I won’t buy aniline. Anyone who thinks aniline is practical hasn’t done their homework . Leather specialists have told me that it is impossible to clean stains off this high quality leather. I have a partner who bought the semi-aniline sofa from Article , and it’s great and easier to take care of. Having said this, I will say that we have been able to clean some spills off the Sven, and water can be blotted and will not stain. I do not in the least regret my purchase.
Hi Nathan Smalley – we apologize for any frustrations you encountered during your interactions with us. As our team mentioned, small cracks can naturally occur with solid wood due to temperature and humidity changes. We take feedback to heart, and will be passing yours along to our team.
Very sorry about your shipping damage woes, I can certainly understand your frustration. I can see our team have been in touch this morning and are setting up a replacement for your Alcott.
I wish I did not have to keep returning here . But, I got the Sven while ago. The thing looked horrible within a year; bad fabric, pillows didn’t keep their shape. I exchanged it for the Cirrus. I really liked it.
Then they either let me choose to get a $50 store credit or simply return it. This was the part of the response from the rep.
I would absolutely not recommend anyone to buy anything from them if you are looking to get some quality for your money.
@jgleduc i think what he is trying to say is clear in his statement “it gives you a better idea about the product”. when it’s $350 cost what in the world is it made off? no wonder the frames and fabrics are falling apart, as stated by many customers in this thread.
Yes yes to both of these comments. Finding a couch shouldn’t be this hard, but damn – this quality really sucks. It is a waste of money, I agree. I’m still upset with myself that we didn’t just get a refund and deal with having no couch for a while. It would have been a bitter situation. We have the Nugget Comfort for our kids and that would be better than this. I hope that these reviews help someone else when they think “maybe it will be different with me“ or “it can’t be that bad”. Two couches of theirs in less than a year. This one only a few months. Quality just isn’t there.
Just like we need some hydration now and then, leather does too, and a quick look at the photos you sent tells me a leather conditioner would help the overall “dry” look you’re experiencing.
@Julie Hamner I will second Julie. I had a Rowe sofa for 15 years and through three moves and it was great. I only got rid of it because it didn’t fit a new space. Their Andee, Brady and Butler sofas are all low profile.
Oh man, I’ve been so in love with this couch online but that price is way too steep for me without full coverage on each side. Bummer.
This one looks like the Sven. There is a green velvet but I think the blue looks better. 😉
@Article – I still haven’t heard anything. I reached out to customer service again a few days ago and they said they would get back to me, but no response as of yet. I’ve been without furniture in my living room for two weeks now…. I would appreciate an update. If I were to go to your site and order a sofa today, I could have it here next week. This is frustrating, and time consuming.
Similarly, ensuring returns and exchanges process didn’t put customers or team members at risk was essential. In a limited number of cases, we were unable to execute these safely, and in these cases we worked with customers to find an alternate solution, including giving full refunds and helping identify options for donation or resale options for the product. This was temporary, and I am pleased to say that our returns process is currently operational across the US and Canada. There are some additional requirements to make returns and exchanges contactless to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our team. These are documented on our website .
Would love a direct message or feel free to respond here as I’m sure others will benefit from your honest opinion. Would also love to see a photo or two if you have it. Thanks!
I love the look of the Sven sofa, but every time I see a photo of one that’s not brand new I notice that the back cushions look completely deflated. Has anyone that owns the sofa had this experience? Would you consider adding additional stuffing, or does this make it not worth the purchase? I can’t seem to find anything else with the same look at a similar price point .
being in the custom furniture industry myself, for over 15 years now, i can definitely agree that leather can have dye lot variations, but please, the pictures William C. posted as well as many other pictures in this thread are not just dye lot variations. any quality furniture manufacturer would agree, that a dye lot variation is a slight variation in the shade of the leather, but within the same color range. the picture of the sven on the website, vs the sad pale sofa william received just shows two things: one, the leather is of poor quality and the tannery did a poor job dying the leather to match the sample. two: the quality control on this particular leather is nonexistent. as a manufacturer, we are able to make sure that the leather we use for sofas actually looks the same, or very close, since there can be slight dye lot variances, to the samples we send out.
When I tried to purchase some furniture, there was nothing on the purchase page that allowed me to put in all of my credit card information just the number. Not surprisingly, it indicated my credit card number was “invalid” when I tried to complete the purchase. Highly unusual, I’ve never encountered this doing an online purchase. When I called customer service the rep acted surprised that the web page did not have anywhere to submit all the credit card info but said I could provide the info over the phone – which I did. After that I received an email indicating for security purposes, I needed to go to my online credit card account and get a certain 5 digit code and provide that before Article would complete the transaction. I called my credit card company and they said the transaction went through but they “strongly advised” me not to provide the 5 digit code that Article requested to complete the purchase. I called back Article to tell them what my credit card company said, that I found this entire process very suspicious, and I saw no reason why they needed this 5 digit code for “security” purposes. The rep did not explain this but just kept repeating that they do this all the time when people order via the phone. This means they do this for all purchases, because the web site does not allow for submitting all the credit card info electronically. Bottom line this is really unusual, highly suspicious, and raises all sorts of red flag. So I chose not to provide this information, I cancelled the order, and requested a new credit card from my credit card provider. Buyer Beware!!
I have been looking for a place to share my experience with Article since their website seems to only show glowing reviews. We purchased a light gray Ceni chair. We love the style of it. It’s much more contemporary looking than what a lot of furniture stores carry. The problem was the quality of the fabric. I can PROMISE you that the fabric on that chair is nothing close to furniture grade fabric. We have 3 kids and have cleaned every kind of furniture with various cleaners and have never had a problem. Even furniture that wasn’t terribly expensive. We had a couple of small spots on the Ceni chair and we used cleaner on them. Interestingly, it wasn’t that the cleaner faded out the fabric, it was the simple act of rubbing against it that made the entire surface go completely fuzzy, making an ugly fuzz spot that couldn’t be corrected. As I said, NO CHANCE that fabric that can’t handle being rubbed is furniture grade. About a month after the year warranty ended, the zipper on the cushion split open and I called Article. They were kind enough to send a new cushion as a courtesy gesture and the chair looks better for now, but it’s only a matter of time till it gets rubbed again and the fabric gets ruined. Huge disappointment. The chair cost somewhere around $1,000 so it was also a huge waste of money.
materials. To remove, please use a steamer and gently steam the creases
Thank you. I wanted to know if the quality was decent enough for what I need but I can see it is not! Maybe good for staging or for living rooms that never get used. Poor quality furniture is a waste of money in the end. You’ll need to replace it too soon. Wait and buy good quality and from a company that stands behind their products. Restoration Hardware has proven to be excellent.
The cushions are very firm, which I’m assuming is a good sign that they’ll hold up over time. It is solid yet comfortable. I am very pleased that they worked with me on this. Kristina did an outstanding job at listening to my concerns and addressing them appropriately, though I will still warn that the Sven is NOT a good model. Save your money and time and find a different couch because like many others have stated, the Sven is not made to last. I’m just sincerely hoping that the Ceni is! I will be crushed if I have to contact Article again if this new couch starts to age poorly too.
I’d love to make a suggestion @Article. Take a few couches that seem to get the most complaints on regarding wear and do controlled test on each for 1-2 years.Couch 1. Family of 6 no animals. Couch 2. Family of 4 and a Cat. Couch 3. Couple with dogs. Post photos of how they have worn over the duration marking every 6 month point that way people can understand by visuals exactly what is means to own Velvet/Supple Leather furniture. They are meant to look broken in and while people say they understand the words you disclaim on the website, I honestly don’t think they do. You have beautiful designs and the quality is there so this might assist on helping people decide. You have color variations posted so this is similar but will strictly be for wear.
Griffster90… I for sure agree with you. I purchased my couch in January 2018…Donated it to Goodwill by June. It was a beautiful couch- ABSOLUTELY beautiful… but golly, the worse sitting couch ever created! I have since bought another couch from another store for way less than I paid to Article and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! NO complaints!
Hi sfbro1 – we certainly want you to love and be using your Sven. Feel free to drop us an email to with photos of the dent your describing and we’d be happy to look into this further for you.
Our website does absolutely allow for all reviews – including the one that you wrote a couple of days ago which is published on the Timber Oxford Tan Sofa product page.
• Ensure the feet are tightly fastened. Try not to drag them to avoid
Tani Modleski it is great that works for you.
Hi Tracey Strong , we apologize for the experience you have thus far surrounding the confusion on the timeline of your order. This is certainly not the experience we strive to create for our guest. The information provided to you today by our customer service team is correct – there was a delay in the order being shipped and at this point, the order will ship out on May 29th. Once the order has arrived on the ground our delivery team will reach out to find the best time to deliver your article to your home . Our customer care team is aware of this situation and will be following up with you via email. Again, we do apologize that your order experience thus far has not been the smoothest but we are working to get your articles to you as quickly as possible.
Hi Jil Shipman – To protect everyone’s health and safety during this time, our current shipping and delivery services have been adjusted and your return or exchange pick-up may be impacted as a result.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and to those who have taken the time to provide feedback, we’ll continue to listen and improve.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
More after the fact damage control, and created company shills, and Houzz company shills, and manufactured product assessments soon to follow ad nauseam. If they spent as much time creating good furniture as managing their social media presence, they wouldn’t have to manufacture their social media.
Your pictures aren’t clearly showing the issue with the chairs. They look fine in your picture
The delivery service was very communicative, sending several emails as my order made its way from purchase to delivery. The chair arrived quickly and the gentlemen who delivered it were kind, respectful of my home, and placed the chair in my living room for me. They were also on time.
Good information curkeekr, really helps understand how the sofa held up and where the weak points are. Hope Article helps you out!
Hi Denise and Tania Modleski – like any spill, it’s best to get them right away to avoid any marks. The water should absorb over time and the mark should fade, especially as the sofa is used more and more oils get absorbed into the leather.
Gary Allen , you are correct. We should not chastise someone for being honest about their experience. Although s/him did say “trust me” which makes me not trust them. 😉
lol The cushions should be not sagging and everyone is shocked that this ever happened again and again and again since the beginning of time
There are joy bird sofas, the Hughes, the Elliot, and the Briar that are similar in style. The Briar looks identical but does not come in leather IIRC. Hughes and Elliot both come in a nice tan leather color, but idk what it’s like in person. Both Hughes and Elliot cost @2400 in leather.
I shared a comment earlier of my correspondence with Article when trying to decide whether to get a Sven Charme or not. You can see my comment above, but to recap, I did not want a light tan sofa and was cautioned away from purchasing it by an Article rep. That said, we looked all over and couldn’t find a modern, affordable leather sofa we wanted anywhere else. While there were lots of poor reviews on quality of durability of the Sven, I could find almost no reviews of the Mello sectional online. So, I did end up taking a gamble and bought the Mello sectional almost a year ago now and I have been VERY happy with it! I wanted to come back to this thread to let people know if you’re looking for an affordable, modern sofa I would highly recommend the Mello over the Sven. It’s not as mid-century, but it looks great, the color is true to sample/website, and the leather and overall shape have held up very well. There are a few scratches on it now, but that is so be expected and adds to the patina. There is almost always someone sitting on the “L” section of the sofa and it gets daily use. The fabric has sagged just a little in that spot but it doesn’t look bad. I also think it’s very comfortable – with a caveat – the back is low by design, so if you sit upright on it the piping will hit you in the middle of your spine and it is uncomfortable. However, we bought some 12×12 throw pillows and sitting with those on your back takes care of the issue. I would encourage anyone interested in the Mello to take the plunge!
i bought my couch Emil before the company went through rebranding to be Article. I HATE my couch.
Hey Duncan, I see you said that the Timber sofas got new cushions and you all were offering remedies to those that have brought up issues in the past! That’s incredible and I’d really like to take advantage of this. I love my Timber with the exception of the cushions . I also had severe issues with piling/sagging and they were never resolved. Please let me know how we can work on this!
I ordered a Sven Chocolate Charme lounge chair and sofa. The sofa arrived in great shape. The lounge chair had sagged edging on the right outer armrest which Article admitted was defective. They sent another Sven Chocolate Charme lounge chair which was defective as they allege it was over braced in shipping and severely dented/loosened the leather on the left and right inner armrests. Article admitted this was defective as well. At this point, I no longer wanted to deal with the Sven line of products as I was having problems with them. To solve this I decided on an Alcott Chocolate Charme sofa and Nord Chocolat Charme lounge chair. In order to smooth things over, Article agreed to this exchange and to have the items delivered, set up, and the original items picked up when the new ones were delivered. The delivery came today but I had to plead with them to take the original items as they initially refused and they also refused to set up the new furniture. I was willing to overlook this but when I set up my new Alcott Chocolate Charme sofa there was a tear in the leather on the armrest. I will give Article an A for customer service but I must say I’m frustrated beyond belief at this point. Their quality control overseas is seemingly subpar. Their moving contractors are subpar. The new Nord Chocolat Charme lounge chair and Alcott Chocolate Charme sofa are very firm and comfortable. Exactly what I want as I prefer a firm sit. I also just want an undamaged product shipped to me. I want one order to come as it should be; namely in brand new condition and delivered and removed as promised. I have included photos. I hope Article will make this right as I do love the Alcott Chocolate Charme sofa minus the tear in the leather.
if you want quality buy your stuff something else. Their website looks good but products are shit.
@Kathy , the Joybird Braxton in fabric has a similar look with tufted back pillows. Those won’t collapse. sofas/braxton-sofa/
Hi gcostaki , I would love to know how much time had passed from the purchase of your Sven to when you noticed the discoloration and notifed customer service? I was told today by a manager that they and their fabric specialists have never in the past heard of an issue with the Sven fabric and I would love to share a second experience with them. Thank you so much for your time!
Second, the support structure of the couch is literally crumbling. On the top of the back rests you have your frame design much like a house with support beams and walls like you’d expect in a couch. Well the “walls” part of this couch crumble when you push in a little and fall into the cavity below. This is just from putting any amount of localized weight like a hand supporting ones body weight just from leaning against the back of the couch. I wish I could show you guys a picture but it’s covered by the velvet fabric. You can definitely feel the missing “wall part” after it crumbled in. This is very concerning from a couch as expensive as this.
I just discovered Article and am always happy to find a conversation on Houzz. Interesting sight, although not a large selection. But I can confidently say, no matter what the reputation, I would NEVER buy something to sit on without sitting on it first. Even if it lasts forever, if it is uncomfortable, it wouldn’t work. That goes for dining chairs as well. If a leg gets loose, it’s useless.
…the instructions were clear enough that a 5th grader could assemble it. Again, you are proving my point. Smh. This is my last comment on the matter.
I have an 8 year Macy’s couch in the basement that has held up after all these years and find this recommendation silly. Hiding behind warranty to coverup for shoddy workmanship does not do any good for a brand especially one that is trying to convince people to buy furniture online. I should have just stuck with Macy’s or just gone to Crate and Barrel or Room & Board instead.
i Have never had a worse couch! I purchased the Sven leather couch and within a year it has deflated. To the point that it hurts my back so much to sit on it.
It’s a very stylish couch, that’s really comfortable at first. They really do look nice in person, and seem to be built pretty solidly I really loved it.
Elle I had the same issue with the CIrrus. They exchanged it once and then the second one did the same thing. I ended up giving up, selling it used at a loss and them getting a sofa from a different company. Article is horrible.
Article , is this true and intentional? I cannot support a company that engages in such unethical practices.
Hi heathflynn – we definitely want to make sure your email gets replied to. Send us a private message with your email address and we’ll flag it with our team.
Update: they came and picked up the couch and gave me a full refund minus what I paid for shipping. Ended up being pretty easy after I wrote a review on their site.
Also why does their website only posts positive reviews when in reality there are a lot of unhappy customers out there!!
Update: heard back and it looks like I got the standard ‘get a fabric shaver and fluff’ response. As if I haven’t fluffed daily. They didn’t address the fading or why it would be lumpy . It strikes me as off that they consider a lot of piling on their sofas as normal and not mention it in their discriptions. It’s just frustrating. A five month old couch shouldn’t look ten years old. It really shouldn’t. Especially with normal use. The seat shouldn’t be sunken in and the pillows lumpy and it piling and faded. And the only solution being buy a fabric shaver .
Since your email, we have taken cautious measurements of the ottoman with our team and discovered the change in height. We’re very sorry about the incorrect information on our website, and will be making changes to our site to reflect the more accurate measurements.
I emailed Article asking what I could do to prolong the life of my couch, as I was concerned that the cushion foam wouldn’t last through the year. For a couch at this cost, you would expect a couch to last longer than a few months. The response I got was that it was normal for the cushion to sink, and that should be slouchy as if I had it for years. The design is “as intended”… I explained that I wasn’t concerned about how the couch looked, but more how it felt to sit in it. It went from being medium firm to very soft in the middle. It feels really flat when you sit on it. I was told regularly fluffing my cushion would fix my problem.
Hi reevesnick1983 – don’t worry about the tag being removed. If you’re wanting to set up an exchange, shoot us an email to and we’ll work on setting one up for you. In terms of velvet, we’ve found lint rollers to be our knight in shining armor.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
We’re sorry to hear your furniture isn’t in perfect condition. We want you to be happy with your Articles. A member of our team will follow up via email shortly.
I made the mistake of purchasing an Article Sven in ivory birch in October 2019. Even though I was not happy with it when it first arrived, I stupidly decided to keep it. That was partly because I didn’t realize I would have to pay $100 to return the couch if I didn’t want it. .
This thread began in July 2016. Since then we have delivered hundreds of thousands of products to well over 100,000 customers across the US and Canada. There are 640 posts in this discussion, from 234 unique people.
Will do. Hope there is a solution. 3 months use and I live by myself
Yes you can do your research but here is the simple answer. All companies have issues. All companies make mistakes. All companies have design, quality and delivery issues. Every single company I have looked at has bad reviews for multiple and varied reasons. We are talking about furniture built, sold, designed and delivered by people. Expectations on some of the problems from customers seems overly critical and very high. I, for one, am completely impressed by the Director of Marketing making the time to answer complaints and work to resolve issues. Yes the timing can’t always be as good as we want and our need for instant satisfaction can’t always be satisfied but it seems to me this company goes above and beyond to make every customer as happy as possible. I will be purchasing from Article.
Chirigos Designs , how do you consider Article affordable furniture? They sell couches for $3000. That is high end. A family shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars and break the bank to buy a couch they enjoy and can use for years. They just need to step up their quality game.
Article did nothing and recommended that I fluff my cushion and apply conditioner.
HI Bo , yes, we are accepting returns. They are executed a little differently than they would be outside of a pandemic — we need you to repackage and bring the item to your door for pickup so our team doesn’t have to go inside your residence — but otherwise returns are fully operational. Full details here: s
Here is a photo of my Sven from when I was decorating my main floor, Imstill not done . Anyways, I’ve had great luck with all my pieces and the service.
I used to just bring them a picture of a sofa I found in a magazine, and they would replicate it, so I’m sure they can still do that with this style as well. I looked on their profile and this is the closest style I can see, but again, they can basically copy any picture.
I recently got a reply from customer service at Article, who want to see photos of my Sven love seat before posting my very honest review of the product: In the interim, I figure, the best way for people to have an unbiased view of the product is to see what it actually looks like for themselves, so when I send the the photos to Article, I will post these same photos on Houzz as well. This way, people can see what this sofa actually looks like after one year of use, in this two-adult, kid-free, and pet-free household. Purely visual, and entirely unbiased: Will let the pics speak for themselves, so folks can make up their own minds before purchasing. N.B., Don’t think pics of furniture can or will be flagged as inappropriate…At least, I hope not! 😉
We are on our second Sven sofa due to the breakdown of cushions on the first. The second sofa delivered has turned out to be worse than the first. Customer service has been ok, but the second Sven sofa after maybe six months has divets in the bottom cushion that we are actually hitting the wood frame. The one piece seat cushion doesn’t even reach end to end and it came like that. Totally unacceptable and very frustrating.
As frustrated as I have been with my order I too will readily admit that Article has excellent customer service.
Thanks for flagging the account, Article. We’ll most likely keep the two dining chairs, since they are pretty sturdy and attractive even though it will take some extra assembly to nail/glue down the chair. I’ve sat with the idea of keeping the Sven leather chair and just can’t justify that price for something that will most likely be stained from jeans after only a year. Pretty bummed about it, too, as everyone in the family finds it really comfortable.
@neha -you have 30 days to return. Do it!! You’ll regret it if you don!
Please get in touch with us by sending an email “re: Houzz Review” in the subject line along with your order number and the above photo to . Otherwise, you can call us directly by phone at 1-888-746-3455. We would love the opportunity to make this right for you.
1600 dollars for a sofa may not be on the upper end, but it is definitely in the middle range, and a 1600 dollar purchase should look nice longer than two months.
I am genuinely sorry to hear about your experience. We take it to heart when a member of the Article community doesn’t feel they were well cared for.
I decided to check on this thread a year later to see if I should re-consider Article again, as my house is closing soon. Looks like the same old story. Poor 3rd party delivery service. The chrome tan situation is hilarious. The picture they have on their website and the 5 different customers who have issues are clearly different. They should either update their website to avoid misleading customers, or perhaps they’re doing it on purpose as the website photo is obviously a nicer shade and patina of leather than what people are getting. Lastly, there’s this Bryan Lip guy who keeps posting 10 photos of his same living room. Looks very obvious he’s been paid or sponsored by Article to keep posting photos. Deformed pillows, sagging, poor delivery service, wrong colour on the Chrome Tan are enough reasons to stay away from this company
And when we finally received bookcases after 2 months of waiting, we found that one of them had peeled wood finishing on the top shelf and one of them had a leaning unlevel frame. They admitted the first one being defective and they would send me a replacement shelf but they said unlevel frames are within their standard, they couldn’t do anything. They even sent me photos of what they have displayed in their office. Of course I wasn’t expecting them to be precisely parallel but at least it shouldn’t have a significant uneven gap in between shelves. Also note that our floor is level so it’s not the problem of the floor. We paid $503 each bookcase on sale and we expected better quality for the money. I requested to inspect the frame for a exchange but because the unlevel frames are not considered a defect to them, they weren’t willing to inspect it and there was still a chance we would face the same problem. At that point, we couldn’t take the risk anymore so we returned all 3 of them together.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
One month later, it collapsed on us. I hurt my ankle on the right edge where it fell on me . Completely dangerous! We don’t even exceed 350lbs!
@Michele Zug Thats exactly what I did. I put a standard size pillow into each back cushion. It was a decent solution for the back cushions, but the wear on the seat cushions was still unacceptable And there was no similar hack/ fix.
“Unfortunately, due to the fact that these products travel all the way to your home from our factory in Asia, occasionally some minor imperfections will occur so I don’t foresee a new stool arriving to you in a condition you’ll be happy with. I also cannot get approval from my QA Team to replace this piece again.”
Hi Mar – First off, I’d like to apologize for the table and chairs not meeting your expectations.
I’m so happy I came across this thread! I’m curious if anyone has had a similar experience as I have. A little less then a month ago I received my new Sitka sofa . Once I unpacked everything I immediately noticed stains on one of the seat cushions. Furthermore one of the back cushions was a different shade of gray then the rest of the sofa .
Hi jtgraceffa – we’re sorry to hear that putting your new articles together caused such a headache. We’re currently overhauling all our assembly instructions to make sure they’re clear, so feedback like this is good. Feel free to reach out to or give us a call at 1-888-746-3455 and we can help work on the issue with your table.
You mentioned above that you’re increasing the density of the seat back cushions — great to hear. For a similar sofa issue, we purchased $2 pillows from Ikea and stuffed the seatback cushions and they had new life .
I also have their Ceres gray chairs in my dining room- love them, super comfortable, strong fabric, level “solid” legs and base, also a number of their accessories- velvet pillows, gold bowl, etc., and I just placed an order today for additional items.
I immediately contacted customer support regarding both issues. I must give Article credit because their customer service team has been very pleasant to work with. They had me upload pictures of everything and got back to me a few days later. They immediately noticed the stains and are replacing the bottom cushion cover, but unfortunately it has to be special ordered and will take 3-5 months. Fortunately they had the back cover in stock. This is where everything gets wonky. I received the new back cover which was a totally different shade of gray than the entire couch! I contacted customer service again and they acknowledged this sort of thing “never happens” and offered to give me a $225 store credit and I’m basically stuck with the mismatched cushion. I am now paying $30 to get another back cushion which will take 3-5 months. While all this has been happening I’m noticing the same cushion that arrived stained is breaking down and going flat much quicker than the other.
We’ve insisted on a refund because, even though we have other Article products that we’ve had zero problems with, the safety hazard this poses is too great of a risk for our young family. So far Article has offered to refund part of the sofa or to replace it with another sofa that they promise this won’t happen again with, but clearly that promise isn’t something I can weigh higher than my kids safety. My wife has said as much in her communications with them and we’re waiting to see the outcome.
@curkeekr… I have a Sven sectional. My solution for the back cushions losing shape was slipping a standard sized pillow in each of the three back cushions. They fit perfectly, and it helped with comfort.
Hi Weiling Chen – we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. We try to make the care needs for down cushions clear from the start, and it sounds like we missed the mark with you, which is something we’ll note with our team. We’ll also be passing along your design feedback about the button tufting.
There is also the Inga from poly and bark but I have NO idea if they are a good company or if their products are nice
This review is related to the overall HORRENDOUS experience I’ve had with Article and their third party shipping company, Rider Last Mile, after attempting to purchase one of their sofas May 27.
The chair itself is exactly as pictured — the most important thing — and I really like it. The quality is completely satisfactory for the price point and it looks great in my living room. I know it’s just a chair but because I was buying it online, I really took my time considering what to buy and from where. It was a pleasant relief to be fully happy with my purchase.
Hi Jovan Jackson – we provide fabric swatches for all of our fabrics. Therefore, you just need to let us know which fabrics you would like, your email address, and shipping address – these swatches will then be shipped to your home. You can return any items within the first 30 days with no questions asked . We will replace or repair any products with defects in material or workmanship one year from the date the article is shipped under our warranty policy.
Are there modular alternatives someone can recommend?
@Julie Hamner, our team will be in touch with you to pick up the conversation where we last left off to find a more permanent solution for you.
Thanks @gwc1973 and also @Gary Allen for your tips. I am going after Article for its design, primarily the pop of color. Not expecting it to last forever as my other pricier furniture from R&B, RH, C&B, etc., I am prepared to change it off after 4~5 years. However I am definitely not expecting to see the fabric tear within 2 weeks of the delivery, 1 week of actual use as my whole fam is out for vacation for a full week. I have an Ikea top grain leather sofa for 10 years now, paid for less than $1k I remember. With my 2&4 year olds jumping up and down it everyday for the past few years, still holding up very well. Just don’t understand with all the social media buzz, how the actual quality can be so unreliable.
Secondly, the surface of the leather is already fading away to a whitish tone. It’s only been 11 days of use for this sofa and chair and I can’t imagine how it will look in a years time. Again this is nothing like the swatch we received.
We do have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy , just in case you receive a sofa that you don’t absolutely love for whatever reason – we are happy to set up a return or exchange within that 30-day period. We also have a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all of our products, which covers defects in workmanship and materials. That being said, your sofa is not defective or a “lemon” – it appears to be aging normally as our Sven sofas would, especially if it’s been regularly used for a year and not properly maintained throughout that time.
@Avery RAO Back before I finally gave up on Article and threw the sofa in the garbage I almost got the Timber. Then I saw pictures online that customers posted, and it looked like yours. There really is no solution except to get your money back.
The reason there is fabric on fabric on the back and seat cushions is because it’s a fabric designed to work together to reduce slippage and help the cushions stay in place, meaning that leather and fabric wouldn’t have the same effect. We hope that helps clear things up a little.
Hey Griffster! So I actually ordered a sectional from Rowe that was delivered last month! Sofa seems decent so far, some of the cushions have questionable stitching but I like it so far. Took forever for delivery though. I’m also in VA so felt kind of good getting something “local”.
It appears as though some quick research may have saved me a lot of money. I appreciate everyone’s honest insight!
If you want something worth reupholstering, but that wont need it for 20 years, you go buy real furniture. Names that have been around for generations. Like Hancock and Moore. Or vintage Kroehler, Century, Hickory, etc. That is worth the investment . Throwaway stuff that won’t even wear for a year is not worth spending $5.98.
The only reason a review is not published is if it includes one or more of these types of content. If your review did include one of these types of content and you would like to update it so that it does meet our guidelines, you can do so at any time by logging into your Article account (
Do your self a favor an order your couch from someone else.
I was looking at their sofas for my daughter. Then I read this thread. Then I looked at their Houzz reviews. I don’t understand how they can have such a good rating with so many unhappy people. Did every unhappy person on here not follow through with writing a review here? Why all of the gripes here, but not in the reviews? One or the other doesn’t line up!
Danielle. High end is relative to what is important to you and your family. $3000 is not considered high end in the industry for a standard 90″ sofa. It is very much mid-range. As far as your comment on breaking the bank for a family, not if this sofa will last 20 years every day that the entire family sits on. I look at furniture and homes differently. If anything should be quality, it is what we put in our homes because this is where the most important things happen with the most important people. Quality – let’s discuss this. The cost of materials alone has increased over the past 10 years. The cost of companies to hire employees with a good work ethic and great craftsmanship has increased. As a business person, as a designer, as a mom, I always recommend if someone can invest in a high-quality sofa, do it. Then, we can save money by purchasing vintage side tables from a resale store! Things made in the mid-century and earlier were much better quality than the Asian exports we have in so many stores. Article I am sure needs to step up their quality but comparing to PB, West Elm, CB2… their sofa’s are the same price and their quality is just about the same. They will last a few years. So, we need to educate ourselves about reality.
The replacement cushions are just as bad. Better to do what was suggested somewhere else: buy some dense pillows and replace the inserts yourself.
We’ve been pretty happy with the Ceni sofa we bought in April 2020 until it started squeaking loudly in August. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It doesn’t seem to be the legs but the wooden platform itself.
We understand what it feels like when a product or service doesn’t live up to your expectations. It can be incredibly frustrating. If for any reason your Article products don’t live up to your expectations, our entire team is committed to working with you to solve that issue. Part of what makes shopping with us different is that we have a team of real people sitting in our head office in Vancouver, BC that are eager to help you and are just a phone call, email, or chat away .
We bought the Sven Cascadia Blue Left Sectional. We have owned it for a year now, and I am confident in leaving this review. The couch looks really cool, but within a couple months we really started to notice some major flaws with it.
Let us know if you have any other questions!
A sag is obviously subjective, but most would be able to see some of the deformity in my picture on the left hand side. This was very surprising as I barely used this sofa until a week ago to lounge and work approx 4-5hrs a day in that seat, and now it feels completely different relative to the other 2 seats. Fluffing it has not helped at all and I’m not sure it really would since it’s foam…
So, Article is accepting returns on any order placed during august 2020 and on? I have a order in my cart but a little nervous now. Especially since it’s a sofa two chairs bar stools a rug and $5000.00. We are excited about getting this for our house
Don’t hesitate to reach back out if you have any further questions.
Fabric wear and durability is generally not a problem provided you follow our care instructions. With the velvet in particular you want to ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources, and you should avoid spilling things on the sofa. Of course accidents sometimes happen, and in that event you should clean according to the instructions provided .
Since I last sent the email to ask a return all three of stools yesterday, I have found even worse problems with the Sven sofa and chair.
As for my issue, I got a reply from a customer service rep, who only offered to replace the back pillows with pillows that are “about 20% fuller” article outdoor furniture review , and suggested “several sessions of vigorous fluffing” for the seat cushion. Although I explained that they can – and should – do better, I have zero expectation at this point: Rather than answering my question , customer service decided to stick to the script, reiterating that the sofa is meant to “sink into”, thus requires regular fluffing…No responsibility taken for the fact they are selling poor quality goods at a premium price. Bottom line in my case, lesson learned…Buyer beware…
Has anyone ordered the cigar rawhide sofa? I was thisclose to ordering until i found this thread
I guess my point is, there are a lot of ways to get what you want, and there are a lot of decisions that you make in your life. Article provides good cheap couches, they aren’t great, they have their flaws but they have good customer service, very good prices, fast delivery, they have great designs and for a couple hundred dollars you can upgrade the foam WAY over what you can buy in other similarly priced couches. Do you have to buy from Article, no… if you see something you like should you shy away? No… not if you follow a few simple rules…
I hope that helps a bit, and if you have any further questions, I’d be happy to assist.
Thanks, Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
I bought the Sven in chocolate leather 3 years ago after debating for MONTHS on the right couch to get. It’s a big investment for us and I wanted to make sure it was just right. It seemed to fit the bill – nice size, shape, and best of all leather which would stand up to our very furry german Shepherd. I would say that overall, the pillows and cushions have held up well. For the price, I was expecting a little more comfort but it is alright. However, something very important that you should consider is the type leather. I was initially drawn to the beautiful antique look of their full aniline leather but had never had a full aniline sofa. Now, two years later, I can say I officially HATE the feeling of it. The “buttery” leather that’s advertised actually feels sorta sticky, gummy, and dirty. I can’t ever feel comfortable on the couch. It’s not a clean crisp feeling you’d get on a finished leather. I absolutely hate it and wish that we had gotten a finished leather but unfortunately we’re stuck at this point.
At this point I’m pretty sure the leather was never going to be OK because it was so dry when it arrived at our house. It’s time to treat it again, as I noticed the back of the sofa is getting the gray sheen, but with the hole in the cushion I’m sure I will accidentally get some inside on the foam.
I’m a bit disappointed with my purchase experience so far. Ordered our sofa 5/14 with an estimated delivery date of 5/22 – 5/29. Was notified that it shipped 5/17. I reached out to customer service on 5/17 to see if they could give me an idea of when it might be delivered since I had some business travel scheduled, and was told it would be delivered to me in a day or so. Days passed, and no one reached out. I checked delivery status on 5/22 – and now the status was back in Processing! reached out to Customer service again, this time via chat, and was told that there was a slight delay and that it had shipped. When I told this agent that someone else had informed me that I should have had it by now, she said she would look into it and get back to me. Then never did. Reached out via chat again today, and now the agent told me that my couch has not shipped, and now probably won’t ship until the 29th. In anticipation, and based on the original information, I have already sold my existing couches. I don’t know who or what to believe now.
I wish I never did an exchange and just got my money back. You should deny the charges on your credit card and also file a complaint with the better business bureau.
Many companies filter reviews and will remove any negative ones – West Elm used to do this before removing reviews all together. From glancing at their site it looks like this is what is happening or people are reviewing as soon as they receive the sofa so they aren’t indicative of the longevity.
We have had the Sven sofa and pair of chairs for little over two years now . I had high expectations but guess you get what you pay for. The leather seems to be doing okay but the sofa and chair frames are no longer square and as a result the arms are now showing a slight angle just enough to be annoying. When I wrote the customer service about this issue I got this reply:
I hate to be a hater, and I’m glad that some concerns are taken into consideration. It’s just sad this kind of quality control didn’t kick in until hundreds or thousands of customers received sub-par products. Good for future customers I guess, so I’ll look forward to the reviews now that the product has been improved so much. Not holding my breath though.
@Article your customer care manager Tony is fantastic and was very sympathetic. &He oddly sounds like Barack Obama. Actually your entire customer service staff is pretty great.
Hi jessicajkimbrell – we’re sorry to hear the assembly has been such a struggle. We flagged your order with our team, so once you contact us they’ll be aware of the issues you’re experiencing and we can begin working on a solution.
I was planning on ordering the Seno extendable table and Sede chairs, I just discovered this thread and am concerned about the quality , I certainly don’t want anyone collapsing in a chair. Has anyone ordered the Seno table or the Sede chairs, if so what is your experience. If someone from Article would please let me know the max weight limit for the Sede chairs.
Hello all. For those of you who haven’t yet posted your reviews on the Article site, please do so…Even though posting the review is not a simple one-step process…even though – once published – one has to click on the specific color of the love seat in order to see the review…even though they are not listed in order of recency…and even though it doesn’t really make a difference ratings-wise , at least you get to tell your story, with the hope that someone will read it, and think twice before purchasing. I don’t know about you, but when I purchased my Article love seat last June/July, it was due to the “sexy” photos on their website, and the wonderful reviews. Shortly after receiving my product, I started to feel embarrassed about the amount of money my spouse and I had spent on what we ultimately saw and felt was a poor-quality item. I started thinking, “it can’t just be us who have had this bad experience?…or can it?…”
gwc1973, Thanks for your comments. Which other company did you get sofa from? I was also researching on other options now..
Marian , you’re the new Bryan Lip of this thread. Congratulations.
Overall, the purchase experience was good, there were plenty of pictures and they accurately reflected the couch. The delivery was quick and efficient. The packaging wasn’t great as it was missing the instructions for assembly of the legs. But the worst part was and remains a cushion which is damaged. I believe it wasn’t cut right but the customer service says it is compressed. Well sadly, whether compressed or cut wrong, after a week the problem persists. This needs to be fixed or I will be returning the couch. It is clear from this thread that quality remains an ongoing issue, and I’m not going to keep something that I am not completely happy with.
Can anyone tell me if the Sven 72” leather couch has reversible cushions ?
If there are likely to be children or pets around your new sofa, velvet may not be the safest choice – depending how well behaved they are of course! We would typically recommend considering leather or fabric options as they are a little more forgiving when it comes to spills, or interaction with sharp or sticky objects.
After months of shopping around, we took the plunge and purchased the Sven Charme Tan sectional earlier this week. I found this thread after placing the order, and now I’m concerned. My current leather sofa is 12 years old, and still looks great but we need a style change. I’m still waiting to hear a delivery date, but I will report back. If we like the sofa, our plan was to replace our accent chairs and coffee table next.
Thank you Article for taking care of my small problem. Really appreciate it. The quality of the ottoman is very nice. Kerri
Hi KABEN – Feel free to also check out customer reviews about the Soma here: soma-dawn-gray-sofa-bed
We are about to buy the Timber Blue Spruce but am worried about the quality of fabric. Some have reported pilling in some of the sofas and the fabric being delicate. i am wondering if those issues have been resolved? Also,can the cushions be flipped?
Hi Weiling Chen – feel free to reach out to us at with photos of the issue and we can take a look.
“By placing the onus on the consumer , by feigning ignorance about the fact that you are selling low-quality merchandise at a premium price, thereby misleading consumers , and by offering a pittance to a justifiably dissatisfied consumer , it is obvious that there is no possibility of resolution at this level.”
@Article There is a label under each item that identifies exactly what item it is. Stop the BS.
quality of the room. Velvet is a beautiful fabric and requires a little special
Hi all – I came across this very lengthy thread while considering a recent furniture purchase from Article. I will admit, these reviews made me reluctant to make the purchase. However, I had a flawless experience with Article and I felt it was important to share that here. I purchased the Mod Blue Berry chair and while it was only $299 , I couldn’t be happier.
I appreciate the kind words, but lack of information was a complaint made more than a year ago and it still seems to be an issue. You really need an automated updating system, or at least an order status page that customers can check from time to time.
My total investment in this couch is $1250 USD plus taxes… go find me a couch for that price with this level of foam and high end styling… you will not find it.
There are quite a few Sofa’s on Wayfair in the $700 range that look similar to Article furniture. Someone people might feel better if a sofa is not “perfect” if the price point is a few hundred below $1000.
Also, although the price is considerably less than another sectional that we considered, it ain’t cheap! I’m curious about the people who make comments about getting what you pay for. For around 4k, I fully expect a quality sofa. Again, I will update.
I added a pillow in each of mine. Easy fix.
A lot of people don’t know this but you can actually go to the Chinese websites and buy the furniture in bulk.
Hi James Amenta – we can see on your order that your refund was issued on June 1, 2017, with a receipt sent to your email. Feel free to reach out to us at if you need more clarification with this.
I’ve had the Sven Charme tan for over a year, and it has held up pretty well, maybe a slight sag in the middle as we use it more for lying on than sitting. But we use it a LOT, both for working and for watching TV at night. Water spills CAN be gotten out, but it’s best to get them right away. Just blot with a clean cloth. Don’t wipe. Blot blot blot until it’s almost disappeared, then it’ll be gone. I have also spilled coffee on it. Each time I scream, then we run for a cloth, wet it , apply to spill, rub lightly, and then blot blot blot. Each time the stain has disappeared. If you don’t notice that you’ve spilled something like coffee, though, you’re out of luck. I think I won’t buy aniline leather again because I worry about other people who are, say, house sitting or who are guests spilling something. I worry about what would happen if I have a party. I actually have, by the way, contacted a leather cleaning company and they say there is no way to get set stains out of aniline leather, so it’s not something that’s an “easy in-house fix” for anyone selling this type of leather, nor is it a fix remedied by professional leather cleaners. Article should know this instead of referring customers to these cleaners. And Article should, I agree, drop the “patina narrative” at least as regards stains. Scratches are something else, and I don’t mind them though I try to avoid them. That said, I love the couch and intend to enjoy it myself for however long it lasts.
In the end, the sofa and loveseat will go in the basement entertainment room where the lighting is low and we can just throw a couple hundred accent pillows on them to hide their sad, droopy cushions.
@Article thank you, I’ve emailed your service team this afternoon and eagerly await rectifying this situation.
Hi Mark DeVries – as mentioned in response to your first comment, we’d be happy to look into the issue for you. Just drop us an email to , or send us a private message on Houzz with your order number.
Laura – who is usually the other voice of Article in this discussion – and I will continue to participate here on Houzz. As a company we’ll continue to listen, and continue to improve. Thanks again for shopping with us and providing your feedback.
Yes, to update they did eventually post my review, it just took a while. However, they didn’t resolve the issue at all. I reached out because of extreme pilling, fabric stretching and the cushions sinking in completely. article said that they “don’t consider these defects” but then offered me $200, which kind of just felt like them trying to get me off their backs. If they actually wanted to make amends they would let me return the couch- or provide a new one. So for anyone still debating- please just don’t do it! It’s not worth the hassle. Go for a more reputable brand instead
@Krissy Kirlin, we’re glad you were able to get in touch with us to coordinate a replacement sofa.
Sofa, as advertised on the Article website…You be the judge…
We have had our Sven Charme leather sofa just over a year and I would not recommend buying from Article. They did replace the back cushions because they were collapsing but the entire bottom cushion is sunken in the middle as well and it has not held up to use. We took a chance purchasing this sofa and are regretting the decision to not save awhile longer and get the one from Room and Board that we wanted. It is a Target quality sofa in nicer packaging at a higher price but the comparison to higher quality furniture is unfair IMO. I have nicer quality furniture to and this is nowhere near the same quality. It’s frustrating because a lot of online only companies have great products – this just isn’t one of them.
compare this to what you see on the website…
after spending hours and hours online researching couches I’m so frustrated!!! I absolutely LOVE the Sven velvet sectional form Article but after reading reviews i am reluctant to purchase ad spend that kind of money , only to have it be a waste, I have been trying o fond a similar couch and cant seem to. Does anyone know a better quality couch like the SVEN from Article? One that will last? I was looking at Rove and KAVUUS And their reviews concern me too!
We are now just really bummed. And it feels really icky sitting on this couch. the fading, the peeling, the lumps – honestly, despite cleaning, it just feels dirty.
Let us know if there is anything else we can help out with!
We ordered the Article Conan dining table and the Conan dining Bench. The table was pretty easy to assemble, but the table does not fit tight to the legs — so there’s a slight wobble. We took it apart, put it back together, reread the assembly instructions, and…still a wobble. It seems like a manufacturing defect to us.
Looking forward to hearing what you think. If for any reason you aren’t delighted, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our amazing customer service team – they’d be happy to help.
Unfortunately Alex is not in the office today. I’m confident that it was not Alex’s intention to avoid responsibility. I am sorry that is the impression that we created. In addition to providing a full refund and collecting the damaged sofa, we have updated the assembly instructions to be much clearer based in part on your feedback.
We’ve only just received our order this evening and I am about to lose my mind trying to assemble the second of two Zola dining chairs. They both take a fair amount of time to assemble , and one of the legs is shorter than the others, causing it to wobble without the use of a pad to offset it. Normally, this wouldn’t be too big of an issue, except that the entire seat cushion will not attach, no matter how far I adjust it on the frame. The screws simply will not adhere to anything and it pops right back off when pulled upon.
Hi backtonicole91 – As mentioned in our email correspondence we are happy to offer you a full store credit for the cost of your sofa to put towards a new one. We absolutely want to keep the conversation going until you are happy with the outcome. Our Customer Service Supervisor is reaching out now over the phone to discuss with with you directly.
Customer here and just wanted to add that although I’m not sure how deflated your cushions are, we have a leather couch from another retailer with down cushions that needs constantly fluffing. They do have a B&M store and I asked their sales people and was told the couches in store are fluffed every time someone tries the couch and leaves. I think if you don’t want to do this, you would need another style of couch.
In all fairness to the company, however, I did send them the following pics of our sofa a couple of days ago, along with one simple query: “…Might we have received a “lemon”, or is this simply the way this sofa is supposed to look one year after purchase?” . Thus far, we have not received a reply…
I will echo what gwc1973 said. You guys offered me a new sofa which is nice but why would I want another sofa that isn’t going to hold up? I would have much preferred to have money back. I ultimately turned down the sofa because I refuse to use another sofa for a year then throw it out. It’s so wasteful. If you can’t sell quality products at this price point then raise the price and source better materials.
Hi banjocharlie – We certainly hear your concerns, and know that if you ever had any issues arise , we’d be here to dig into the issue and work on a resolution.
I purchased and received the Sven sofa in charme tan & mahogany earlier this month. I STRONGLY warn and DO NOT recommend going forward with any Article purchase unless you are expecting low quality and vastly different appearance/color than advertised online. Ahead of receiving I read all the online reviews regarding this particular color variation, yet decided to give it a shot anyways. Maybe I’d luck out? While I was expecting the burnt orange caramel/tan color shown in every single picture on its website… I received the stale tan/creme color most people have commented/pictured in their reviews. I even called previous to receiving to see if they could assure I get a darker color but was told there was absolutely no way to hand select sofa’s from the warehouse . Their return policy is indeed quite lax, if you’re willing to keep the enormous box it comes in and pay the fees to return the sofa and have another shipped back to you. While I was immediately dissatisfied with the color, I decided to keep for a few weeks in case it grew on me. What shocked me most, however, was the QUALITY of the leather itself. The leather is so absolutely cheap it’s shocking. There is so much damage in cracking and small tears across the entire sofa that it competes with a fake leather couch found in a consignment store. Again, not even close to the photos represented online. I called to complain of course, sent in numerous photos with great detail/explanation… only to receive a short standardized response suggesting a leather cleaner, otherwise a blatant product endorsement. Nothing else… In the end I decided to keep the couch just because returning/replacing/finding a new sofa was more hassle than putting up with this one. But rest assured, I will never be purchasing from Article in the future— and I suggest if you’re in doubt not to either.
2nd Complaint: The couch cushion covers are dry clean only. That’s fine for the seat cushions but the Back cushions had tufting and the buttons were sewn on without any button holes to slip off the cover. I asked this question to customer service as it seemed like a poor design flaw. All they could say was I had to get a professional couch cleaning service to come in my home and have it cleaned that way. Are you serious ? I paid around $1000 for this couch. Who had the time and money to get a professional couch cleaner into my home every on a quarterly basis!!?!
Has anyone out there experienced something similar?? I love the sofa, but this situation is ridiculous given the price.
Hi, I am interested in getting the Volu Sofa, does anyone who has this couch have any feedback on it?
I will 100% be purchasing from Article based on these reviews alone!
Again, I hope the couch works out for me as well. 🙂
If there’s another resolution that you’d prefer to discuss, please do let me know, as I’d be happy to look into that for you.
Don’t purchase a sofa from here. Although they look nice, they are not made to last. Sadly, the quality is poor. I have included a photo of my SVEN sofa after 8 months- keep in mind only my husband and I live in our household! When I emailed in for support they said I should purchase a fabric shaver to fix it. I had actually already used a fabric shaver, but the sofa still looked terrible. For thousands of dollars I would expect better quality and better customer service.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Hi WENDY Poo II – at the time of your purchase there were no reviews on the Kits sofa because it was so new. You’re probably one of the first few customers. We want to make sure your love for it continues, so please feel free to send us an email to with photos of the sinking issue and we’ll look into it for you.
I should state this: all three of my reviews are online now, . other pros include the ordering, delivery and returns were easy and the mod armchair i got is really nice. BUT..
i think Danielle is right that you shouldn’t pay $3000 for something that’s basically ikea quality but pretends to be something better through flashy pictures and mega social media campaigning. if you’re looking for something affordable you might as well go to ikea then… spend less and lasts about the same.
I gave Article a chance with an order for a Conan dining table and 4 Feast chairs. Unfortunately, the delivery date has started moving out. Since I don’t have a existing dining set, it is difficult to wait 2.5 months for delivery. The CS team offered many apologies, but had no real solutions. I just endured a 3 month series of delays with another online retailer, so I am seriously considering cutting my losses and cancelling the order. It is obvious that Article have more than enough customers to sustain their business without me.
A few months after purchase, I adjusted my weight from one side to the other, and I heard a cracking sound in the right arm of the chair. I dismissed it as an anomaly, but it’s happened a few more times since and I started getting worried about the long term durability of the piece.
We do follow up with people who raise issues or rate their experience poorly to try and fix any issues they raise, but we do not remove or edit their product reviews.
I am beyond annoyed for everyone in this thread . Article sells a load of crap and people are left with horrible quality furniture that’s falling apart. I’ve overall been happy with my purchases from online only companies but people need to steer clear of Article. This is a mess.
Hi Jason Bryant – We hope the sofa ends up working for you. If not, like you mentioned, we’re happy to help set up a return.
If companies want to sell furniture online to customers, sight unseen, the process has got to be flawless. The customer service must be impeccable. We need to buy a new bed frame but we will never order online again.
I wish I read these comments before making my decision to spend over $7000 from Article. We just moved to a new home 2 weeks ago so we needed new furniture.
@ramseypaige, if they will refund you take it and run. This is what happened to my sofa and they would only send a new cushion
As of right now, only a week in on the Timber couch my wife and I like it, it feels comfortable, but we are very concerned about the cushions standing up over time.
Thank you for your reviews!! I was considering buying an entire bedroom set from Article – looks so beautiful in the pictures. but now i need to think about it and do a little more research. I would think dressers and headboards might be safe enough, but maybe stay away from sofas.
Unfortunately most of the examples of imitation/copied product we have come across use significantly lower quality materials and have typically also cut corners when it comes to construction.
Hi ramseypaige – You shouldn’t be having issues like that with your sofa. If you haven’t already, please reach out to us at with photos of the issues so we can take a deeper look into this with you.
I purchase the Emil Sofa in gravel grey about 1.5 years ago and within this time I’ve contacted Article’s customer service department a couple of times. Both times I felt the response was unsatisfactory with no effort to resolve the customers complaint of a product.
Hi Liminal Collective Design – we want to keep your love for Article and your sofa going. Feel free to reach out to us at with additional photos of the issues you’re experiencing and we’ll look into it.
Article Bryght Furniture article outdoor furniture review Reviews
Article Bryght Furniture article outdoor furniture review Reviews
I have the exact same couch and exact same quality issues. While the customer service at Article is good, their solution was to get replacement cushions for the couch but when I asked if anything had changed with the manufacturing, the answer was no. So I’d be getting the exact same, poor quality cushions which would be in the same pitiful state in 2 months. It’s just a very poor quality piece of furniture and is a total waste of money.
Thank you for the reply. I’m glad to see that you are working to improve the system and that you are so responsive to feedback.
As for the furniture: The value for money seems fair. From what I can tell from the market, you’re getting average quality for cost. We definitely noticed what most people on this forum are complaining about, which is that the leather is lighter than pictured on the website. This led us to choosing something that looked darker on the site than what we wanted, but it showed up pretty on point to what we were looking for. The couch is comfortable, but the cushions have fallen pretty flat already and look super slouchy when no one is sitting on them, which is definitely a bit of a bummer.
So, article customer service is amazing. I really want to get that across. They were understanding of my frustrations and trying to help find a solution. It ended up being counted as “this usually doesn’t happen and we are happy to exchange” situation. I exchanged for the Timber sectional. Loved the wood bottom. And the fact that I wouldn’t be without a couch with my twin toddlers. I did pay the difference .
I also noticed that there are only 2 wooden beams underneath the couch to support the cushion. I would think for a couch that has a single cushion, you would want more slats to give it more support. I really think they went cheap with that aspect.
Hi aayan_das1980 – we can see in your order that your issue was resolved with our team.
After all that waiting, I was disappointed to discover that both pieces of furniture were defective. The Ceni Armchair’s feet were cracked. The Madera tabletop had a screw protruding from its surface. Part of the tabletop was also splintered.
On the whole, the furniture and experience seems pretty comparable to places like west elm. We purchased the dark brown leather Sven after sitting on most of their sofas at a NYC pop-up.
As mentioned above, product reviews are a relatively new feature for us, so if any previous customers would like to go back and add their review of product you by logging in to your account on our site.
I’ve been searching for a new sofa – The designs at Article fit my aesthetic My current sofa that is of the same mid century style, of quality and has held up very well but it’s time for a change. I paid $1500 – 20 years ago. Frankly, i also thought their prices were fair and at my price point these days. Article’s website is branded nicely, current and the photography evokes a sense of quality – but clearly NOT. After reading these reviews and the issues everyone has had and what my concerns would be – quality of construction, quality of fabric, cushions holding their shape, standing the test of time and customer service. With all this said, I’m glad i came upon these reviews as I now know I MUST SHOP ELSEWHERE! Thanks to all who have shared their experiences. Lastly, I find it unfortunate that companies like Article don’t stand behind their product and lack honesty, integrity – something we could all use more of these days. I’m also an Interior Architect/Designer who would have promoted their business /product if I hadn’t read these reviews.
If for some reason we have not been in contact with you please feel free to message us with your order number and/or contact details. We want to resolve any concerns you might have.
gcostaki , thanks for flagging that content on Alibaba.
We had sent a reply to your enquiry asking for some photos so we can come up with a solution. As soon as we get those we will get to work on it.
Wow, gotta say I’m impressed with the subsequent customer service I received after posting my experience here and at reseller ratings. Thank you to Duncan, Michelle, and the rest of the Article team for helping me out. Definitely going to consider Article again in the future now that I’ve been reassured on the support side of things.
wow, so glad i found this thread. i only saw great reviews so ordered the sven leather sofa, day bed, and ottoman. was getting excited for it to ship so was reading more reviews and came across this thread. just cancelled my order. phew. feel like i dodged a bullet but am also sad because i was so excited about it.
fefeluke83 , bloggers make money if you click the link and buy the item. Assuming that Article isn’t sponsoring the post itself, there is an incentive to get people to buy the product.
Hi Lori H – if you want to send us a message through our Houzz profile, or email us at with your shipping address and email, we’d be happy to send you a fabric swatch so you can see the color in person while you wait for your pillows.
I emailed Article’s customer support on Sept 22nd, but haven’t heard back .
@Article Laura, someone did contact me and an exchange was setup. It went very smoothly and I really appreciate it.
Additionally, most of the blog posts you’ll find are sponsored and the authors haven’t had their sofas that long so of course they will say nice things when they received a couch for free.
Hi annagroves44 – we’d love to have a further look into what’s happening with your sofa. If you could email some photos into then we can get a conversation going.
WTF is going on with those wrinkles? The dog is cute though.
I’ve bought so many things from Article now, I’ve been thrilled with everything but one piece. The one piece was a small hide throw, it had some funny markings on the fur and the leather backing was a little too large, I emailed my concerns and their customer service person emailed me back THREE options . Can’t think of better service!
Hi aramleemartin – your experience is definitely not one we strive for. We want the process to be smooth and simple, from the moment you order to the moment you unpack your new articles.
We bought the Ceni fresh white sofa from article less than a month back. We were really impressed by the way it looked and Seemed to be worth The money. just 20 days later, we are finding the sofa to have lost its firmness So much so that it feels to be old when you sit on it. The cushions are sagging and it definitely doesn’t feel new anymore. To add to this it’s even started to squeak! And all of this just after 20 days of use. I am so repenting Spending 1000 bucks on a sofa.
We just wanted to clarify a couple things. In terms of price, this sofa isn’t normally $3,500. The regular retail price is $1,700. That’s not a sale price. You will see on each of our product pages a ‘Retail’ price. That price represents the estimated regular retail value of a comparable item of similar quality available from other retailers. So our $1,700 price tag is one that’s offered everyday.
Hi jreinhardt33 – sitting on wood doesn’t sound comfortable. Feel free to reach back out to our team at so we can re-open the conversation.
Just to add an update- they finally got back to me. Their “fix” was to send me a link on how to fluffs cushion and to offer me $50 to buy a fabric shaver. So they do have customer service it’s just abysmal. They also never posted the review I tried to add to their site. I wish there were more places to see reviews for them to warn people.
I just bought a beautiful mid century leather sofa from Amazon’s new RIVET collection. I have 4 kids and 2 drooly great danes. We have had the sofa for 1 month. It still looks brand new, dog drool doesn’t stain it and the kids jumping hasn’t harmed anything. The sofa was delivered inside my house.. It is not down filled but it really is super comfy.
To Duncan Blair, from ARTICLE: Thank you for the reply, however I don’t see my review on your website . If I missed something, please let me know. In any case, your offer of firmer back cushions sounds like a plan! 🙂 I will be sending, and posting pics of my Sven love seat within the next couple of days.
CB2, Crate and Barrel, West Elm and even Room and Board have sofas at the $1700 price AND they have a physical store…and more fabric options. So yeah, I don’t get it either.
@Article – hopefully, after reading so many complaints and negative reviews, your quality improves. Although, I must admit, your willingness to go on forums and make good on bad orders is something very nice to look forward to if your furniture quality improves.
Wow, I didn’t know there was such a long discussion on Article. I’m ready to furnish my house and was looking at Timber Chamber, Worthington Armchair, tables, dining chairs, etc because I really liked the design. This is a big order so wanted to hear more from others who had purchased and happy with the product. There’s just too many issues logged here……
I just received my sede counter stools and I LOVE them! They are gorgeous and so well made. Super quick delivery too. I would definitely buy other products from article again soon.
As you probably know the Sven Birch Ivory Sectional are fairly new. The longest customers have had them in their homes is approximately 6 months. While that is a relatively short time, we haven’t had any complaints so far. We have had a sample here at the office for a couple of months longer than that that has seen pretty heavy use – it is right at the entrance, and it is looking great.
Hi backtonicole91 – We apologize that you’ve been so discouraged by your experience with Article and we do want to work to find a solution that suits you. Please know that we have reached out and left you a voicemail. We take this feedback seriously and will take this back to our team so we can work to better our customer experience from end to end.
Steve , for the same price point and style I have really enjoyed my CB2 furniture. The Alfred leather sofa is $2299 and gets great reviews. They have a new teal Sofa for $1499.
Congratulations on your new Article furniture!
Bryan Lip is a real-time customer, and isn’t sponsored by us – neither is anyone else that has posted here. If you want to check out more customer photos, head on over to Instagram and check out our #ourArticle tag .
Hi Elisa-Maria Carreiro – we’re sorry to hear about this experience. We understand you’ve been in touch with our customer care team and we want to continue the conversation to reach a resolution you’re happy with. Our team will be in touch to discuss further options with you.
Late in posting but Article did arrange for a pick up and refunded our money. All in all I really appreciate Article making right what was a dangerous and apparently unique issue. I would purchase products again but definitely not the timber charme sectional.
Lastly, we do not add flame retardants to our sofas. They are all TB117 compliant. As a general rule we avoid the use of chemicals in production.
Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Leather Bench Seat Sofa, 86.6″ W, Cognac
I LOVE my pieces and the service I’ve received from them has been amazing. Totally opposite from the rest of you all. I also purchased 15 pieces from West Elm at the same time and I’ve had nothing but problems with more than half and for me, personally, the service I’ve had on the phone with them has been shockingly opposite from Article- maybe this is why I’m such a big fan- because I’ve had huge issues from the other retailer at the same time so I can’t help but compare. I’ve only had one issue with Article and they offered me 3 options promptly).
Article furniture is not worth the money. I bought the Seno table for 8 1.5 years ago and it developed a thick 8 inch crack which according to them is considered “a small crack or fissure” that “can develop in “natural wood products”. They offered a $50 credit, what a joke. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company.
You can also find more reviews here: , if you’re looking for specific reviews on the articles you have your eye on. We also have customer reviews on our Houzz profile .
The Sven, in various fabric, velvet and leather options, is our most popular sofa. It is no exaggeration to say we have delivered tens of thousands of these. So, while there have been a handful of customers who have had issues with the bottom cushion sagging, we have enough data to know this is not due to a systemic failure or design flaw. In the very unlikely event that your bottom cushion did not perform as expected we would be happy to work with you to remedy the situation – as we have with others above.
been absorbed. Air dry or use a blow-dryer on a low setting to dry it out.
To date I’m finding this site to be more than sketche. Made a purchase on 3/4/19. Delivery was set to occur NLT 3/13/19. No updates in 7 days. Commutation reportedly didn’t occur; not true. When I asked what’s happening twice told they’d contact logistic. Paid with paypal, will be initiatin $ back for fraud. BTW chat mysteriu NOT available all day.
Thankfully only the couch has shipped so far, but I am hoping they will respond before the chair ships so that I can avoid the headache of returning it. Some people have said they aren’t even accepting returns right now, so I really hope they start communicating soon.
i had a Rowe sofa years ago. It was beautiful and held up for at least 12 years. It only got retired because my dog ate it.
Sofa less than one year after purchase, after having paid over $1,400.00….BUYER BEWARE…
Product reviews are a relatively new feature for us, so if any previous customers would like to go back and add their review of product you by logging in to your account on our site.
Hi Dawn Rode – we very much want you to have a sofa that you’re happy with, and if you haven’t already, please feel free to re-open the conversation with us at .
that gets daily use by 2 adults and 2 kids.
Hi daintydillydallies – If you send us a private message with your order number, we’d be happy to look into your correspondences with the team.
I am guessing with the mark-up, and with a certain percentage of furniture Article can claim as defective , replacing the furniture allows Article to still come out ahead.
To directly address any concerns about product quality: we have delivered more than 100,000 products across the US and Canada in the last 12 months. Customers logged in and left reviews for more than 15,000 of those products. The average of all of those reviews: 4.66/5 .
They still claim a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which at this point means an exchange, store credit, or partial refund . I’m very nervous about buying furniture online and if I don’t like the quality of the products, those are not satisfactory options. I’ve been looking at other companies, and none have stated that no returns can be made on products purchased during this time. Most have simply extended their return window from 30 to 60 days and said it will be adjusted if needed. I would love to try Article, but this policy seems unnecessarily vague and makes me question the quality of their products.
I can’t believe they’re now advising people to stuff the back cushions with a pillow. ???????????????? That was my interim “fix” to their horrible deflating cushions and an idea obviously taken straight from this thread. Give me a break, @Article ????
And one more thing: if anyone doubts the “defective color” I speak of…. look at the photo of various leather samples Article posted in their “counter-response” to my claim. NONE of the samples appear anywhere close to the one I received… not even they can prove the color discoloration is fair and just.
We have someone from our team following up with you via email to continue this conversation.
Currently and because I can’t deny the article design, I have had the Ora outdoor sectional, 2 timber chairs and the Burrard Bella loveseat sitting in my cart for ages that I will not buy because I refuse to make the same mistake twice. Article, if it cost more to bump the quality, do it! An extra $75-100 bucks added to each piece wouldn’t have discouraged me from buying the loveseat and sofa. But that was then and this is now…Fool me once…
I purchased the Soma sofa and had it delivered via contact less delivery to my front porch. After unboxing the sofa we realized it would not fit through our narrow door opening and long hall. I immediately called Article and advised the new sofa would not work in my space and they refused any return due to Covid. This temporary return policy was not made clear at time order was made online and now I am stuck dealing with a sofa that does not fit my space. No longer a fan of Article!
We wanted to wait to do a review because we wanted to see how the couch held up after 5-6 months of normal use. We have twin infants and we are a family of four. Delivery wasn’t a smooth process – we paid extra for full assembly and had to have the team call and recall customer service to confirm because they didn’t want to bring it in the house. Cool. Okay, they finally did. The couch arrived in great condition otherwise. The biggest concern was that by a month in the fabric had worn as if it was a five year old couch. We take care of our furniture, no toddlers are jumping on it, and use it for the day to day for reading books and working on laptops. From that point, it just continued to get worn, faded, and the fabric has started to peel around month 2. This is one of their most expensive sofas. I expected it to last us a few years with the price. Now, it’s lump, looks like a sore, and as if we bout it 10 years ago. It’s pretty disappointing that this wasn’t as high of quality as they presented.
hi London A D – can you expand on your experiences with Interior Define? I am waiting for my sofa right now and would like to know if I should be aware of anything during the two week return period?
Right out of the box, the cushions did not look right. They don’t hold a shape AT ALL. They look lumpy and deformed all the time. I’m talking about the back cushions and the bolster things on the side. The pilling is absolutely horrendous. The company said it would stop after a while and it was “normal.” They gave me $50 to buy a lint shaver. Needless to say, it never stopped pilling. The couch looks junky and I wish I had bought a cheaper Ikea couch instead. I’ve had better quality Ikea couches for less. Oh, and the company told me that my cushions may need occasional fluffing depending on how “heavily used” the sofa is. I have never been able to make the cushions look good and they are getting worse. Please do not buy anything from them. The aesthetic will pull you in, but it is not high quality.
Just want to make something clear here- I don’t work for them, or get paid off by them- I’m just a happy customer. And yes, I AM overly positive- I had been shopping for many months looking for a sofa- I’ve been to West Elm, The Bay, CB2, Structube, and a lot of smaller retailers to look around . For the boxy shape I wanted I found all the sofas I looked at were too firm and the back cushions were too low, fabrics pilled . I was told this was due to mixing natural fabrics w/ man made , though I do not know if this is true. The velvet ones I viewed had velvets that left marks when you slid your hand across and they sort of felt more like velour than velvet. I had friends telling me they were not happy with their sofa purchases from West Elm, Structube, and Ikea.
Chirigos Designs , I can’t speak for your experiences, but it sounds like the company you keep are professionals and privileged, well-off people who can afford expensive furniture. The average person cannot spend $3000 on just a couch —especially if it’s going to die in a few years. At this price point, the furniture should be lasting for 5-10 years. If Article’s pieces are not going to be able to withstand long-term, every day use, their pricing should reflect that of Wayfair, for example.
Hi @neldamb, wanted to see if you had any updates on your Abisko sofa? What color did you get and how is the fabric holding up?
Hi Annie Marcum – I was wondering if you could give any feedback on the Rain Cloud Gray Timber Sectional as a large dog owner!? We are interested in buying it , but I’ve seen a lot of feedback about fabric pilling and the cushions not holding up, and would love to hear how it’s help up for you the last 6 months! Thanks!
We did make a change some time ago to make this a one step process to make it much simpler and easier. This may be what you are referring to. If you are interested I would be more than happy to resend you the review email and have you test it for yourself – I would love to hear your feedback. Just send us a private message with your order number or email address.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Great to see a variety of postings for a variety of available products from the site: Perhaps Article does sell some great products, that can withstand the test of time: The one I purchased, is unfortunately, not one of those products…C’est la vie!
I’ve never witnessed and forum thread actually kill a company. This may be the time!
I got the timber last year and had to have it replaced due to the fabric pulling so much after a few months. the new one is definitely not pulling like before , but all the cushions are completely flattened within months of having it. I can feel the frame of the couch and the cushions have flattened so much that there is now extra space between the cushions. I fluff the cushions every day and it still doesnt help. Like others, I wish I would have gotten a refund instead of a replacement.
Hi Jeffrey Jentzsch – we certainly appreciate the detailed review. Just so you’re aware, our Sven is a mix of down and foam. The seat is high density foam while the back cushions are a mix of foam and down.
Yes – anyone still thinking about purchasing anything from @Article should seriously reconsider. Despite all the reviews and our better judgment, we ended up purchasing the Sven Sofa in Aqua Tweed and it has held up HORRIBLY. We have only had it for about 6 months and the fabric is super pilled and the cushions look awful. It’s also sinking in the middle. We’ve never had a couch look this bad in such a short amount of time. The couch we replaced with this one was moved to the basement to the kids’ playroom because it was just too big for our living room – but it has seen SO much more use and looks much newer than this one. I would personally never buy from Article again. The couch was beautiful when we got it – but we are now counting the days until we can get rid of it. SUCH a waste of money and I’m so mad at myself for deciding to purchase it. ????
@daintydilldallies I also have the Timber. Does your sofa flex up and down which slide the angled legs outwards? Apparently this is “normal”. I had to get rubber feet to prevent the sofa from sliding the legs outward but the flex can still be felt when sitting. My guess is that the wood frame is bending a bit. Also, the cushion needs a denser foam. Fluffing can only do so little because the polyfill/feathers is a thin layer on top of foam. The problem is that the foam is not dense enough. I weigh 170lbs and my gf weighs 140lbs. It’s worrying that our sofa flexes and the cushions almost flattens when the sofa is a little over a month old.
Also, to address some of your concerns, you can find some third party reviews for us on Google and on Reseller Ratings.
Gary, the thing is , you can buy better quality at a lower price with the same style on Amazon or Wayfair , so why bother with Article? It is so much easier to return items with Article and Wayfair. Also CB2 and Crate and Barrel have many options at the sane price point but with more fabric options .
I do want to help you in anyway I can however, so I would suggest not sitting on the armrests, as well as not putting too much pressure on them.
There is also the Eliot that is the same in leather sofas/eliot-leather-sofa/
There is really no padding in between the seat and cushion once they start to wear down so you could feel the wooden structure underneath cutting into you when you sat down.
@aramleemartin Yeah, they have a 30 day money back guarantee but everything goes bad at 6 months. There is furniture all over Wayfair and Amazon that is the same quality for half the price.
Every customer is emailed and asked to write a review of their product. Any customer can log into their account at any time to write a new review or edit an existing one.
Hi Abdulkamal Abdullahi – I wanted to hop in here and address your question. Currently, we’re unable to sell parts to customers who have purchased their articles through third party vendors as our products sometimes undergo revision as we look to make each piece the best possible quality. That means that without an order number, we’d be unsure as to what exact product you have and any parts you order may not be the perfect match.
Hello Lindaga1l G – I think they are fine as long as you use coasters. Pay close attention to height as lesser brands tend to be very short so if you have a low bed, they will work. best of luck.
paper towel. Do not dab or rub the spill as this will push the liquid
**Update: After contacting the delivery company and waiting for them to check their truck , they were able to find the missing chair legs that had been sent in a separate box and they delivered them to us today. I also asked them to bring back the box that the chair was originally shipped in, as well, which they did, as I was previously unaware that you need the original packaging in order to return items without an extra fee. I’m glad someone posted about it here, or I would’ve missed that information until it was too late to get it back.
I don’t get it. I honestly don’t. There is some issue with the fabrics on these furniture pieces. argh….
I added a picture but I don’t think it accurately shows just how much the fabric has pilled. It looks so awful
Customer service is terrible, they have what is called stalling tactic once you buy their product and the first 30 days. We called several times to tell them how uncomfortable the sectional was and we would like to return it. But they insisted that it would get better” it will eventually get softer once you break in”. 30 days passed.. 3 months passed and now after 8 months of having the couch.. our back feels broken not the comfort or breaking in through the hardness. The couch is buld up alot of piling as well and dipped at the back end. When you sit you can litelly feel the spring. Is this worth $1500? absolutely not! When we called after the 30 day window we were told we already passed deadline and cant return the couch. If you even seem a little upset about it the customer service plays the victime game ” dont yell at me, we cant do anything for you, why didnt you return it earlier” When i had kept my voice and tone calm yet dissapointed and feeling duped by the company!. They will stall you till 30 days and then wont offer you a return. So please beware befoer buying.
Hi Kenrick Chang – as leather is a natural material, there will always be variances in the color of the leather. We try our hardest to show those variances on our product page, along with the inclusion of customer photos to display what the leather can look like in different lighting. This is also why we have a swatch program, so that you can see and feel the leather in person before you buy.
So the delivery people came to pickup the sofa, and I noticed that they started to take off the pegs from the sofa . I told them, what are you doing?? How can they inspect what happened if you’re taking off the pegs?? They told me that it was in their instructions. So they put all the pegs and bolts into a bag. I told them that it didn’t make sense, but that’s what their order said and I just let them do their job. A week or two later, I get a phone call from the quality control division from the man that had a strong euro accent. He told me with inspection, they determined that we had put together the sofa wrong. Basically we were at fault for the collapse. I was upset because I told them how in the world could you know? Your delivery men disassembled the sofa taking out the nuts, bolts and pegs and you’re telling me that I assembled it wrong? I even showed the delivery men the instructions for the sofa, saying look it was assembled correctly while they were disassembling the pegs from the base. They nodded in agreement while taking the pegs off. He then notified me that the peg that had split was also missing…which I found odd because the delivery men had took it with them. They placed it in the bag. The quality control guy stated well this is odd, and basically kept saying we put it together wrong & he would give me a call back. Honestly, I blocked their number from there on because I was absolutely livid. Their inspection team is a joke, their delivery team was completely unprofessional due to losing the split peg, and the whole matter was just handled this all wrong. This experience was completely shady and I’m absolutely appalled that they failed to take responsibility in this matter. Be cautious when buying from them.
First of all, the leather on our sofa and chair are totally different in colour and texture from the sample swatch we received. See attached photo.
I can’t find an order or any email communications with our team using your screen name here, but if you want to drop us a quick private message with the order number and/or email address you used to place the order we’ll get right on it.
Steven, I have had good luck with Havertys sofas. As far as a dining set I recommemd buying vintage If you’re on a budget, or even if you are not! I purchased a beautiful mahogany and birds eye maple set with six chairs, table, china cabinet, and large buffet for under 1k. I regularly see mid century style dining sets that are affordable. I’m sorry everyone is having the same issues I had with my Sven. I am looking to replace mine soon.
I am so extremely disappointed in myself for falling prey to this company. The product is UNBELIEVABLY subpar. I will never again believe any blogger or godforsaken social influencer ever again. Articles hands out free pieces like candy to these people and they lie lie lie. I bought a leather Sven in November 2018. Very good looking. Cannot deny that. However, its the worst quality sofa I have ever had in my life. I can feel huge hard lumps under the bench cushion. Its impossible to lay on. It has made my back hurt so badly. The bench cushion sticks out over the sofa by about 2 inches when pushed all the way back. Its like the foam inside is melting and spreading. The back cushions are completely misshapen. Its a horror show. And it is so disappointing as its my primary sofa. Its been this way since just when the warranty expired. Surprise, surprise. This thing cost $2100. I have no clue what I was thinking. I have already persuaded several friends and acquaintances not to waste their money. And I will continue to tell anyone who listens, any time and any place – save yourself the grief and the money and stay away from article. Thinking of sending a report to BBB. With so many horrid reviews how are they still getting away with it.
• For heavy soiling please consult a furniture cleaning specialist.
NYC and this store and many of the pieces look like article furniture in different fabrics. This looks like the Sven with a tufted back pillow shop/cape-town-sofa-gray-1308006 . Some of the prices are WAY up there though. Furniture is weird business. 🙂
I hope this thread informs other buyers so they can make choices based on accurate information. And not fake five star reviews. The Sven is an imperfect product, like any, and purchasers must manage their expectations based on quality and Article’s response. Clearly Article is good at giving lip service responses, but they don’t stand behind or guarantee this product in any way. A reputable furniture seller would have a warranty or a purchase protection program. Article does not, and the reason for that is pretty obvious from this thread. While I did manage to get a replacement seat, after complaining publicly, it is already showing that “vintage” feel after very limited use. If I’d wanted an old couch, I would’ve bought one.
Having purchased a sven velvet sofa less than 2 years ago . It is worn in one spot where we sit. I have tried to resolve this issue with Article and am getting the run around. I have posted my experience on many websites and will not stop until they send me a free replacement cushionor sofa .. First they say it can be dry cleaned . Then they say you have to get a professional fabric cleaner to come to your home because the cushion cover cannot be taken off the cushion. Then they say they will replace it for 675.00 and 50 shipping with a 6 month wait. Then They offered a replacement cushion for 375.00 plus the 50 shipping fee. Then they said velvet is hard to maintain so you better have covered it with a throw!!!! BS : This company is selling inferior fabric furniture. You can see how made. I am. Ive been waiting over 10 minuted just to get a rep online. Now Im waiting again for the supervisor. PS I have a pair of velvet jeans I wear all the time and they are not worn one bit. Buy a sofa from IKEA and be able to wash the cushion covers . Easy. Well here is a quick follow up. They called and will be sending a free replacement cushion , it will take a few months . It was either that or buy a reduced price cushion with a 6 month warranty. I chose the free option . Let see how long it takes to get here. 😉
Wow, was just about to hit ”buy” on one of these ceni sofas. So glad I found this thread first. Dissappointed but relieved
@gwc1973 I know, and I wish we had that in Canada, but truth is the selection for Amazon and Wayfair isn’t there for us. Wayfair does have some but their prices are REALLY high for Canadians, I assume they are adjusting for the dollar but also adding logistical costs to cover shipping and handling… not sure.
We’ve had the Timber in pebble grey for just over a year. The couch is gorgeous but the pillow covers have pilled and we’ve noticed the couch cushions are sagging and losing their firmness. I know sofas do that over time, but a year seems a bit premature.
So, just recieved my charmed tan ottoman Yesterday. Oct 20 2017. It’s very nice but it’s 15.7 inches high. Not the stated 17 inches tall. Reached out to the company today asked them if the could simply send me an extra set of legs for it, or compansate me for legs that would bring it up to the posted 17 inches. They contacted me, told me to send them pics because they have never heard of the Ottoman being shorter than stated. So I spent the morning taking pics. Got another email after, stating the pics I sent in were not good enough because they could not see tape measure fully on the ground, saying I could of altered results…….. Really artical, all I wanted was another set of 5.00 legs, so I can screw them onto the existing set to bring it up to 17 inches. I know this is not a big deal but I bought this ottoman because it was 17 inches to be comfortable with my existing couch. They could not ever be bothered to help me with this tiny problem. A 5.00 fix. Be very cautious with this company. I’m sorry to all of you that have had to deal with a lot bigger problems than me.
I contacted their support, and while friendly, they weren’t too helpful. They requested I send a video of me reproducing the issue, which I did . They assured me that nothing structurally is wrong with the chair, and that nothing can be done from a support standpoint since I’m outside of the 12 month warranty.
So they swoop in on this thread and make replacements. Read up a few years. This furniture is garbage and no “customer service“ will fix that.
If you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask.
It looks better and holds up better than the Sven.
ETA: This is clearly going nowhere since I literally just repeated myself in different words.
Thank you Duncan for the explanation below. That is really unfortunate companies are making counterfeit versions of products.
Hi Kashyap Shah – We see you’ve been in contact with our team through email. We’ll be replying shortly with the next steps to have you loving your Triplo sofa once more.
Hi jimjamjames – we’re not sure exactly how much it would cost to replace the cushioning, but we can tell you that doing so with a tufted sofa wouldn’t be easy, as the stitching from the tufts is sewn directly into the cushion. That being said, we pride ourselves in what we offer, and although we don’t anticipate it happening, if you ever experience any issues, reach out to our team and we’d be happy to dive into it.
@Article Thank you for your response. My follow-up question then, is what Article’s stance on sustainability is? If re-sale is discouraged in the manner I described, does Article have a buy-back / recycling program for customers who no longer want / need their furniture? Because I am struggling to understand the reasoning, given the point @gwc1973 made above.
While it is human nature to focus on the negative, 55 of the people commenting above have gone out of their way to post positive personal experiences. This is not counting people who have followed up with positive comments following the resolution of an issue .
I am looking at purchasing an Article sofa too, but the consistent customer service problems , delivery fiascos, and quality issues don’t make the case. Looks like Article needs to study the online mattress companies and how they provide service and logistics.
If you are considering purchasing from us, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision. Here’s a few suggestions for where to start if you have questions:
Also you say that you are using leather materials on all of the visible areas of the cushions and the cloth material on the non-visible portions of the cushion because it’s intended to keep them from sliding out when you’re sitting on them… except, it’s the same way on the Back cushions as well.
Let us know if you have any other specific questions and or concerns.
Hi gwc1973 – you certainly shouldn’t be experiencing issues like this, especially so soon. Feel free to reach out to us at with additional photos and we’ll have our team take a look.
When can someone replace my Emil Back and Seat Cushions? They sag after a single seating. This is driving me crazy having to have a constant saggy sofa. Has the quality been improved since?
Just bought and received a large Seno Dinning table with 8 Chanel chairs, even the table been beautiful, the color of the wood is nothing like any of the pictures Article advertises on the website, or any of the pictures I could find through social media of people who bought it. The chairs are too big for the table, the end chairs have to stick outside the table the whole time, and the three on each side robbing against each other, can’t picture 8 people sitting and and getting up, on top of that the fabric on the cushion seats are too big. I emailed immediately, and call as soon as the company opened, sent pictures, call again, with the intension of getting the table replaced with one like the ones in the pictures, and get the chairs replaced with a different model. Instead they told me that is better to return everything, they were polite, but basically, they shot me off. I can believe that no one has complains on the reviews and all are almost 5 stars, can’t believe we are the only people that have these issues, either you write your own reviews or we are the only people who got a completely different color table, which in that case why can’t they couldn’t offer to find a correct one, and we are the only ones who’s chairs are too big for the table, are our chairs bigger than the rest of them?, and our 8 cushions the only ones with wrong size fabric. I also wanted to write a review on your website and I can only read all the perfect reviews , but can’t write one, but if I go to Houzz I can find plenty of reviews with complains. VERY Disappointed !!!
Thank you for this thread!!! This has helped me decide that Article is not what I want. I was very suspicious with the overly glowing reviews. Too good to be true. Sad face. Thank you everyone for your help!
Hi Sang Kim – while there are certainly some issues logged in this thread, we think it also shows you that we care about our customers and are passionate about our product, meaning that if you ever experienced an issue, we’d be here to help.
But within one month, the foam in cushion started loosing it’s support and “sink” in the middle. It was not something you could see, but something you could only tell once you sit on it. It felt like I had this couch for years already, but in a way a one would think it was time to get a new couch!
To be clear, neither the fluffing nor the natural wear/softening of the leather bothers me, I still love the way it looks. That’s not to say it won’t bother someone else.
As always, please reach out to us at if you experience any issues or would like to share more feedback.
Hi Kathy Morse – we pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback, and because of that, have recently worked with our manufacturers to add more stuffing to the back cushions of the Sven sofa. While this is to help fill them out a bit more, the filling still contains down, and so regular fluffing is required to help the cushions maintain their shape.
Had you asked me 9 months ago, I would have said my Sven Charme sofa from Article was the best purchase I had made in years. It’s a beautiful, comfortable, well made couch and the price point is incredibly reasonable.
You wanted a particular piece of furniture. That particular piece of furniture has quality issues . So, the solution is for you to pick something you never wanted. What kind of solution is that?
Question: My husband and I are in love online with the Soma twilight gray right sofa bed. However, we have a dog, and are concerned about the fabric and possible piling from her nails. Does anyone have any comments or thoughts on this? Also, is there a potential swatch that could be sent of the fabric? I see the Q on the Article FAQs about leather but that won’t work for us. 🙁
@backtonicole9 I had all of the same issues you’re describing.. if you scroll back you’ll see photos of the three, yes seriously three, svens I tried from them. All within less than one year. I ended up getting a refund and got a different couch from magnolia home for half the price. Thus far, zero fading on that one so.. fingers crossed lol.
Wayfair has many green velvet sofas and so does CB2.
Our product defect rate is industry leading. We know this because we push our manufacturing partners to commit to lower defect rate targets than anyone else. We have an extensive QA and QC process run by a dedicated and capable team. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, but we address any issues that are not identified during our process quickly, and that we make things right for those affected.
my Cushions deflate and it’s hard to clean. Customer service is terrible and doesn’t provide you with any good options Except telling me to fluff my couch cushions and professionally clean it. As if I have the time and money to fluff my couch every time I sit on it and shell out $200 a pop to get it cleaned Every 6 months.
This fabric may appear lighter or darker depending on the light
I consider these pieces to be low price . After having my sofa, seeing the comfort I was incredibly surprised, I consider it better quality than Ikea . At the price I paid, I will not cry if I have to replace my inner cushion in a year. One reason I bought the Sven in velvet is I know the fabric will not pill and also, if the cushions do flatten out a little it will have a bit of a vintage look to it- so might not look too bad, or I’ll change them. My velvet Sven has zippers on all the cushions.
Customers can also review products they’ve purchase directly on the website by logging in to their account , or using the ‘Login to Review’ button on the product page. We publish these reviews like all others.
Oh. You don’t believe I donated it?!?!…Well I did…I had to… no one would buy it after they sat on it.
No pets go on the sofa, and no eating or drinking takes place on the sofa. This is strictly from normal use and I suppose sun as well.
Their customer service is AMAZING! I always call with questions and get great service. I had to return a rug and they were super easy about that. Try some of the other companies out there- West Elm is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. I bought a lot of items from them and had 6 from 8 pieces damaged. 4 months later I am still waiting for 2 replacements. When you call them they are HORRIBLE to deal with . Shipping was a small fortune and took FOREVER. I paid more for their items vs what I paid for my Article pieces. CB2 was not much better . All of these companies have far lower level of customer service compared to Article and greater quality issues .
That is fine and all but I really have zero interest in reopening this conversation with you guys yet again. The quality of materials is garbage and I am not a person who is going to take a replacement sofa only to have it fall apart and have to throw it away as well. Furniture should not be a throw away item! I understand that things break but the fact that so many people are in this thread complaining not only about initial purchases but also replacements leads me to believe this a company issue – in other words it’s you not me.
Hi KAREN COCO – After orders are delivered we ask every customer how things went. We publish all product reviews that meet our review guidelines . In addition, any negative feedback on either product or experience is collated and used internally to drive our continuous improvement process.
I have attached a screenshot of the review form a customer clicking through from the email we send would see below.
I purchased the following pieces of furniture from Article: Sven Charm Tan Sofa, Mira Dining Table For 6 w/ 6 matching chairs, Matrix Persimmon Orange Chair, Ceni Seagrass Green Armchair. The Ceni was very low and uncomfortable and the Matrix had a big rip in the fabric . I have had the Mira outdoor dining table for two summers now, the top have pealed and warped/curled , and I am replacing the Sven sofa after less than two years – it looks good in photos, but is thin cheap leather and in person looks and feels like it. Overall the companies website, marketing, and paid for sponsored articles/reviews are by far better than any of the actual products, which are cheaply made with short life spans. For the same price point you are better off buying from Wayfair, or even your local TJ Maxx/HomeGoods store. PS they did NOT print my review on their website.
sfbro1 yah our sven sectional is just like yours. Terribly uncomfortable to sit on. Not worth the money whatsoever. Also be careful with the frame, because if you push down too hard it will crumble and fall into the couch.
Hi gcostaki – We’ve reopened the conversation with you over email to discuss the issues you’ve been experiencing.
• Use a vacuum cleaner with fabric attachment to clean up lint and debris.
I bought the Sven couch in tan. Here are my thoughts on it, and my experience with customer service.
Luckily, the Timber pebble grey sofa only required attaching the feet, and that seemed to go smoothly enough for my husband, though it also took him a while with the provided wrench.
The tufting allowed the sofa to keep its shape and I found it to be very comfortable. But, the fabric is not holding up. On the arm rest edges, it feels like there is a metal frame underneath. In that spot, on the corner, he fabric is getting “thin” and starting to wear. You can see the underlining fabric pushing through as white fabric.
@ramseypaige I used foambymail… specifically the Canadian version of the site s-for-seats-and-cushions.html . I did a bunch of research on foam cushions, densities etc. and found that the 2.8lb/ft3 with 35lb ILD was what I wanted for a quality foam couch. Now, to be fair, a cushion with springs inside and foam is always going to be better, but you’re looking at a big difference in price. Measure properly and don’t be afraid to add the extra half inch or even full inch, that’s what ensures you get a full plump couch cushion. sure-your-cushion.html
Given the ongoing interest from the Houzz community in our products we have decided to expand the team available to help here. I want to introduce some of the members of our friendly customer care team — article_kate , article_chris , article_jen , article_kelsey , article_alysia , article_carley , and article_billy . — who are happy to work with you to answer questions or concerns, and provide assistance where needed. As always, the best way to get support is to contact our care team directly — by email , phone , or live chat on — but we also want to make sure we are providing assistance where it is needed.
Please get back to us as soon as possible – we would love the opportunity to address your issues.
We are sending a team to pick up the sofa as soon as possible to return it to our warehouse for a full inspection.
Just ordered the Sven Charme Tan 72″ Sofa despite seeing some negative reviews. Please make sure I am getting a sofa from your new stock that has good additional stuffing on the seat and back cushions. I really don’t want to write anything but a glowing review either as the reviewer above mentioned. I am renovating my entire home. I will also wait to see how this goes before ordering more items from Article. I am glad to see you addressing some issues, but my excitement has changed into nervousness as my couch is on its way, and I really want to stay excited about it and recommend you to others!
To their credit, Article customer service responded to my email very quickly, requesting details and photos, which I then provided. Unfortunately their initial response was that they could not provide a replacement because I had used a conditioner that they weren’t familiar with/was not the exact brand that they recommend.
Anyway, this thread seems to make them out as the worst online retailer ever, and I can say that my experience with them has not been that bad. I bought a cheap couch from them, it was cheap, I expect it to last a while and then no longer be good. I didn’t pay for an expensive couch so I don’t have expectations that come with an expensive piece of furniture. My couch looks nice, it’s the style i wanted and it fit my budget. It’s comfortable and so far, almost four months in, it’s worked out. I’m pretty sure I’ll be replacing it in a year or two, it’s not going to last 5 to 10 years, but I knew that going in. I found this thread helpful at first, now it just seems like a place to pile on for anyone with a problem and no room for someone with a differing opinion. Doesn’t seem right.
Considering some company is making the CIrrus and selling it for $590 if you have a business account makes me feel screwed!
I got FoamTouch from Amazon , plus polyester fibers for the cushions. It does help, but it doesn’t fit perfectly so it doesn’t look as good. But at least the sofa is comfortable now.
– Laura, Social Media Specialist, Article
I ordered the Ceni Pyrite Grey Sofa & Armchair in May of 2018 and thought I’d share my experience with these furniture pieces. I’m now 6ish months down the road and my cushions have become unsightly due to piling of the fabric. I reached out to Article on the matter and they offered me a fabric shaver to attempt to remedy the issue. Obviously this does not correct the problem. I was not made aware when purchasing these items that there would be maintenance involved, which was a bit disappointing. Article then offered to send new cushions or swap out my furniture for another couch that supposedly does not experience piling. I find it difficult to trust that these other couches would hold up, especially given the long list of other users complaints on this thread. Long story short, beware of fabric piling if you’re ordering the Ceni Couch or Chair. Hope this helps.
Steven, I would recommend looking for an independent dealer who carries Rowe for sofas. They are very nice quality and have some new styles that are really nice. Crate and Barrel also has fairly okay prices for sofas if you keep an eye out for a sale. For other stuff we source vintage and do buy from places like Ikea and Target. It’s just important to buy heavy use pieces that are good quality and Article is definitely not that. We didn’t even use our sofa heavily and it’s falling apart.
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Hi mjstormer – Even though you’re past your warranty, we’d love to get a better insight into what’s going on. If you could send some photos to us at , we’ll have a look at it with our quality team and begin the conversation.
Right now we’re pretty disappointed with the customer service considering the great cost of the sofa for us that we thought would last our family for many years and the danger that my children we’re placed in that seems to have been ignored by the company. So now we have a $4000 non functioning sofa for my home during this Covid crisis while I work long hours at the hospital and my wife stays home with our three kids.
When we flipped it over, we noticed all the legs were loose. When my partner first attached them, they were snug. We never imagined this could happen.
rocky_downey Please let us know what happens.
Hello all — I thought I’d wait a while after purchasing to give a solid review of Article, it’s been 9 months now since purchase and I think I’ve gotten a decent feeling for the company and furniture.
– Don’t buy cheap tufted/chesterfield couches they just aren’t made well enough to keep their shape
That is an error – every customer is able to review any product that they have purchased. I suspect you may be logging in using an email other than the one you used to place the order, but I would love the opportunity to look into this with the team on Monday. Can you drop us a private message with the email address you are using to log in so that I can follow up on this?
@Elle M I agree with your complaint 100%… wear like that isn’t tolerable or normal. You should return and likely for a refund. I’m afraid to say that the tufted couches in that kind of fabric has been problematic for many. It is very pretty though… nice choice on that front, but I fear for its ability to work even for a few years. Good luck!
out. Brush gently in the opposite direction of the pile with a soft brush to
feather-fibre mix cushioning. It’s not overstuffed and many styles will
It’s disappointing to read the negative comments but I am very happy I saw them before purchasing. Their products look so nice but we live in the middle of no where and I don’t feel like dealing with returns and constant issues. I am one of those guys that just says “forget it” and gives up.
Initially, you may notice crush marks on your furniture from the packaging
Hi fiwa888 – We’re sorry to hear your experience has discouraged you from shopping with us again. As mentioned in our correspondence, the slight curve was likely caused during shipping and with a bit or regular use should subside to its natural shape. Our team is reaching out now to find the best solution for you regarding the mark of your sofa. At the end of the day we want you to be happy with your purchase and would love to have the opportunity to show you how great our customer service can be.
One of the chairs has some white spots on the fabric . I have emailed your company and received an auto email that said it will be a few days before I hear back. Reading these reviews, I am concerned that I will not be able to return that chair due to Covid restrictions. I would like to be able to report back here that the issue has been satisfactorily resolved once it is. I will say that I find the chairs to be solid and firm, yet comfortable. They’re very pretty. At some point in the future, I will report back here to let folks know if they hold up. I certainly expect them to.
I really loved my leather Sven Charme tan sectional sofa when I first got it. It was soft beautiful leather and the style was perfect. My only issue was the chaise cushion would continually slip down off the foot end and I would have to slide it back up every use. It was a little inconvenient but not a big deal. After a few months the cushions and seats started to sag and the color was getting dark in some areas and fading in others to a washed out tan in others. The room it is in has no windows so it can’t be the sun light changing the color. The color seems to be changing on the individual panels of leather, some panels are fading well others are getting dark. When I went to look at care instructions again I saw my Instagram photo I shared shortly after I got it, and felt sick that a year later l it looks so different. It has some slight sagging going on already in the photo below from when It was fairly new, this has gotten worse.
• Keep product away from all heat sources and direct sunlight. The color
@tcaopham We had to return two timber pebble grey couches due to excessive pilling over 7-8months. We replaced them with Oxford leather and they seem to be holding up well so far. We got these replacements in Sept. so we’ve had them for just over 4 months. We had issues with the pebble grey in the first couple months of owning them. I haven’t tried the West Elm couch in person. I’ve not been overly impressed with West Elm when I have visited their stores. Seems about the same quality as Structube or Article but more expensive. I think it also depends on the type of leather. The Oxford leather is sealed and a different Grade than the Charme Tan. That’s why it’s better. If you ordered the Sven in Oxford it would probably hold up better.
Regular maintenance is important to keep your velvet looking its best.
heather_g77 I agree. This couch from structube looks identical to the Timber couch from Article in the pictures. I have the timber in Oxford leather and the Sven in Tan. The Oxford leather on the timber is much more durable. Structube sells similar furnaure to Article. And both are of a ‘you get what you pay for’ type of company.
Hi Julie – We hear your frustration and as previously mentioned we’ve informed our Quality Assurance team of your issues and are happy to re-open the conversation with you if you’d like to reach out to our team.
Hi skcerald – we appreciate you reaching out about the confusion of care for our leather, and have passed along your feedback.
Heathflynn, I’m very relieved they’ve offered to replace your cushion, although I share your concerns about how quickly it will begin to discolor, as well. I really wish there was a way to seal this particular leather to better protect against excessive staining and scratching, but I’m afraid it may just be a quality issue. Did they happen to mention anything along those lines?
I regret buying from Article. Buy from a place you can examine the furniture in person!
Just wanted to chime in that I let Article know I was unhappy with the Sven a year after buying it. They said that it is “wearing as expected”, which I find disappointing, but they did give me a $450 refund, For anyone who is upset with the quality of their couch, I recommend reaching out to them and letting them know, even if it’s not for the first time. You might at least get part of your money back like I did.
So my wife contacts Article because even though we’re now outside of the 1 yr warranty window I assumed they’d want to know about this as it’s a $4000 sofa that failed with normal use in a way that’s a pretty big safety issue. We have two 6 month olds who put everything in their mouths and I wasn’t in the room when my son found the screws which are definitely the right size and shape to be a choking hazard.
Articles customer service was being accommodating and let me exchange my sofa. But there really was only one sofa that was a contender and I’m still kinda indifferent about it about the others. A different velvet on the new sofa looks so cheap. Why does CB2 and Crate and Barrel have velvet furniture at the same price point and their velvet is so saturated and expensive looking? I just don’t get it and it’s so frustrating. I suppose I can exchange sofas until I make it through all their models and find one that works.
@ Robyn F – how to share our production process is something we have been thinking about, and I am glad you suggested it. I’d love to hear from the Houzz community what would be interesting and things you have been dying to learn.
The color change is on the back pillows, both bolsters and the sitting area. Anything that comes in contact with a sitting person.
@santokki seriously. You put them on wrong. Give us a break. I don’t believe that Article is in anyway perfect. In fact I’ve had to make returns. But I have the timber couches and the legs would not break. Unless you are 300lbs.
I have a somewhat happy ending with my Article experience. As documented previously in here, I purchased a Sven sectional in 2017 that quickly fell apart. After a year, they allowed me to do an exchange for a Ceni couch, chair, and ottoman. Those also showed signs of age very quickly, so I contacted Article again with a strongly worded email. It was not disrespectful, but I clearly expressed my major dissatisfaction with the quality of their products. Within the first response, their customer service offered to make an exception and provide me with a full refund. It took about 3 weeks to go back and forth with CS, have the products picked up, and for the third party to confirm they received my items before Article’s payment team could issue a check. But now it’s all over, and I couldn’t be more relieved. I appreciate Article’s customer service team, and I would encourage anyone on here to continue to reach out and be persistent about a refund if the quality of your merchandise has been less than stellar. If you have to, reach out multiple times and mention contacting the Better Business Bureau or Duncan Blair if the outcome is not favorable because Article should stand by the caliber of their merchandise and offer consumers the chance to get their money back if they don’t deliver great goods as promised. I only wish the products they produced matched the level of integrity their people have.
I love the fact that the arms are not the same height as the back. I also like the tufting. It’s slender and sleek which is perfect for my small room. I just feel like thick, high arms, like you see in a Chesterfield, will detract from other major focal points in the room. If anyone can help point me in other directions i’d be much obliged! Thanks!
Article – thanks for your reply. That’s good to hear the fabric may be of better quality on the Timber now, but I’ll definitely want to hear some customer feedback on the updated fabric first. It also sounds like there is a serious cushion sagging problem that I haven’t seen addressed, so I think I will be holding off for now. Perhaps if down the road there is more positive than negative feedback on the Timber, it may be a future option.
Hi banjocharlie – We’ve heard the concerns from our customers about the piling of the fabric on the Timber Sofas and have discontinued the use of that material. The version you will now find up on our site has been Martindale tested at 40,000 rubs, and should not have the same issue. If you have any questions we are here to help.
In terms of the fabric on the back of the seat cushions, there’s no ploy there. Customer service was correct in letting you now it’s designed so that the cushions don’t slide around when you sit down. Leather on leather would cause a lot of slipping.
@Michele Zug, we aren’t able to locate your order information based on the information we have, so please do get in touch with us via email with “re: Houzz comment” in the subject line, or send us a direct message with your order number and/or the email address you used to place the order so we can follow up.
We have even stuffed the back pillows with regular pillows. When I contacted article they suggested to do this. ?????
Duncan Blair, your professionalism is a credit to Article. I am so happy to read your comments above. Despite my frustrations with my sofa, I acknowledge that your CS has been exceptional.
Hi drewmcmanus – while we agree that this thread shows an issue here or there, we also think it shows just how committed we are to our product and customers. Scrolling through this thread we think you’ll see that we take feedback very seriously, and always work hard to assure that our customers issues are resolved. Should you choose to purchase with us, we promise that, while we don’t expect you to experience any issues, should you, you’re in good hands.
But unfortunately your website does not really allow for negative reviews. Whether or not I have been refunded or cared for, people deserve to know the negatives and positives, and I find it odd that you have to do a lot of digging to find these reviews. Hopefully you are able to figure out the issue that occurred so it does not happen again, because Alex only asked if we used the washer…which we did. My partner assembled it per your instructions, which frankly, is not that difficult.
The fabric has a really durable feel to it, and given that it has a 100,000 rub Martindale rating we don’t anticipate any wear issues.
I’ve had my Article sofa for just over three months and it gets a fair amount of bum time and so far *knock on wood* it’s working out pretty good. The fabric isn’t pilling, the cushions have kept their shape . Has it been perfect, nope, as I previously mentioned in this thread, I had a problem with one of my seat cushions, the replacement took a long time, but I did get it.
As many have reported, the Sven velvet sectional does not keep its integrity over time. It appears the couch and love seat do not either. I bought this blue Sven in April of 2017 expecting for it to last for 5 years at the least and 10 years in a perfect world. When I took it out of the box, I was taken away by its beauty. I mean look at this first picture!
After orders are delivered we ask every customer how things went. We publish all product reviews that meet our review guidelines . In addition, any negative feedback on either product or experience is collated and used internally to drive our continuous improvement process.
All that being said, we always appreciate feedback like yours, and ultimately want you to be happy with your sofa. If you send us a private message with your order number I’d be happy to look into this further.
Thanks, Article. I hear your assurances on this public thread, but what would satisfy me is to return this unsatisfactory product.
Hi Avery RAO – So sorry to hear you haven’t heard a response from the team. Feel free to send us a private message through our Houzz profile with your order number and we can flag it with them.
If I had to do it again, I wish I went with Ikea , Joybird , Wayfair , or a sofa made in the US .
I really don’t think you are being picky at all. The company should 100% reimburse you. $7000.00 is a lot of money and I would have excepted top quality. I hope this all gets sorted for you!
P.S. I can’t seem to attach photos at all. It keeps glitching unfortunately.
I was strongly considering the Sven or Timber sofa options in Charme Tan and then found this article. I read every post here and am now very hesitant on moving forward. I doubt it’s comparable in quality, but has anyone taken a look at this very similar sofa design offered by Rivet on Amazon? Any thoughts as a Sven alternative?
Steven, I bought an apartment sofa from Apt2B and the cushions were way too hard for my liking. The dimensions made it look like a Barbie Couch. Wasn’t gonna be my snoozing couch so I asked to return it. Their moto is 100% satisfaction. Well I returned it for a hefty shipping fee all the way back to California. I might have made a poor choice, but I won’t buy again from them.
I have a question about the bench seat. Seems like a lot of the reviews talk about sagging and feeling the frame after a few months of use. Are you also taking measures to improve the quality of the bottom cushions?
traianjen – I see that you submitted a review of your Sven love seat. I was concerned about your report, so logged in to check this morning, and have published your review. The confusion may have been caused as all reviews go through moderation to ensure they meet our guidelines .
So now that I’m swayed away from Article where should I look? I’m a millennial buying stuff for my first actual place so obviously their marketing did their job. My assessment is there is cheap stuff , cheap stuff dressed up , and nice stuff . Is there no such thing as mid range in furniture? 🙁
Hi krisojen7 – We definitely want to have you loving your Worthington. We apologize for the back and forth communication, and if anything was missed in that process. Our team has left you a voicemail and is following up via email right now.
Thank you, however customer service did get in touch with me, with the following response:
I would also like to let people know that I contacted Article when I opened the first package. I was concerned that the chair may be small for my 6’3” husband and I had a couple of questions. The compliment I would like to give is that an ACTUAL PERSON answered the phone. In this day and age, to not be directed through a robot is invaluable. Still, people shouldn’t have to complain here to get results, but it seems to me that Article has be “on it” trying to ensure customer satisfaction.
So I corresponded with Tony and someone else in the quality control division who had a strong European accent. They cut me a check and scheduled a pickup to the LA warehouse so they could inspect what happened with the sofa and why it collapsed. Everything was good— they said this has never happened and I was happy to comply since the customer service was excellent.
The increase in demand, coupled with higher than usual inbound enquiries from people with questions about contactless delivery, has meant our response time to email in particular has been slower than our usual high standards. In the last 3 months we have welcomed 15 new customer care team members to help meet this demand and get this back to where you have come to expect, and we are still actively hiring. If you are interested we’d love for you to apply to join the team! Details here .
So after reading so many negative reviews and asking many people on IG that owns the sofa their thoughts, I decided to not go ahead w/the purchase of the Sven leather sectional. Just too many bad reviews, for the money that I’ll drop, I’d want a sofa to last more than a year before quality degrades or saggy cushions. I decided to pay a little more and went w/a Room and Board sofa – I couldn’t be any happier. Beautiful and comfortable.
Feel free to reach out to us should you have any further questions
Duncan Blair Director of Marketing Article
Reasons for a poor experience include delivery issues, incorrect or incomplete order, or damage during transit. When we receive this feedback, we take immediate action to improve the experience as quickly as possible.
I’m sorry you aren’t still loving your Sven. I can see you reached out to our team yesterday morning about this problem, and I caught up with them this morning to ensure we were following up with you.
I’ve been in touch with our team and it appears your issue has been resolved. We hope you’re able to find a table and chairs that you enjoy having company around, and if that’s through us, then great.
I did not like my sectional from them but absolutely love my arm chair but this review business is not very transparent. I went through Z gallerie and am happy with the product
Hello Article rep, I suggest you retract, or at least correct your a/n comment, as it is misleading to potential consumers, and, dare I say, insuting to this particular consumer. As you are likely aware , there is a significant cost and quality difference between down and feathers. In case you are not aware, I have included the following link comparing down and feathers, for your perusal:
I guess I’m a little concerned I received someone’s trial and return and the warehouse had to switch up the cushions to make it look new. Which if this is the case this is an entirely separate issue.
Just received my Abisko sofa yesterday and I love it, looks good in my room. But I am having trouble getting it connected . The directions say to call them if I have trouble setting it up so I did, expecting to have someone give me some tips on the phone. I was told to send pictures, log in online and get answer in 4-5 days. I said can’t I just talk to a support person right now? I’m a single woman, its heavy , I got the legs on but just need some tips. a couple minutes…no. No one can talk to me, they have a lot of calls etc. Disappointed after hearing what great service they have. I hope I am not disappointed in the quality as so many others have reported. Its a big purchase for me.
I purchased the Sven Charme Tan Leather sofa a year ago and it has been a huge disappointment! Within a month I started noticing a large different in the colors between the seat cushion and the rest of the couch. We are fairly careful with our couch. We don’t eat on it, we are non smokers and don’t have pets. However we do have children. This color difference is not the patina you would expect from use. It just seem to pick up every speck of dirt that comes in contact with it. I’ve tried chatting with their customer service a few times to find out if there was anything I could do to clean it and basically was told that their leather isn’t sealed because of the type of leather it is. So, sorry, your couch is just going to look terrible. I can’t imagine this couch working for anyone unless they want to have a lovely looking couch that they never actually sit on. I also contacted them wondering how much it would cost to purchase a replacement cushion, and it’s 4 days later and I still haven’t received a reply from 2 emails sent to their customer service. Do NOT purchase the Sven Charme Tan Leather Sofa!
Video of how shaky the legs are. Super unstable!
Buyer beware. I purchased the Sven sofa in Pacific Blue. In six months time the fade is astounding. My sofa is near an east facing window of the first floor by a window that always has the curtains closed and blinds drawn two thirds of the way down due to my living in a first floor apartment in the city. This isn’t direct light. The site should state this fabric should not be in a room with windows, period. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and have gotten no where. They offer no suggestions and the “special case” solution finally offered requires I purchase a new sofa within four months time at a discount leaving me responsible for half the price of a new sofa, full shipping and tax. It’s irresponsible, unreasonable and unhelpful. I contacted in an honest attempt at getting some real suggestions but instead was treated as if I was trying to pull one over on them. Customer service should be much much better and the quality of the fabric as well for an oline company that relies on the trust of consumers for business. They don’t live up to their principles. It’s cheaper in the short term but may really cost you after their 30day return policy passes you by.
I took some time to review your communications with our team today. I can see that our team honestly attempted to address your issue effectively and fast. When you first raised the issue, we acknowledged that it was an issue we were addressing at the manufacturer level, and ordered new cushions to be sent directly to you. Unfortunately, they took far to long to arrive , and ultimately did not solve the problem. I can certainly understand your frustration. As soon as you let us know your concerns about the replacement covers, we offered to exchange the sofa with a different model. When you indicated that this was not something you would be interested in, we let you know that we updated your account with a full credit of the cost of the Echo sofa which you are welcome to put toward any item you like. I have also gone ahead and added an extra credit to cover in-room delivery on whatever you choose.
The last few months have been pretty busy at Article HQ – which is now distributed while we work from home and do our part of flatten the curve. With many of our customers also finding themselves sheltered in place at home across the US and Canada we have been seeing higher order volumes as people adapt their spaces to new requirements.
To clarify, all our product reviews on our website are posted, whether they’re five or one star, and we make sure to follow up with anyone who had a less than stellar experience to see if we can turn it around. Every customer is sent an email approximately one week after delivery asking for their review – you may just not have received yours yet. Customers are also able to log in on our website and write review for any products they have purchased at any time.
Keep moving shill. These are junk, and we can all attest to that.
I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a few questions that have come up recently.
While I would love for that to be a perfect 5, we are human, and we do make mistakes. We very occasionally deliver products that have a defect. Sometimes people use our products in ways we didn’t anticipate. Our delivery teams get stuck in traffic and run late. Ships carrying containers of our products catch on fire in the middle of the ocean . While we do our best to minimize these mistakes, we can’t eliminate them.
There only solution was to continue to discount that down to get me to agree to keep it. At one point they were offering a full refund if I kept a DAMAGED couch.
I ordered “Pacific Blue” Lucca pillows from Article. They said they’ll take 2 months to arrive. Does anyone know if the pillows are relatively true to color as displayed in the photo on the web site? I would like to order some other items for the room, but I hesitate to do so if the colors are not what they appear. I am trying to match a blue in some artwork I have. I realize that all monitors display colors slightly differently, so what I am asking is if anyone has any experience so I might calibrate.
I know that one of our team has been in touch and is working on resolving your problems.
If you come here and read even just a handful of these comments of which there are over 800 and you’re still wondering if you should take a risk then don’t bother coming back here to complain. Totally on you!!!
We designed our review system to maximize the chance that every customer receives at least a “great” experience when ordering from us. We ask every customer how we did after they have received their product. If a customer answers “excellent” or “great”, we don’t take any further action, and ask directly for a review specific to their product. These reviews can be positive or negative – we publish all reviews as long as they meet our simple review guidelines . These guidelines are published on our website next to reviews, and also on the review form itself.
They replaced my Sven sofa after 4 months, and 4 months later the replacement looks just as bad. Do yourself a favor and cut your losses. Run, don’t walk away from this substandard trash.
Hi janestribe – we recently launched a new fabric on the Timber sofa, which has a Martindale rating of 40,000 rubs, so you shouldn’t experience pilling anytime soon. And yes, the fabric Timber has reversible cushions. If you’d like a fabric swatch sent to you, shoot us a private message with your shipping and email address, or send us a note to .
I am so extremely disappointed in myself for falling prey to this company. The product is UNBELIEVABLY subpar. I will never again believe any blogger or godforsaken social influencer ever again. Articles hands out free pieces like candy to these people and they lie lie lie. I bought a leather Sven in November 2018. Very good looking. Cannot deny that. However, its the worst quality sofa I have ever had in my life. I can feel huge hard lumps under the bench cushion. Its impossible to lay on. It has made my back hurt so badly. The bench cushion sticks out over the sofa by about 2 inches when pushed all the way back. Its like the foam inside is melting and spreading. The back cushions are completely misshapen. Its a horror show. And it is so disappointing as its my primary sofa. Its been this way since just when the warranty expired. Surprise, surprise. This thing cost $2100. I have no clue what I was thinking. I have already persuaded several friends and acquaintances not to waste their money. And I will continue to tell anyone who listens, any time and any place – save yourself the grief and the money and stay away from article. Thinking of sending a report to BBB. With so many horrid reviews how are they still getting away with it.
I have posted about this previously, but I want to be unequivocal: we do not filter, edit, or remove product reviews.
I completely agree with everything Monarch Sofas says. Article’s response above is pure nonsense. I received a very similar ‘email’ after spending numerous phone calls with their support team already… they didn’t even give me the courtesy to call and tell me about their findings… just tried to persuade me the coloring was all part of a very “complex dye system” as if I don’t understand how leather works nor had the ability to differentiate between something normal and something very evidently defective. It’s simply poor quality and they have the same standard, auto-response to everyone who comments on its appearance/quality. Again, avoid at all costs.
I purchased the Sven sofa one year ago, and although the couch is BEAUTIFUL out of the box, I cannot say that it has held up as I had hoped. About 6 months into the use of the couch, the back cushions had completely lost their firmness leaving a slouchy mess. When my husband used the arm of the couch to assist him up, the wood in the arm completely busted. Article was wonderful during the return process, and they shipped us a new couch. Again, when we opened the box, the couch came out beautiful, however the cushions have again completely lost all firmness. We followed the care instructions to the T – and fluffed the cushions daily, but they still look awful. 🙁 I am reaching out to Article again to see about returning the sofa all together. I am very disappointed.
Jason Bryant , I know what you are saying. The answer is , it is not a $3500 sofa. This is all marketing. The idea of not having a psychical store is not a new idea and doesn’t translate well if the price point isn’t pushed lower than the physical stores.
I understand that my colleague Michelle from our support team is already speaking with you, and is in the process of getting a replacement chair on the way out. I’m sorry this wasn’t resolved more promptly when you first got in touch.
Given that you cancelled immediately we can assure you that you were immediately issued a full refund, and there will be no fees from us or from Affirm. We could have communicated that more clearly.
I will say they were very forthright and helpful whenever I contacted about potentially returning the couch. 1 for customer service.
But, everything Article sells is online at Wayfair or Amazon for less money. The only thing different is the fabric and filler; which is usually high density foam on Wayfair, which holds up better with these inexpensive pieces.
The nut and bolt were still in the sofa while the leg had just completely broken off, totally unsafe!
2. Quality – a. For a leather sofa that is $3500 , I was extremely surprised that the leather material does not completely cover the cushions. The back sides of all the cushions are covered in a very cheap polyester material . I contacted Article, and they said that the cloth is there to make sure that the cushions do not slide out, however, I feel like this is probably just a way of justifying using less material.
We made the switch to our new back cushions in late 2017, and Sven has been shipping with the denser back cushions since then.
We made a big purchase from you and you guys were kind enough to split the orders so we can get the furniture quicker. However we have a dilemma now because the furniture is delivered in 3 shipments and if decide we want to return any pieces in the first or second shipment the policy states it has to be within 30 days from the delivery date; along with a $49 dollar fee. Is it possible for us to have the ability to return any of our furniture within 30days after final delivery date ?
To your point: if a customer answers “bad”, “not great” or “good”, we have found that the vast majority of reasons for a less-then-great experience do not relate to the product. This is why we include a free-form text box for feedback instead of a text box specific to the product.
The shades of brown are completely off between the two.
Man, I’m so disappointed after reading all of these reviews. I had a Sven velvet sectional in my cart for so long and read so many amazing reviews that I had my mind set. Now I’m not going to order, and so heartbroken. I really don’t understand why there are so many great reviews about Article on their website and by so many bloggers, if their product is crap?? I’m going to trust you all and not order from them. Now….where do I get a green velvet sofa?? And has anyone ever bought the Hira Ottoman from them? Surely its ok….right?
On the product page on our website, we do list “high density foam, Polyester, Duck feathers” as being materials used in this sofa. Our care card, which would’ve arrived with your Sven sofa, also explains that: “Our furniture is made for casual lounging with deep, sprung seats and feather-fibre mix cushioning. It’s not overstuffed and many styles will develop a well-loved, slouchy vintage appearance.” This product care card also has a reminder to “Fluff all loose cushions regularly to maintain shape” in the care and maintenance section. I’ve attached our Velvet Care Card for your perusal, if you’d like to have a look over that again.
@Tracey Strong i’ll be happy to get 5 years out of our couches from article. The Sven charme tan is particularly susceptible to wear. So as long as it isn’t your main couch it will last longer. If it’s your daily heavy duty usage couch then I think you’ll have issues. We have the Timber in Oxford and I believe these will hold up longer. The Charme tan looks amazing but you have to baby it.
Article engages in bad business practices that can’t provide accurate information on its website and that eschews all responsibility for its behavior and its financial partners. CAVEAT EMPTOR – I would recommend NOT purchasing anything from them. They operate without any sense of responsibility for their actions and very flippant about how they will affect their consumers. A big bunch or baloney. I ordered a sofa based on the info on their website that said it could be delivered between Feb 26-Mar 3. I used their partner, Affirm, to finance the purchase. When I received a confirmation of the order, it said that the delivery ETA was May 12 – 26! I called to cancel the order asap, within minutes, and they said it was cancelled but that Affirm might still charge me interest on the financing! What a bunch of baloney! They sold me an item based on false information and they are just flippantly saying “Oh well, sorry but that’s just how Affirm works, and we have nothing to do with it. Just carefree and happy to say “tough luck” and say bye-bye. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES, BAD COMPANY.
Hi daintydillydallies – we’d be happy to re-open the conversation if you’d like to email us photos of the issue to .
I don’t think that would represent a reasonable markup. Article was founded to bring radically better value to customers by cutting out middlemen, doing away with inefficient distribution through expensive showrooms and commissioned salespeople, and passing those savings on to our customers. If you are interested, this diagram is the easiest way to illustrate how we are able to deliver better value than traditional retailers.
So here is our story. Article offered us to return all of them but we decided to exchange them as we still had hopes that we would get better quality furniture afterwards. We exchanged the Sven sofa to a Burrard sofa in bella brown leather. And we were exchanging to a Sven chair in Oxford grey leather which we ended up canceling last minute after reading more negative reviews on here. We returned the 3 bookcases and finally settled with 3 Sede stools after going through 9 of them. Yes, you read it right. That’s lots of stress and unboxing/re-packing back and forth. We were always nervous to open the boxes and hoped there’s no flawed product in it. Anyways, It took us 3 months to finally get it sorted all out for the stools.
I am very sorry about your sofa – that is understandably upsetting. As you know from speaking with both Tony, our customer care manager, and Alex, our quality control manager this morning we treat any product failure very seriously and want to understand exactly how this happened.
This is regarding my experience returning the Timber sofa that collapsed on my partner and I . This experience happened a couple months ago, but I decided to share it since I got a notification that someone had responded to this thread.
The only product reviews that are not published within 48 hours of submission are those that include offensive or explicit content, personally identifiable information, references to competitors, or links to other websites. To date, less than 1% of reviews have been moderated for breaking these rules . More of those reviews that have been moderated are positive than they are negative.
Would love to rather see a picture of the factory, with the “quality” products you are creating from “quality” materials. We already know that the money is spent on a vast social media team, instead of on quality materials, so thanks for confirming that with this picture, lol.
And the reviews of the sectional on their site are nearly all 5 stars. So imagine my utter disappointment and shame when it barely lasted a year. The cushions sagged and lost nearly all shape.
So, we read the reviews before buying and thought ‘it can’t be that bad’, but at this time five months after our purchase, it’s feeling like we made a mistake. We bought the Sitka and I just know sent in my review.
As an added bonus, the seat cushion has developped holes! I sent photos to Article and got a condescending response back about how we must have damaged it by wearing clothes with buttons that wore away at it . We don’t have kids, we work all day and aren’t home more often than not. The cushion’s “squares” were always inconsistent , but we were told by Article that this is normal. Matt in their customer service department had the audacity to tell me ” leather is a natural material that does need to be cared for to remain as nice as possible.” No kidding! The only way to keep an Article leather sofa in good shape is to oil it daily and never use it. He ever-so-generously offered to let me buy a replacement cushion for 50% off! HA! So it can fall apart in another year? Hard pass.
@david tjalsma Don‘t Do It. Run the other way!
Thank you, article did reach out to me to work out the issue with the dark mark. I appreciate the follow up.
I believe we have followed up with and spoken to every customer who has posted a problem. In every case we have made a sincere effort to address the concerns raised, and to provide an appropriate resolution. In nearly every case this has resulted in a positive outcome.
Just to update: Article offered to exchange my sofa or give me $1700 in store credit after seeing my post here. It was generous enough but I don’t want any more garbage furniture so we passed.
Without Alex’s input, I am not able to comment on how the inspection was carried out, however I do know that it was extremely important for us to understand the cause of the failure to make sure that other customers were not at risk.
I want to update my previous comment from 4 months ago. Cannot seem to find edit button. Oh well. I did contact Article as was suggested by others. After delays that were entirely my fault, ENTIRELY, they did work with me to the sven and a partial refund. I am happy with the outcome. I do really, really, really wish they would work on the quality if the furnishings. I do think they are very beautiful. They just need to be far more comfortable and last way longer. stop giving away stuff to these bloggers and invest some of that money into upgrading the quality.
Hi Luv Homes – We encourage you to take a look at the many third-party reviews on reseller ratings:
Hi Abdulkamal Abdullahi – we’re constantly working to improve our sustainability efforts, like analyzing our packaging to see how it can be improved. While we don’t currently have a buy-back program, we do donate returns that can’t be resold, and are still in good condition, to various charities and programs across the U.S. and Canada.
@jgleduc Well, darn it, this will be our only sofa. And we have dogs. In anticipation of receiving the new sofa, I have already sold our existing sofa.
Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock…all do NOT have physical stores. But, you can find sofas on each one of those websites at the $600-900 price point and the quality is the same.
WOW, that’s such good information @ Jay J !!
Definitely reach out, provide a few photos, and let them know you shared on social media.
3.5/5 stars. We’ve purchased dining chairs, and a coffee table from Article and overall a great experience. Please think of using more down instead of just cotton fiber in your pieces Article…or at least a blend…. FWIW I’m average size and weight so that isn’t the issue with the comfort. I hope this helps guide your purchase! Also, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the CrateandBarrel Lounge II line. Those are the most comfy, durable, lounge-worthy couches on the market. But they aren’t as sexy as the Sven Charme.
Hi Article , thank you for the response. Can you point me to the manufacturer of the fabric?
I have just had a chance to read your post and review your correspondence with the team. I’m really sorry that the furniture did not arrive in perfect condition, and that exchange process did not go as smoothly as it should have.
I do see that your order was delivered in August 2016, which means you are outside of your one year warranty period.
deeper into the fibers. Leave the cloth in place until all the liquid has
I bought the Burrard Sectional from someone on Craigslist who was downsizing and noticed there were a few stains on the upholstery. Got it for a decent discount as a result. After multiple failed attempts to remove the stains at the dry cleaners, I reached out to Article to ask whether they would sell me replacement cushion covers, but, they would only sell me a set if I had a valid order number. Not sure whether this policy is meant to limit 3rd-party resale of their furniture, but I found it a bit strange that even when willing to pay for replacement covers, their policy forbids it. Anyone have a similar experience or understand why this policy stands as is?
I bought this couch because I loved the style and the design. It’s comfy and looks great. I didn’t like the foam and I was 100% certain that I just wouldn’t be able to get Article to provide the kind of quality foam I wanted, so I just went straight to an after market seller, bought top of the line custom foam inserts, stuck them in the couch, and bammo! I have a great couch, that I love all around.
Danielle. This is not a kind thing to say about many people, including myself and my staff, who work extremely hard and in exchange, get compensated financially. I am not privileged but do feel very blessed and appreciative. We are professional designers and this is a luxury service so yes, many people cannot afford our service, just like not everyone drives a luxury car. As for this conversation, it’s my perspective and that is fine that you disagree with it.
There are plenty of independent reviews in this thread. One just above you by Monique Vu. My guess is that people are writing their reviews here, because they know Article will take notice and respond to them. A company responding is generally seen as good customer service – not annoying nor bad.
Not saying any of you are lying about your product issues, or service issues, but just sharing the flip side- that I’m surprised as it is so polar opposite to what I’ve dealt with and my products from them.
As for “rigged” reviews, I don’t think they do that- I’ve read a few not so great reviews on some pieces, so I really don’t think they pick through them.
Adding our experience. We purchased the Sven Blue Leather sofa in 2017 through our Home Polish designer. It’s gotten heavy use, 2 adults in the household , moms chatting during playgroup, toddlers, and a 60lb dog who feels the sofa belongs to her alone. The sofa has held up extraordinarily well. We have two issues: the bottom seat cushion likes to slip to the right. I thought this was because of the direction most people were taking to sit down but we’ve moved and this time the sofa is in a different direction where now most approach and it still slips to the right. This is a mild, first-world annoyance, like a 2 out of 10. The second far more frustrating issue is the way the back cushions collapse, this is well documented in other posts, we have it too and no amount of fluffing or re-shaping will do anything, they return to their squished state every time. It’s frustrating yes, but it’s taken me 3 years to finally get around to actually look it up and find out that it was a universal issue. It’s a visual defect, the comfort is not affected. This is a 4 out of 10 level annoyance. It doesn’t outweigh the gorgeous blue color or the fact that it’s withstood the 60lb dog jumping up and down on it WITHOUT scratching. Granted, we do trim her nails once a month. Does dog hair collect under the cushion and is it almost impossible to vacuum off, well yes, but we’re dog people this is expected. We’re moving again to a much larger space and I am considering purchasing another one to match. Now my actual complaint here is customer service. I mentioned we purchased through Home Polish which apparently went belly up last year, so I am unable to come up with a receipt as proof of purchase. All I have is the couch and probably a picture of it arriving in its giant box as we celebrated our son’s 1st birthday in it. I’m being effectively being told “tough luck” when I called to ask about best practice ways to handle the squished back cushions. It seems a weird way to treat a customer that you want to be a repeat customer, especially when it’s a result of a company going belly up that I had no control over. Also a little cruel as they implied that cushion construction had changed post-2017 but they couldn’t help me out. This customer service interaction is enough to make me think about starting to research what the best dog-owner sofas are circa 2020 instead of dropping several more thousand dollars with Article. I may try customer service one more time if I can find the time , but thought I would try here. Again, my issue is customer service, the quality of the BLUE leather is more than any dog owner could ask for… to have a gorgeous couch and your beloved dogs is the holy grail.
Hi thomsoncc – a year definitely is too soon. If those replacement covers don’t work, feel free to reach back out to our team.
A member from our team will be reaching out to you today to assist with the issue and make sure this is all clear and everything has been taken care of.
I’ve had my Sven sofa for 5yrs now and it’s complete trash. i Had to add high impact foam to the pillows for them to keep any shape. The cushion clongs To one of side the sofa which makes it wear weird. I don’t even know how a sofa cushion that big curls on one end like that. It just looks saggy and sad. Which it’s looked almost since I got it. also, when I ordered it was Bryght. And while they ship from the US they charged me an international fee. So that “savings” from no warehouses seems like a crock. If I could go back I would’ve ordered from joybird or somewhere else. I also ordered a table from them. It came with a cracked corner and a scratched top. It was also hard to sit at seeing as it was designed poorly. I would recommend going with anyone else.
Unfortunately, I am really disappointed with our Sitka sofa. I was so excited to get it and I spent a lot of time researching this couch before deciding it was the one, however I now think that a lot of the reviews are from bloggers who were gifted the couch. My first thoughts were that it is beautiful, but a bit firm. After less than a month though, the fabric started to pill in a quite a few places, and the seams along the arms started to pull. The couch is still firm, but the fabric and cushions seem to be sagging/stretching in places. I had seen these issues in other reviews, but didn’t take enough caution. I figured since we don’t have kids or pets and the couch won’t get much use , that we would get years out of it before much wear started to show. I have had couches in the $800-$1,000 range that held up much better than this one. I reached out to Article’s Customer Service after about a month, but they never even wrote back to me . For me, $2, outdoor articles for sale 3